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Reading Reviews for Zara Black-A Journey begins.
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Review #1, by princessclayir Six

28th September 2006:
Hey, where did, BOY MISSING (however many) BRAINCELLS go? I was looking forward to reading that?

Author's Response: its a leetle dirty so it'll be back sooon after a little clean up

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Review #2, by princessclayir Two

16th June 2006:
Snap0e is evil

Author's Response: who is this snap0e everyone is talking about! hey! I have an idea! Harry pottyr adn teh attac off the typos!(Harry potter and the attack of the typos!)

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Review #3, by Sophia Weasley One

2nd February 2006:
I'm reviewing my own story! how sad am i!

Author's Response: I am sooo soooo sad

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Review #4, by Can't wait until next fic Six

21st October 2005:

Author's Response: Thank for your review. *whispers to jenny* mad person.

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Review #5, by Princess Clayira Six

16th October 2005:
Sorry but I don't get a word of this.

Author's Response: Don't worry C, explainations in next fic

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Review #6, by Princess Clayir Four

4th October 2005:
Dum Dum DUMMMM!!! This is well good!

Author's Response: Hey Claire!

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Review #7, by Princess Clayira Three

13th September 2005:
So cool! Who is this Xaphod guy? Sounds spooky to me. What is it with Harry and the guitar girl? Also, I think that Draco and Luciano are meanys! Poor Jabe! Exelent chapter!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #8, by Hi clairya Two

2nd September 2005:
u rock zara thanks jennie smifth

Author's Response: Ta m8

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Review #9, by Plastic babe One

2nd September 2005:
i quite enjoyed this - not. this stinks.

Author's Response: Thank you for you review. But....

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Review #10, by Princess Clayir Two

19th August 2005:
I want more now! Brilliente! Please give me an authors response!

Author's Response: whatever you say.

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Review #11, by Princess Clayir One

18th August 2005:
This is brill Alex + Jenny. I wan't to be part of HPFF but when I register it won't give me my password. Best story I have read on this site. I WANT THE NEXT CHAPTER... NOW!!!!!

Author's Response: ok woman keep ur shirt on

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Review #12, by the_dreamprincess One

4th August 2005:
hmn. it was okay. better than some.

Author's Response: Thanks can u do any better though

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Review #13, by DracoSexy Two

2nd August 2005:
I like it I would give it a 7 out of 10 much love <3

Author's Response: That was kind unlike some reviews

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Review #14, by Angel Girl Two

13th July 2005:
This is rubbish Alex! NOT REALLY!

Author's Response: I think you'll find this story was written by my friend Jenny smith. Check the summary

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Review #15, by Angel Girl One

13th July 2005:
This is da best! OK!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #16, by Heyaa! Two

24th June 2005:
this rules ok!

Author's Response: Ta

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Review #17, by super storyteller One

24th June 2005:
the best thing i have ever read!

Author's Response: Rock on u have taste

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Review #18, by Robin Cherish One

13th June 2005:
More Needed! I am desparate 4 it!U r on my Fav authors list!

Author's Response: Thanks but i hope u realize inm a goth

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Review #19, by Curly C One

13th June 2005:

Author's Response: Lucky me

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