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Reading Reviews for Is He My Father?
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Holland Jane One

16th September 2009:
LOLOLOL I think this is totally hilarious…

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Review #2, by essenni One

20th November 2007:
Poor Harry, having nightmares over and over again! This fic is funny!

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Review #3, by lila One

16th March 2007:
hahaha that was so funny!

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Review #4, by Snape Obsessed One

12th September 2006:
Okay, I have to admit, even though I absolutely adore most Severitus challenges, and this does insult them a bit, I started cracking up at Severus' line:
"Your father on the other hand..."
Heh. Good one-shot.

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Review #5, by Sola Kegan One

19th May 2006:
Love it no more no less it was B-E-A-utiful

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Review #6, by franco One

16th March 2006:
it's nice to see all those tired fan-plots get a good thrashing and funny to boot.

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Review #7, by voldielocks One

22nd February 2006:
Very FUNNY. It was great.

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Review #8, by Red Flame One

6th February 2006:
OK, that was kinda creapy...it gave me chills. Thats a horrible thought. I cant even say it. I'm probably going to have a nightmear about that tonight. Ok...moving on, I've got to get that thought out of my head NOW!!!

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Review #9, by kathy One

27th January 2006:
hahaha "Snape gave him a strange look. "No, I never slept with your mother," he answered slowly. Harry breathed out a sigh of relief and relaxed. He was glad that, even if he had embarrassed himself, he knew there was no way that Snape was his father. The horror that had filled him receded. Snape gazed at him with a smirk. "Your father on the other hand..." he said with a drawl." that was hilarious

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Review #10, by GreatestGryffindor One

4th August 2005:
hahahaha!!! I've read this before, but if I remember correctly, my computer shut down (it was during a storm) and I never got to review...so here I am!!! Awesome story, even better ending.lol. I love it! Going on my favorites!

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Review #11, by karatelover One

29th July 2005:
hee hee... rons so funny!

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Review #12, by WolfDragonDemon One

27th July 2005:
This was funny, very funny.

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Review #13, by Peaches and Pie One

16th June 2005:
LOL this is hilarious. I didn't think I liked where it was going but it's funny.

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Review #14, by Severus One

14th June 2005:
I like this it's ssssooooooo funny!!!!!!

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Review #15, by judyl One

10th June 2005:
Love it! I'm still giggling. I've been following your Harry/ Azkaban stories. The plots just keep going... Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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