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Review #1, by Dreaming of Yesterday Ad Infinitum

26th November 2006:
That's very very nice. Hate is such a curious thing, funny though I haven't stopped to ponder it. Um, to give a bit of criticism...
Lets see.
This story does bring up intersting ideas and peaks my imagination most thoroughly, however the actual writing I think lacks detail and description. You explain most perfectly the things we as homan beings feel and the way we think, but sometimes telling a story is more than that. Maybe, you intented this to be so, but I didn't see anything really except emotion. If your could have said a little more about the sounds and smells and the way it felt sitting on that cold, hard bench in the great hall and such it really would have shown off a bit more talent, you know? Now, don't get me wrong-this story really was masterful. On my favorites, in fact. But some more scenery description would add a lot. ;]
Wonderful job, I look forward to reading some more of your stories, and maybe sometime you could look at mine?

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, it really means a lot :) I'm glad you liked it, even if it wasn't very detailed. Maybe I can agree with you on that, it's not. It was years ago I wrote it....I was...fourteen, I think, and still developing my own style of writing. Not that the developing of that ever stops, but I have gotten a bit further on my way since that :P I hope I'll be able to check your stories sometime, but I'm not active on this site anymore. I've lost interest in it all, and moved on to original stories, you see. I only return here once in a while to reply my reviews, because I made a promise to reply every single one of them, and so I shall. But since I no longer find Harry Potter interesting, the chances are small that I'll read anymore fanfiction about that, or write, but I am sure that you are a very talented author! Only a skillful author gives this kind of honest and sincere critique. Thank you. ~ Sam M

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Review #2, by 3LLi3_MARi3 Ad Infinitum

14th November 2006:
I LIKE IT ! :)

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much :D

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Review #3, by aaaCedricisSexy Ad Infinitum

15th December 2005:

Author's Response: Ok, um, thanks?

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Review #4, by imlovingdan Ad Infinitum

16th September 2005:
that was a good one shot. one of the best i have read

Author's Response: Really? Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it ;) Feel free to check out some of my other stories, if you're interested! ~ Sam M

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Review #5, by CG Ad Infinitum

2nd September 2005:
Sam M. You are so good at writing. I would definelty want to read a longer story from you. I love all your one-shot, espically this one. Its a great insight into the enemies of Harry and Draco. Awesome job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, CG. I really appreciate it! I am currently working on two longer stories, if you are interested. I expect to have the first chapters up next week. I would be honoured if you would like to read them then! Thank you for your encouraging review! ~ Sam M

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Review #6, by Kainami Ad Infinitum

18th August 2005:
okay your story is well written but it bores me to death *no offense* we all know this will happan it's what they do, why write about somthing we know happens.

Author's Response: Huh? Well, I've slept now but it seems that lack of sleeo wasn't the issue, was it? Right, well ok. My first flamer! Yay? And on the story I am the most proud of... Thank you? I knew this would come since I wrote that you were allowed to flame me, and I assume that this is payback? So, you assume that this is going to happen? Which part? That Draco will jump? That Narcissa dies or that Draco and Harry learns to understand each other a little? They didn't become friends, if that is what you think. Did you really understand the story. This is really interesting. I would be very happy if my first flamer would tell me where I went wrong! *giggles* I still want to know your age...? ~ Sam M

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Review #7, by tanya Ad Infinitum

15th August 2005:
loved it... real good.... the hate stuff is gr8, did u think of it urself???? overall, very nice..

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you decided to review! To answer your question, yes. Everything is made up in my twisted little mind and I'm happy you liked it! I hope you will read some of my other stories as well! ~ Sam

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Review #8, by andre_1403 Ad Infinitum

7th August 2005:
it was good! i liked the 'quotes' u used.. i mean.. i know they're yours but well.. lol... i liked it!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is one of my better stories, but do read A Man in Wolf's Clothing as well. Thank you for the kind review. ~ Sam M

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Review #9, by missykitty11791 Ad Infinitum

6th August 2005:
you know I dont think I have critism for this was sooo good...ill admit...i had a couple tears from it too. good job

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much! Your review has made my day. ~ Sam M

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Review #10, by forget_me_not *too lazy to log in* Ad Infinitum

8th July 2005:
I thought that was excellent. Very insightful, loved Harry's last line, and I also loved the last italicized comment.

Author's Response: Thank you! Your review brings a big smile on my lips! I'm so happy you liked it. This is one of my best one-shots. I can agree on that ;) Thank you once again for reviewing! ~ Sam M

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Review #11, by Ellen ( LN ) Ad Infinitum

5th July 2005:
I think this was a very good "one -shot" and a can´t find no bad criticism. I hope that you never stop writing. Tack långben

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much my friend =) Så glad att du gillade den. Jag tyckte att det var intressant, relationen mellan Harry o Draco. De är ju ganska lika igentligen. Thank you for reviewing! ~ Sam M

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Review #12, by mystwriter Ad Infinitum

23rd June 2005:
I liked it. Had a lot going for it. It wouldn't take much to get it slashier if you wanted to. You don't have to be particularly graphic. Subtly works as well. Good job.

Author's Response: I know, I was thinking to make it slashier at first, but then I decided not to even try. I like it as it is. I think I'm going to do a slash fic DM/HP... What do you think? Thank you so much for reading it! It means a lot. ~ Sam M

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Review #13, by KimMalfoy Ad Infinitum

15th June 2005:
Nej, inte på den här sidan... Men på andra ställen, typ forum och sånt som jag är medlem på... Här vet jag bara mig själv och min lilla vän FannyMalfoy, och så du nu då... ;) Och ja, jag gillar Black Eyed Peas :D

Author's Response: Ok...Ja, på nått forum har jag oxå sätt ett par svenskar. Black Eyed Peas =? *lol ~ Sam M

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Review #14, by KimMalfoy Ad Infinitum

15th June 2005:
Haha, berömda KimMalfoy... :P <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored, 15 år, och så skriver du redan så perfekt engelska... Jag blir ju avundsjuk här. :) Har du lunar förresten? Moahaha. Den frågan ställer jag alltid när jag hittar någon svensk någonstans... :P Aja, har du lunar så kan du ju alltid skriva en rad till moi (elephunk) :D

Author's Response: Tackar! *bugar* Så, har du hittat flera svenskar på den här sidan? Du är den enda jag vet om. Känns kul o ha en som delar ens intresse som kommer från samma land =) Ja, klart man har lunar. Elephunk? Gillar Black Eyed Peas eller? ~ Sam M

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Review #15, by KimMalfoy Ad Infinitum

15th June 2005:
Jag skulle ju säga att slutet var väldigt bra också :)

Author's Response: Heheh, tack!! =) Jag tyckte det var fel att de skulle gå därifrån som vänner, för att med tanke på omtsändigheterna så KAN de inte vara vänner. SÅ glad att du gillade det =) ~ Sam M

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Review #16, by KimMalfoy Ad Infinitum

15th June 2005:
Are you calling this silly?! Det borde du verkligen inte göra... Det här var ärligt talat en av de bästa One-shots som jag har läst i hela mitt 18 åriga liv. Jag lovar! Den var så bra att jag fick tårar i ögonen och gåshud på armarna... Och jag kunde inte slita blicken från datorskärmen en endaste sekund!! Det var verkligen vackert! Alltså man förstår att Draco och Harry egentligen har mycket gemensamt och att dem innerst inne inte alls hatar varandra... Det här som du har skrivit skulle lätt kunna vara med i någon av de riktiga Harry Potter böckerna!! När jag loggar in nästa gång så är det den här historian som åker in bland mina favoriter!! Du skriver så himla bra på engelska dessutom *avundsjuk* Hur gammal är du? Aja... Jag har inte mycket mer att säga. Keep up the good work! ;) Kram

Author's Response: Thank you! Wow... Inte trodde jag att den berömda KimMalfoy skulle tycka om mitt verk...tack! Jag har nyss fyllt 15 år. Jag älskar att skriva. Tack så mycket för din review!! Love ~ Sam M

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Review #17, by a_person Ad Infinitum

12th June 2005:
Wow! That was amazing! Absolutley incredible! Keep it up! Um, I really don't have anything to criticise! (And I'm not one for bitting my tongue because I take writing very seriously.) I'm speachless!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm so happy you liked it! I would love it if you could take a look at my other fics. And thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Luv ~ Sam M

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Review #18, by magpie quill Ad Infinitum

9th June 2005:
this was really good. I loved the way it ended. I dont think it would have been right if they ended up as friends.

Author's Response: Precisely. They are meant to hate each other until they die. I thought so too. Thank you so much for reading my fic! Hopefully you'll like my others as well =) Luv ~ Sam M

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Review #19, by JAM Ad Infinitum

9th June 2005:
That is good! Aswome, that is pretty good about how Harry shoved some sense into Draco's head. Awsome one-shot~

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Your review made my day! Lotsa luv ~ Sam M

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