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Review #1, by scarlett nixon Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

11th April 2009:
Wow, I did not see that coming. Very refreshing idea for a one-shot!

Author's Response: thank you scarlett!

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Review #2, by Nosy Rose Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

24th November 2008:
I absolutely loved the metaphor. Though the descriptions could have been more detailed, I understand the vagueness. I think you characterized Petunia perfectly.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Nosy Rose. Love your penname, by the way.

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Review #3, by emmablack...siriusly Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

21st September 2007:
O MY RON! that was so good! I never realized that Petunia could be so unhappy with her life. That really opened my eyes to a deeper sense of the need for perfection. Great. just positively absolutely delectable. Emma

Author's Response: Heheh "Oh my Ron" hehe... Cute!!

Thank you very much, Emma!

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Review #4, by everdreams Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

11th July 2007:
Poor Petunia. lol. Good job

Author's Response: Haha, poor Petunia, I know.

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Review #5, by TheFizzingWhizbee Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

28th March 2007:
You had me there for a moment! Amazingly written. It was true poetry. I appluade you in every sense of the word.

Author's Response: YAY! Poetry? I never heard anyone say what I was writing as poetry... I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you, TheFizzingWhizbee (and cute name, btw).

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Review #6, by cookiemonster Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

25th March 2007:
Great plot!

Author's Response: Mm, cookies... (My) Perpetual hunger aside, thanks for the review, cookiemonster!

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Review #7, by lia_2390 Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

15th December 2006:
Wow! This is twisted, kind of, anyway, but in a good way! I would've never thought that she was looking into a mirror. I like this, all of the snide remarks she uses for others, she ultimately used for herself.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Lia. I sort of like having a surprise ending and this story worked out better than I thought it would!

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Review #8, by luckistars(NSI) Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

21st October 2006:
Oh whoa... That was brillilant!!! It's the pure truth, that you are more critical of people who aren't you. You really captured the essence of everything, and I really believed that I was that woman, watching them. Who later ended up being Petunia. Nice work 10/10!

P.S. Thank you for reviewing my stories!

Author's Response: No problem, luckistars! :) Thanks for reading and reviewing, it means a lot. Petunia especially is a lot more critical than most about her own perfection- I hope everyone is not that way! Anyway, thank you for reading my story!

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Review #9, by Piper_Bridget Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

21st October 2006:
Is the lady at the begining of the story Petunia? So she was talking to her self about her and her family the whole time? LOL! thats funny! I really enjoyed it! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Piper_Bridget!

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Review #10, by Sept19_rules Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

25th April 2006:
What a surprise at the end! I knew I didn't like the narrator - she was so critical and cruel - but I didn't expect it to be Petunia herself. Creative insight into her world.

Author's Response: I am sooo glad you were surprised. If it's like "Oh, duh, it's _______" then it completely ruins the fun, doesn't it? :) Thank you very much for reviewing, September!

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Review #11, by CrystalClear Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

22nd March 2006:
Weird. Not what I expected, a very original idea. I very much liked it. Good job.

Author's Response: I hoped people would like it. Thank you so much for reviewing, CrystalClear. Hmm, your name makes me think of diamonds and water.

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Review #12, by BiG MaMa Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

6th March 2006:
i loved the twist at the end. i thought that it was narcissa looking at petunias family...

Author's Response: Ooooh, that could have worked as well! :) I tried my best to not give it away until the very, very end. :) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by sammy lupin Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

4th March 2006:
this was an awsome story, i have read four of yoyr stories so far and they all were truely original and great. thanks for being my first reviewer

Author's Response: Thank you for being my reviewer! Thank you for taking the time to read it all. Really- thanks, Sammy!

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Review #14, by Yuu Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

24th February 2006:
This was priceless. I enjoyed it very much although I almost pity Petunia.

Author's Response: I pitied Petunia. Why does she have to be so bitter and condescending? Thank you for reviewing, Yuu! It's so nice of you to.

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Review #15, by TheOne Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

18th February 2006:
Wow... I mean WOW... that was good. Very origional, and it was perfect for my challenge. You deserve my ice cream.

Author's Response: Yum, can I have cookie dough ice cream?? :) Thanks for reviewing, The One!!

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Review #16, by Wingless Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

18th February 2006:
Wow. That was awesome! So ironic -- xD I had to read it twice to get it, but that's just me and my intensely slow mind. Anyways.. superb!

Author's Response: Many times my favorite part of a story to write is irony. So I am glad you like it!! No, null that. I am really, really happy that you got the idea

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Review #17, by charmed ravenclaw Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

12th February 2006:
I don't quite get this. Oh wait, I just did! Oh yeah, pretty good. A bit confusing though. Mighthelp for people who are as dumb as me to make things a tad more obvious.

Author's Response: No, you're not dumb at all. You understood it by the end, which is what is supposed to happen. Thank you for reading and reviewing, charmed ravenclaw!

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Review #18, by ChizzaLazty Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

20th January 2006:
Not what I expected; even better...! I'm glad someone finally writes something about her that isn't all bad (at least here she realizes she isn't perfect!). I thought that it was the waitress talking at first, I didn't get it until I read the final line. And the poem; It's very nice. It's like a wake-up call. A mighty poem, with few words but great meaning. In other words: I liked this little story a lot=D

Author's Response: I'm so glad that this went beyond your expectations! I thought that people would lose interest half way, or something like that. I wonder if there is any way to make it sound more like Petunia talking, not the waitress or something. :/ I'm sure thenuttyimp will like your approval to the poem. Thanks, ChizzaLazty!

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Review #19, by PhoenixStorm Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

20th January 2006:
hey wow, this was a very different and original story, I really liked reading it :).

Now for the mistakes :P. she could hear him as well as if he were sitting right next to each other as well as if the, or right next to her. (I'm sure I'll be mentioning this line later too :D) the boy only managed in smearing it deeper into the cloth not really sure about this one, but shouldn't it be managed to, or succeeded in? another knickerboxer glory it's knickerbocker glory. You had me all doubting this by the way, so I went and searched it on the internet and everthing *rolls eyes*. Petunia motioned for the other family to “Oh, dear... this sentence doesn't make sense. I also have problems with the third line of the poem the nutty imp wrote for you. It should definitely be 'pitied' not pity, but I'm unsure about 'by a distance'. I think you're ok with it though, as it's a poem (I love the nutty imp's poems, I've read a few of her fics)

Now, I loved how you wrote htis, it was very clever. You don't even realise some of the humour and appreciate it until you've read it all, and I like this too. the line I mentioned earlier, about him sitting next to her, made me grin when I quoted it as i realised that he was sitting next to her :D. Also the realisation at the end is quite amusing, especially imagining the look that must have come over Petunia's face when she realised.

I really like how you detail everything wrong with the woman Petunia is seeing (if I hadn't seen the word while visiting family in Canada, I would not have known what an optometrist was. I've onyl ever heard optician's, but maybe that isn't true for all over britain), it made the last bit impact on her more.

Another hting I really like here are your descriptions. The opening part is really good, and sets the scene well. "quiet sunlight bath" is especially lovely imagery. The characterisation of Petunia is also great, I could just imagine her saying all those things, and what a shock to her to find it was herself. She is rather overly fond of her gossip. Anyway, I also really enjoyed reading this, you're a very good author. I may or may not get to your other fic today, but if i don't be sure to expect a review tomorrow :).

Author's Response: Have I told you how much I appreciate your going over my story? I'll definitely tell you in your thread, which is something I NEVER do. Anyway, as with the other stories, I fixed all of these errors, especially the optician/optometrist one. Thank you so much for Brit-picking, that bit was very helpful. And thank you even for going over this story!! I had only expected you to do one and then you did all of them!! Thanks so much!

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Review #20, by Paloma Patil Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

8th January 2006:

Author's Response: :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by elsbeth22 Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

4th January 2006:
cool....that's an interesting idea. One I've never seen before. So that was quite enjoyable. I definitely liked the poem but I don't have much advice, It seemed to have been beta'd pretty well so I didn't see any major mistakes. Good story all around.

Author's Response: Thank you for checking it over for me, elsbeth.

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Review #22, by Anastasia Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

2nd January 2006:
Wow! What a perfect ending! Amazing story! Well done Sophia!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Anastasia! :)

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Review #23, by LongbottomsLady Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

2nd January 2006:
Wow, at first this story was very confusing, but good. It was not straight-foward like most fics but instead mysterious, which is always good. It was very very short, yet it had a powerful message. It was very original and I liked it alot. Great job!

Author's Response: I'm really sorry it was so short, but I think it could've gotten boring if it were too long- there's really one main message, in my eyes, and it's not 'til the end. I figured that most readers would not like to read a one shot if it doesn't have much plot until the last sentence, so I had it shorter. Maybe I'll add more, next time.

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Review #24, by La Petit Coquette Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

30th December 2005:
Ahhh...what a lovely sting at the end. Just brill.

Author's Response: I like your penname. Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by Urvi Rose's Ice Cream Parlour

30th December 2005:
Wow. I loved it. It was so original, mysterious, and simple that no matter what is wrong with it, I can't see it. I like how you made the narrator so perceptive (in a negative way). So, did it matter who she was? Or was she just portraying a mirror image of the Dursleys? Very good story. I enjoyed reading it. Keep on writing :)

Author's Response: I'm really glad to hear that there's nothing that would take away from the story. Thank you so much, Urvi.

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