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Review #1, by Lumos_Queen Secrets

9th September 2007:
Grr... Get ungrounded!!
You have rally gotten me hooked on all of your storie's!!!
Love them!!


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Review #2, by Dracosgurl715 Secrets

28th December 2006:
i really like it, keep up the good work

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Review #3, by Darkmark Secrets

26th December 2006:
really good story!! one of the best stories i've read on this site. (even though i've only read 3, including yours!) your story is really cool and it takes on an interesting twist and the cliffhanger makes me want more! keep writing and finish this story!

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Review #4, by Yui Secrets

8th August 2006:
WHATTTTTTTTT why oh why do ppl love cliffes so much anyways i really loved this chapter and i cant wait to read the next chapter pls update soon

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Review #5, by GinnyGirl333 Great Hall and Talks

30th June 2006:
I must say, your overall writing skills are not that great. However you do have some funny parts and the plot is good. Let's put it this way, after two chapters I'm still reading.

Author's Response: thnx.. i guess.. i'm trying to improve my writing skills.. i know i'm not the greatest.. i just have some pretty good ideas i think..

oh sorry for such a late reply..

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Review #6, by Mya Malfoy Secrets

19th March 2006:
UPDATE!!!! U leave a cliffie and don't update...that's just mean!!!

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Review #7, by ..... Secrets

26th February 2006:
Hurry up and udate!!!!!!!!!! Im getting tired of waiting lol!

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Review #8, by .... Flashback: Part 1

26th February 2006:
OMG! lol... finally friends????

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Review #9, by Lise_Draco Secrets

14th February 2006:
why did u have to put a cliffhanger??? anyways...pleaseee update soon!!!!!!!! and by the way...are they a couple?? xxx

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Review #10, by dm_hg4ever Secrets

24th January 2006:
grrr... cliffy. lol goood very goood story! keep it up! check out my story if u want...

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Review #11, by Joey Potions & Talks

24th October 2005:
Really interesting..Totally in another point of view that Draco can be just as ignorant towards certain stuff and need help from Hermoine.. =)

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Review #12, by harrypotter151 Flashback: Part 1

1st October 2005:
please please update asap this is like omg fantastic i love this story it rocks please please update fast

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Review #13, by kenny Flashback: Part 1

26th July 2005:
hey i think that its a great story so far, i hope u write more chapters soon!!! please do....well thats all ive got to say so keep up the good work

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Review #14, by sydney Flashback: Part 1

13th July 2005:
good job continue

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Review #15, by Angeloffear2006 Flashback: Part 1

21st June 2005:
aww what will happen to them once there back at school.. hmmm guess ill have to wait and see!!

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Review #16, by Serpent_Love Potions & Talks

14th June 2005:
=D =D =D!!! that seems like fun, cuz she gets to b with the awesomely hot Draco*drool*.... lol... It's an awesome story!!!! update soon!!!

Author's Response: I feel the same way...L.O.L!!! Can you say hottie?

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Review #17, by Serpent_Love Great Hall and Talks

9th June 2005:
WHAT HAPPENED OVER SUMMER????? TELL ME TELL ME!!!! it's really good and i really wanna know what happened over summer!!!

Author's Response: You'll nfind out soon enough. Part one of the falshback is next.

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Review #18, by *Alyssa* Great Hall and Talks

8th June 2005:
I like this story great job can't wait for you to update

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Review #19, by Angeloffear2006 Great Hall and Talks

8th June 2005:
Great story. Thanks for reviewing mine. Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thnx for the review & I'll try to update soon.

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