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Review #1, by john Chapter 8 - Blankets

26th May 2013:
you really need to finish this story till you do low marks for you

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Review #2, by Daphne 13 Chapter 8 - Blankets

24th May 2009:
I cant believe this is abandoned!! I read the prequel - even though i did not leave a review... i was in a rush to read this ;) ANyway, even though there are some spelling mistakes and the grammar could be better, your story is very interesing, intriguing and original!!! I am begging you to please continue this as soon as you can because i know that a lot of people will be disapointed when chapter 9 will never be posted... please and thank you! ;)

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Review #3, by gummybear Chapter 8 - Blankets

6th May 2009:
I love this!!! Why did you abandon it? If you don't do something I amy cry. PLEASE finish it!

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Review #4, by kat potter Chapter 8 - Blankets

23rd May 2008:
this is a gr8 story, and i can't wait til u update it and add some more chapters. please add some as i would like to know how it continues. 10/10

Author's Response: thanks for the nice review!

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Review #5, by adriaans Chapter 8 - Blankets

20th April 2008:
Is there any chance of convincing you to continue this story, i really liked reading it...

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but I am really out of ideas - maybe in the future some time, when I can remember where I was going with it.
Sorry about this.

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Review #6, by ginnypotter Chapter 8 - Blankets

6th November 2007:
awww...I cant wait for more.

Author's Response: I have a feeling that I might not be writing anymore of this story... please dont be sad, but I think its time for me to write something a little more canon... I'm writing something new at the moment if you want to check it out!

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Review #7, by Steph Chapter 8 - Blankets

5th October 2007:
Love this one and the one before. I only found them last night and was very bad and stayed up until 5 in the morning reading them all, thats right all 58 of both stories together in 5 hours.

Love it but really please update soon, if you are taking a gap year you have a lot of writing to do to make up for not updating for so


p.s I love the interaction between Remus/Tonks and Harry. Family like. Because I really do think that they would become his family.

Author's Response: I am so tempted to just leave this story.. but we'll have to see.. atm the moment I am writing a new one about Albus Potter... so It may take a while yet again. But I do need to re-read both stories so I can remember where I was going!

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Review #8, by fifty9 Chapter 8 - Blankets

8th July 2007:
arent you ever going to update.
i've been waiting since last year..
hurry up and update already!

Author's Response: maybe... we'll have to see. If you have any REALLY good ideas, then I might...
but in the mean time, I'm writing a new one, maybe you should check that out! It about Albus Potter. x

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Review #9, by kattiekate Chapter 8 - Blankets

6th July 2007:
this is a great continouation to army of decendants...i love it and hope you update soon


Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #10, by fifty9 Chapter 8 - Blankets

3rd July 2007:
i so freakking love the story((:
i love it i love it!
must must must update faster okies.

ps: i love this story. you're an awesome writer..

Author's Response: your too kind!

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Review #11, by Luna Liano Chapter 8 - Blankets

31st March 2007:
OMG WOW!! That was so good! You must update faster!!

Author's Response: I hope I can!

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Review #12, by Taylor Chapter 8 - Blankets

30th March 2007:
Gr8 so far plzz update

Author's Response: :D

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Review #13, by BRSrocks Chapter 8 - Blankets

27th March 2007:
Awww! Please don't quit on us! I know the felling of quitting though [guilty as charged. got a good chewing out from my friend]. Try not too!

Author's Response: dw, i am going to try and write more next year (I know that is a very long way away, but a the moment, I am doing my leaving.. and I have no time what so ever) I'm taking a gap year next year... and will write heaps!

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Review #14, by stichka Chapter 1 - Prologue of Dreams

24th February 2007:
in one of you'r stories, harry potter and the army of d.
chapter 50 ends in the middel of the sentench, could you please fix that, or is it seposed to ead in the middel of the sentence. could you still check it out, just in case. i would be very greatful.
you'r fan
p.s: i love you'r writhing.(hope i could write like you). please dont think that im suking up to you,im not,realy.
please updeat soon.

Author's Response: it doesnt end in the middle of a sentance.. i ended with The end..., it may have been your computer, not completely loading the page...
Mine does that sometimes... just re-load the page and it shall work!

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Review #15, by thegoldensnitch Chapter 8 - Blankets

20th January 2007:
please be quick with your next chapter
x x x

Author's Response: I hope I can be!

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Review #16, by garnius Chapter 8 - Blankets

26th December 2006:
I love your story!!! Please update soon! And thank you so much for reuniting Harry with his family! It makes the story WHOLE again, with everyone there, together, if you know what I mean. anyways, please update again!

Author's Response: I hope I can!

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Review #17, by snorkack1 Chapter 8 - Blankets

20th November 2006:
col i just finished your last now i am on the sequil

please don't make me wait forever

you write very very welll

rock on

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #18, by fifty9 Chapter 8 - Blankets

14th November 2006:
come on!! update! i love ur stories.. update!

Author's Response: :) :S

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Review #19, by ChamberzReOpened Chapter 8 - Blankets

11th November 2006:
hurry up an update! plz...

Author's Response: I hope I can!

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Review #20, by taylor Chapter 8 - Blankets

12th October 2006:
Great story I loved your last one and this one is going the same way! please write soon!

Author's Response: I hope I can too!

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Review #21, by Alina Chapter 8 - Blankets

3rd August 2006:
Sorry, i didnt review this long time, i was a little bit disappointed by hbp so i didnt read any fics. but it seems you arent updating this story that often. why? i love your fic and the story is so convincing written. i mean ive read many fics in wich are turns you cant believe because they are so unexpected( i hope you understand what i mean) and yours just good. keep updating please!!! till next time (i hope at least)

Author's Response: sorry i havent been updating.. way too much on atm...

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Review #22, by blackruby Chapter 8 - Blankets

27th April 2006:
just caught up by reading your last story and it is excellent

Author's Response: thankyou! :D

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Review #23, by tarheelsweety308 Chapter 8 - Blankets

18th April 2006:
pls uypdate ASAP i give this a 15

Author's Response: thanks, sorry that i dont have time to update now.. :(

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Review #24, by dorothy Chapter 8 - Blankets

24th March 2006:
omg, i'm sooo glad you started writing this again, i had almost lost hope and i soo much wanted it to continue! woohoo, i'm soo excited, great story, please keep writing!

Author's Response: merci

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Review #25, by Mrs. Potter Chapter 8 - Blankets

16th March 2006:
This is so happy :') This is such a GREAT story!!! Update soon!!!!!!!

Author's Response: :oD

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