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Review #1, by lindsey and amanda A bit of Everything.

29th December 2005:

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Review #2, by jass A bit of Everything.

8th September 2005:
hey...ur fan fic is cool....continue writin~!!!!!

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Review #3, by Sandi A bit of Everything.

14th July 2004:
YES! Divination! my fa- *cuts off* aw man! do we have to?! Can't we go to Care of Magical Creatures instead? huh? j/k j/k... Though that is my favorite class. ooo! and I have a suggestion for a couple. me and not malfoy! yay! *gasp!* *cough*sandiandseamus*cough* erm... sorry... a bit of a cold there... *eats chocolate given to her by Jenna*

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Review #4, by Mad Eye Mandy A bit of Everything.

8th July 2004:
That is really random but funny!

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Review #5, by Chelz Potter A bit of Everything.

7th May 2004:
Yeah!! I luv LOTR.

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Review #6, by Lijz_Chick A bit of Everything.

11th March 2004:
*Lord of the rings? K I have only 1 thing 2 say 2 u. OH MY GOSH U LUV LOTR 2??? THAT IS MY FAV. MOVIE!!! ELIJAH & ORLANDO ROC!!! I LUV THEM SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! HOTTEST GUYZ ALIVE!!! I LUVED UR'E STORY!!! IT'S GOING ON MY FAVORITE'S LIST!!!!!! THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!* *Sigh* better now. Anyway in u want 2 read some more LOTR, H/P stories, u should read *When green meets Hasel.* It's my story & it doesn't really come out & talk about LOTR. But u can DEFINALLY tell I'm a HUGE fan!!!* *Luvutonz!* *Lij'z_Chick*

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Review #7, by WhiteFerretsRok A bit of Everything.

25th October 2003:
wee! continue. *if i say continue, its a hint i think its good. :P hehe*

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Review #8, by evilcourtney What could happen the fifth year.

12th June 2003:
Ha this could be interesting..... GO LOTR\'s!!!!!! And the winner of hottest LOTR\'s actor goes to.... Orlando Bloom!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

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Review #9, by Lily What could happen the fifth year.

31st May 2003:
I have always thought it would be funny if JK Rowling had Hermione get her period (I mean, come one, she\'s got to have it by now, she\'s 14!) and then Harry and Ron thinks she\'s a werewolf, cuz she has really severe cramps, so she has to go to the hospital wing and skip school every month.

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Review #10, by Star What could happen the fifth year.

10th May 2003:
Future couples...Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny, and Draco and, well, me! (Sorry, had to say that! I love Draco!) Good story, love it! If you have time, would you r&r my romance fic The Unexpected Couple or my songfic Follow Your Heart? I really wanna see how I did! Great story!

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Review #11, by Sorceressmon (aka Crystal/Becca) ^_^ What could happen the fifth year.

30th April 2003:
Of course, another nice piece of work! Finish soon, please!

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Review #12, by Sandi What could happen the fifth year.

28th April 2003:
Hey Jenna! This sounds oddly familiar! : ) I think for ideas you could use RPG\'s you do with your firends, that would work... Well, I gotta go and get my hand un-stuck from the table *winks* Good story, though! :) Finish it soon! Too bad te cliff hanger thing doesn\'t work for me, though...

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Review #13, by Willow What could happen the fifth year.

26th April 2003:
Damn you! I hate cliff hangers. Good story all the same!

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