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Review #1, by natt Chapter 2

12th January 2008:
still good, im not quite sure where it's going, but hey! i guess you'll get to that part, after all you've only done 2 chapters. but really, unless this is for people only who've read inuyasha, you should definitely explain a bit more about it

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Review #2, by natt Chapter 1

12th January 2008:
great! although, i only get the whole Inuyasha part because i happen to have read Inuyasha. maybe you should explain a bit more, for those who haven't?

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Review #3, by Gabby_Nini Chapter 2

11th January 2007:
OMG!!! I love this!!! Inuyasha is AWESOME! I LOVE INUYASHA!

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Review #4, by ohxmyyxwhao Chapter 1

24th December 2006:
a one shot means there's only one chapter and the story's over...

Author's Response: oh, so that is what a one-shot is! I guess i clicked the wrong one, i'll see if i can change it.

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Review #5, by Long Lost Dream37 Chapter 2

20th October 2006:
you don't know how i loe this fic. i've been gaes waiting for someone sensible enough to put an inuyasha crossover. (inu-chan rocks!)

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Review #6, by PaddySnuffles Chapter 2

24th June 2006:
I LOVE this story! Plz update soon! I can't wait to see the IY/HP gang's reaction to meeting one another! I don't think InuYasha and Kagome will ever completely get along either... hee hee! =P (Kinda like Ron and Hermione, come to think of it...) Oh! and 1 more thing: could you make the chapters longer...? =)

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Review #7, by Ash Pendragon Chapter 2

18th January 2006:
can u hurry and update plz

Author's Response: *paranoid twitching* Why must people constantly be putting pressure on me, like they almost want me to crack...hmmm...

Just kiddin'. Soon, young padawan, soon...

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Review #8, by Ash Pendragon Chapter 2

30th October 2005:
Kolo plz do ur next chapter soon i love anima and this story rox. i even watch this tv show plz

Author's Response: Now that i am getting more time to do other things, i'll try to update the story. I had lost intrest in it, but i think i might be able to get something.

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Review #9, by fred slagle Chapter 1

27th August 2005:
I love this story!!! I am a hardcore anime freak and inuyasha is one of my faves.great story!

Author's Response: thanks! I'm a hardcore anime fan too. i try to watch every anime i get my hands on. Thanks for reviewing. I'm glad you love my story!

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Review #10, by Ollie Chapter 2

3rd July 2005:
isnt the amulet sorta like the time turner? p.s: i looooove anime too! cowboy bebop, escaflowne are my favs so far, but i havnt seen that many!

Author's Response: Ah, another anime lover! I like cowboy bebop too, but i have never seen escaflowne. I have heard of it, though. Yes, the amulet is like a time turner, but it transports you to only one place, no matter where you are., if that makes any better sense.

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Review #11, by AnnienMystickbff Chapter 1

8th June 2005:
Cool story me likey! Can't wait 'till the next chapter! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter is in limbo, so you won't have to wait long. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Louise Chapter 1

7th June 2005:
Cool story! I'm just curious, but is Inuyasha on T.V. in your country? I happen to be living in Japan, where Inuyasha is produced and was aired as an anime on T.V. a while ago. Currently, the anime isn't on T.V. anymore, it's sold in the comic book version, but it hasn't ended yet. Keep up with your story!

Author's Response: Yes, Inuyasha is still on tv over here in america. I had heard that it had been canceled in Japan a short while back. Thanks for being my first reviewer on this story!

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