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Review #1, by Patrick The Meeting with Mcgonagall

27th September 2006:
That was just like JK Rowling! You are the best!!!

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Review #2, by Mr_Hostiac_Hepilere Lessons

17th August 2005:
kinda boring

Author's Response: my apologies... how can I make it less boring?

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Review #3, by Emily The Meeting with Mcgonagall

21st June 2005:
morgan i love the story...i guess all of our letters were good pratice, huh. Keep writing Cass.

Author's Response: thanks for the review cassidy! hope you like the rest of the story. love ya!

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Review #4, by elle_est_belle Lessons

18th June 2005:
ok sorry i took me forever to get this chapter read! it was really really good! i love that all of ur chapters are so long! thats really good, and i think that reading it is a whole lot easier now bc u spaced it out! good job! - ellie

Author's Response: thanks for the review! much appreciated!!!

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Review #5, by MALENA The Meeting with Mcgonagall

15th June 2005:
i haven't read it yet but i must offer my congrats! i'm so glad you finally finished it. i'm sure its fabulous (as all the reviews say!) you have my admiration, see you at school tomorrow

Author's Response: hey mal, I dunno if this response will get to you, but if you do read this thanks so much for reading my story! it means so much to know you have some faith in me!

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Review #6, by elle_est_belle Slytherin

8th June 2005:
hm i wonder what was wrong with that ren'ee girl and i wonder why exactly charlie hates slytherin so much... and why he called devin a dark princess... i cant wait to find out ur story is really interesting! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! hope you like the rest of it

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Review #7, by elle_est_belle A secret sorting

8th June 2005:
super good; the characters you've made all seem to have very interesting personalities that Jared seems a bit... odd though, and i wonder why the hat told her that.... hhhhhhm oh and i was just wondering if chase and his friends were the same age as devin. i'm assuming they are but i dont really know... keep up the good work

Author's Response: thank you thank you thank you, sorry if the ages were unclear please read on

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Review #8, by elle_est_belle New Acquaintances

8th June 2005:
ooh hes a malfoy... didnt see that one coming! this was an interesting chapter you use a lot of details that pretty much paint the picture of whats going on keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thanks so much, glad you like it!!!

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Review #9, by elle_est_belle The Meeting with Mcgonagall

8th June 2005:
i thought it was very good for a first chapter! i only have one suggestion and that is that you space out your writing by maybe adding a blank line between each paragraph that way it would be easier to read.

Author's Response: thanks for the positive comments! I was very nervous about putting out my first story, and am new to the experience. I will try and fix the spacing from now on

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