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Review #1, by HERMIONE_92 Should I Tell?

14th April 2008:
Ok the story was good except for the last chapter it was really rushed and it ended up being really bizzare

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Review #2, by weasleyswizardwheezes Should I Tell?

9th May 2007:
It was very quick-paced and moved along a little to quickly.

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Review #3, by RoseChick Should I Tell?

6th April 2007:
Mk. This is really good for your first fanfic, but I just have to say that it could do with a little editing. It's good how you focused on their feelings, but it seems a bit rushed. Just a suggestion, it would have been cut if you drew out their feelings, making them seem more and more into eachother.
IT was a cute story though! Good job, keep up the good work!

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Review #4, by sealpamela Should I Tell?

8th January 2006:
How cute!

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Review #5, by futureJKR Should I Tell?

1st May 2005:
this is really cute!

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Review #6, by Professor McGonagall Should I Tell?

12th June 2003:
Very sweet.

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Review #7, by MioneWeasley Should I Tell?

24th May 2003:
As u can see by my name I love these kinda stories...really cute and sweet (\",)

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Review #8, by velvet Should I Tell?

4th May 2003:
good. very cute and sweet.

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Review #9, by Rev. Togetherness Loveleary Should I Tell?

25th April 2003:
An innocent love story about Ron and Hermione, they fall in love. But, will they have the strength to tell? the SHOCKING conclusion will go against everything you think is going to happen. I DO however recommend and R rating. I agree with my predecessor in reviewing this story in concluding: POTTER POTTER POTTER!!!! WEE WEE WEE!!! POTTER MANIA!!! POTTER FOREVER!!!!!!!

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Review #10, by Mr. Jones Should I Tell?

23rd April 2003:
This story seems to be about careless abandon and smoldering passions, the characters which, having no other outlet, seek to jet through a healthy realationship and get married to quench the smoldering desire that they mutually feel. Of course, by the title one can guess that they are nervous about telling one another, but the whole suspense is destroyed by the multiple view points and omnipotence of the reader. All in al, a good read and likely supplement to up coming Potter books (potter potter potter!! WEE WEE WEE!) and could happen in all actuality. Truly this fan fic is one of the many tomes of greatness atributed to this skilled and talented author! i hope to read them ALL! in conclusion: POTTER POTTER POTTER WEE WEE WEE!!!!!!!! POTTER MANIA!!! POTTER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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