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Reading Reviews for Caged
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Review #1, by SiriuslyCrack On the Inside

19th June 2007:
Nicely written. Just remember that there's only one 't' in later and you spell it like "latter", which is the opposite of former ;) Aside from some minor mistakes like the one I pointed out, there's nothing excessively wrong with this story. Infact, I absolutely enjoyed reading it. Something from Bellatrix's point of view is alwsy worth reading. The part that I enjoyed reading most was when she makes her own spoon. Sounds so much like a Black ;)

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Review #2, by moonysgirl On the Inside

31st March 2007:
This was very good, and the way you went into detail about the creation of the spoon seemed very appropriate fore someone in azkaban--like that's what becomes important. The random killing of the bird was good to, it just sums up a lot of what she becomes. The only thing I can say is watch the punctuation. Nice job!

Author's Response: Thanks i'm glad you liked the spoon thats exactly what i was going for, its like something that she is trying to tie into her past life. Oh and i keep forgetting to go back over this one and fix up all the punctuation, i have since gotten so much better at it, so i shall have to re-do this one a bit! Thanks again

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Review #3, by KML On the Inside

18th June 2006:
Good story. I like the idea that Bellatrix still kind of feels that tug of stature that makes her a Black, even in Azkaban. That said, there are a few grammar things I noticed (if you hate people correcting your grammar, then just ignore this), like a few missing commas and some misspellings, but it's still a great story. Thanks for reviewing mine, I appreciate that.

Author's Response: Thanks also for the review! This is actually my first fanfic ever so Im not really all that happy with it, i just havent had the time to go back over it and re-do all the spelling and grammar. That being said, I do have two other fics about bella (and her sisters) that are, i think, much better than this one so if you liked this you should check them out too. Thanks again for the review.

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Review #4, by Shii and Nel On the Inside

23rd October 2005:
wow we see alot of metaphors! the bird thing i think someone mentioned, the fact that when she scolded herself for exploring her cell she got hurt, but when she explored more anyway she got a eating utensil.. love it! =D

Author's Response: thanks guys! yes i was big on metaphors for this story. the bird and the spoon were the main ones, im glad you liked them! im in the middle of another black sister story called shades of grey at the mo, if you liked this one you should check it out. thanks again for the review.

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Review #5, by ivoryangel On the Inside

24th September 2005:
wow, i really liked the part about the bird...good metaphor, especially when it dies. good job!

Author's Response: thank you, the idea for the bird poped into my head when i finshed my first draft of this story. it just seemed to fit so well with her, and what she was at that point in time. thanks again for the review.

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Review #6, by pathetic_pettigrew On the Inside

25th August 2005:
Yay, a Bellatrix story! I hate it when people simply portray her as 'evil crazy woman', this is really interesting and intriguing. It might sound strange, but my favourite part was the way she was so obsessed with making a spoon; it was incredibly black humour in my opinion, but at the same time extremely poignant. I hope that makes sense!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! for some reason i love bella stories, and since there arnt many out there.... thanks also for the comments on the spoon, i dont know why but it jumped out at me too. thanks again and yes it makes sence. :)

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Review #7, by crystal allan On the Inside

2nd August 2005:
I loved this story. Bellatrix is such an intruging character - there aren't nearly enough stories about her. I'm going to add this to my favorites ; )

Author's Response: thank you so much! i totally agree that there arent enough bella fics thats one of the reasons i wrote this, to increase the bella fic poulation. thank you for the favorites addition. im planning another one at the moment with all three siters in it, so keep an eye out. thanks again!

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