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Review #1, by GailGreen The Marauders Reunited

5th August 2009:
The 'telephone' thing is really weird. For two reasons: In the 1970s (and for the most part, youve done a great job setting your fictions firmly within the era) phones required WIRES into phone lines not electricity lines, and they drew thier power from the former, for a phone to have a number, it would have been connected. Wizards didn't have phones, or Arthur Weasley would have known how to use them... Your phones operate more like modern mobiles. Not the giant clunky things of my childhood. It just strikes me as strange. Secondly, Hermione distinctly said that muggle 'bugging' and similar electricity-reliant devices DO NOT work around Hogwarts. I ignored it the first time, figuring it would be left at 'Ebony House'. This to me, feels like a cheat, a way to inject Olivia into your story, without relying soley on owl post...

Author's Response: Hi Gail,

I'm afraid you've kind of missed the point regarding the phones but that's my fault for not explaining it properly. For yours and others' benefits I hereby present to you:

The Waters family of Waterston, Egypt, were closely linked with their Muggle relatives. During Oliver Waters' reign as head of the Waters household, it was quite common in that town for wizards and Muggles to live closely together and sometimes in the same house. The Muggles, of course, were sworn to secrecy and cut off from the rest of their world. It was therefore down to the wizarding population to make their lives as comfortable and normal as possible. For this reason, in 1969 was invented the Waterston Telephone.

On the outside it looked just like an ordinary Muggle Telephone from the era; large, heavy and with a dial. Waterston phones were usually black in colour. Its magical 'technology' was similar to the two-way mirrors that Sirius Black and James Potter had, except that it had a communication 'network', allowing multiple devices to be used, so a person would not need five phones to talk to five different people. To differentiate between devices, to assure privacy, and to maintain the illusion of normality, these were given numbers, just like Muggle phones. But the Waterston Telephone was, to all intents and purposes, a magical object. It did not require the usual wiring (if I made any reference to electricity in the last fic that was a mistake) or lines; therefore it would have worked in Hogwarts with no problem.

The use of these phones was restricted to Desert City (wizarding Cairo, of which Waterston is a part) and under strict regulations. However, in the late 1970s, younger members of the Waters family broke these regulations by distributing telephones to friends in Britain. The Ministry of Magic was initially tolerant of their presence, but in 1978, the life of an elderly Muggle lady was endangered when she used one to dial 999 during a heart attack. Healers and memory modifiers were immediately dispatched to her house, and the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office destroyed it and every other Waterston Telephone in Britain. It was one of the last raids carried out by the department before it was abolished by Lord Voldemort.

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Review #2, by GailGreen The Sorting Hat Takes The Stage

4th August 2009:
Great song! It blew me away! (And, by extension, made my poor offering run away to hide). You've shown us all how to do the sorting hat justice, and for that I bow down.

I do hope Anthony has some faults about him, but even if he doesn't, I like how you had the sorting hat choose (although clearly the hat already knew his choice). I think, deep down, the hat always goes with 'choice'. Didn't Dumbledore tell Harry that it was 'our choices' that tell our truest nature? (COS, but I can't remember the exact words).

Author's Response: Thanks, Gail! No one's commented on the Hat's song before & I always assumed people didn't think much of it.

Re Anthony: he's got the Waters fault of being too pleased with himself, but he's a basically nice guy. I have a definite idea of his character in my head; in this version I don't think he's in it enough and I want there to be more to him than I've currently communicated. I can't really say the reason for that because it'd spoil the story!!!

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Review #3, by GailGreen Back To The Grind

30th July 2009:
Honestly, this is the strangest chapter you've ever written. It doesn't jive with either the versions of the characters you've created or canon (I know the story isn't canon in the truest sense, but your characters are normally quite similar.)

I wasn't that keen on McGonnagall's punishment. I can't see her actually banning them from classes. Making them do Filch's job for a week yes (maybe while he went of holiday or something) but not at the expense of their classes. Not to mention how Filch actually lives. No way Dumbledore would condem even Filch to that type of misery. No bathroom, a moldy mattress on the floor? Not buying it, even with the 'plenty of blankets'.

Similarly, I think you missed the mark on Peeves. He's more of a joker, than nasty. He tends to speak in riddles and rhymes.

Also, I found the flash back in the first person a bit odd. You've never had a flashback in the first person any where else in this or the first story. I don't mind the flashback just it's person and writing style.

It's not a badly written chapter, and the story behind it is quite funny. Working as Filch for a week is a great punishment. It's just a bit... oh, I don't know.

Author's Response: I agree with you about the missing classes, on reflection. But I didn't think I made Peeves all that nasty, he's just getting in their way. It's Sirius who's out of character and to that I say ... bear with me, keep reading. And just to clarify about Filch - those aren't his living conditions, they're what he subjected the boys to. Anyway, I hope this chapter hasn't put you off the rest of the story.

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Review #4, by GailGreen Born To Be Wild

30th July 2009:
The Arabian exchange student's entrance! That was a really nice touch. I'm glad that Sirius figured out how to conjure scarves.

Interesting how the hair charm didn't wear off until the summer, it ought to have worn off when Sirius turned 17 or ran away, or something... Hmm... Do you have some sort of ulterior motive for why, then?

Author's Response: Thanks :-) No, no ulterior motive for that, just one of those things.

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Review #5, by GailGreen September The First, London Time

30th July 2009:
Aww... It's cute how Remus was missing James and Sirius. Shame he couldn't have gone with them on the bike... And James didn't telll Lily he was Head Boy! I'm surprised, I would have thought he told her immediatly.

I take it Carl and Olivia's brother will be playing larger roles in this story?

Author's Response: Yeah, Anthony's in it quite a bit. :-) James wanted it to be a surprise for Lily.

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Review #6, by GailGreen Quidditch

29th July 2009:
It's Sirius... The risk would make it entralling for him. So yes, I think he will fly the bike to Hogwarts.

The rest of the chapter is good. I really liked how first Siruis pulled James away from Roldolphus and the rest and then James stopped Sirius from using an unforgivable curse. Nice parity there. Although, I didn't really like Sirius trying a spell like that. (I didn't like Harry using unforgivables in DH, either.)

Great chapter

Author's Response: I can't say anything to any of your comments except ... wait and see. (Evil laugh.) I'm pleased you're still enjoying it though. :-)

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Review #7, by GailGreen A World Apart

29th July 2009:
I had a hard time beliving a Pure-Blood crazed wizard like Lucius Malfoy would sell off a property that has been passed within his blood-line for generations. That's just me

I can see Lucius giving money to Voldemort's causes or for his causes, though.

More importantly, I thought you did this scene with Lucius, Roldophus, and Regulus very well. You've managed to capture some of the nuances of these characters. I really like what you've done with Roldolphus. He was generally ignored by JKR (and Voldemort) in favour of Bellatrix, and here, she's learning some of her sadism from Roldolphus who activly encourages her psycopathic tendancies.

Great chapter

Author's Response: Oh, I'm glad you like Rodolphus! He's one of my favourite characters to write. I love having the practically blank slate and being able to write someone really hateable.

I shall explain my take on Lucius, because I understand your doubts. In my fics he doesn't really care too much about the cause, he just backs the winners. He is fundamentally self-centred, with his snobbery coming mostly from his money, good looks and intelligence. He believes in pureblood supremacy, but more because HE is a pureblood and would gain from it. He wants to get rid of his father's house because he wants to make his own space, with no memories.

I formed this impression initially because Lucius was one of the first Death Eaters to come back on side after Voldemort disappeared, saying he'd been bewitched. And in the later HP books he cares far about his family than the cause. After that I just kind of ran with it. :-) I'm afraid this fic only clings to canon by its fingernails.

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Review #8, by GailGreen Letters

28th July 2009:
I just love the way you began this chapter, from Archie's point of view. Its exactly the sort of device that JKR used in 'the other minister' (HBP) and the first chapter of Philosopher's Stone. I always felt that telling the begining from a different viewpoint was a great hook, and that she used it well. You did too!

I really liked the way you made James Head Boy. Specifically, I like how he was so shocked, Sirius asked him if he was dying. I thought that was well done. Most wouldn't have made him too surprised, but it's nice that you did. I mean, who in their right mind would make JAMES a prefect? The same person who made Ron one, I guess...

Good Job. I'll be back for more soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, Gail, looking forward to finding out what you think of the rest. :-)

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Review #9, by Hannah The Return of Noah to Comparative Sanity

19th December 2008:
Hello again.

This chapter wasn't the most exciting one but not all can be. It was fun to be inside Carl's head for a while and I think you did a great job with this chater as always.

You're an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, a rare insight into the minds of the Berkrams, hehe. More action to follow. :-)

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Review #10, by Hannah The Marauders Reunited

15th December 2008:
Hello again!

I don't have much time to write a review right now but I liked the chapter as usual. So far I think this fic is better then the first one.
Anyway. Perhaps I'll leave a more detailed rewiev on this chapter some other time.

Great job! =D

Author's Response: Thanks, that's a good sign - I hope I keep improving, but you'll have to let me know! :-)

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Review #11, by Hannah The Sorting Hat Takes The Stage

10th December 2008:
Hi again!
Another great chapter. As I say every time, but they really are great!

And the hat's song was brilliant ^^ I loved it.
I've allways loved that hat. He's so funny and kind of cynical. I get the exact same feeling from him in this story as I did from JK's books. So, well done!

And about your age. I just picture you in your 20ies when I read your fics and the answers to the reviews.. So I thought I ask ^^

Any way, I hope I'll be back to read more soon.

Author's Response: Ah, good - another thing I wasn't quite sure about! It's always difficult trying to reproduce something so close to the book. Thanks :-)

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Review #12, by Hannah Back To The Grind

7th December 2008:
Hello again!
I had some time to spare today for once so I thouhgt I read another chapter.
I liked it as always. Their punishment is so horrible it's almost a bit funny. I don't know why, but it is.

I think you did a great job with Sirus's memory. It was very touching. You portray Sirius's feelings towards his brother so well. It's a tricky situation. I think you can only hate someone that much, that you really do love. That's what hurt the most.

And I have another question that's not about the chapter acctually. How old are you?
I just thought of it. ^^

Great chapter anyway. Thanks for still writing!!

Author's Response: Hi again Hannah! :-) Thank you so much for your compliment about Sirius' memory, since I was rather nervous about how to portray that, and I'm glad you think it was successful. In answer to your other question: I am 25, but I was 23 when I wrote Killer's Curse. I am interested to know why you ask!

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Review #13, by Hanelno Born To Be Wild

1st December 2008:
Hi! I'm back.
I don't know if you even remember me?
Anyway. I liked the chapter, as I thought I would. I always enjoy your chapters.

I loved the part when Lily compares James and Sirius to a couple of brothers. That made me smile from ear to ear.

I'll keep reading this story too. And the next one of course!
I don't know how long it will take though because unfortunately I'm very busy right now.
But I love reading your stories. So I'll stay with you, that's for sure.

= ]

Author's Response: Hey! It's nice to see you back! :-) I'm very busy too so I haven't updated the latest fic in a while. So actually I'm happy you'll be taking your time!
Glad you liked the chapter. Hope you like the next one too, when you get around to it.

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Review #14, by Hanelno Quidditch

18th February 2008:
I'm so jealous! A flying motorbike, what more can you wish for!!

Anyway, great chapter once again, even though I've read it before.
Must have felt really nice for James to freze Lestrange.

This whole chapter was a happy chapter I think and the beginning with all the quidditch was fun to read.
I love Merlin by the way, good work on that character.

And as for your response on my previous review:
I totally get what you mean, it's something I've actually tought alot about when it comes to the Harry Potter series.
How they can prectise magic without a wand as children but not when the get older. Tricky one. But I think it's for the best anyway. And I think that being able to do a little magic without a wand only makes sence. After all, seer's can! (Kind of anyway)

I'll keep reading ;)

Author's Response: Oh good, I'm glad you like Merlin, she's one of my favourite creations. And anyone reviewing positively about bad things happening to Rodolphus Lestrange is all right in my view. :-)

If it comes up again in forthcoming chapters/fics, I think I shall try and explain non-wand magic in a bit more detail. Because it is a tricky point, and if it's going to be there I think there needs to be a rationale behind it, not just a convenient excuse. It's interesting that you bring up the seers thing, because as a matter of fact, the most important non-wand magic in the forthcoming plot (a yet-to-be-written fic) has to do with a Seer. But I won't say any more now!!!! :-)

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Review #15, by Hanelno A World Apart

17th February 2008:
I loved it this time too (the chapter).

Like that they drink illegal firewiskey, but I'm more scepticle about the "mindwipping". Seem like it's getting to easy to practice magic when you don't even have a wand. But I don't know, nice idea anyway.
Like Lucuis and Rodolphus acting toward Regulus, felt very realistic. And of course I love the presens of Narcissa and Bellatrix, there is something I love about those two awful women.

Nice work.

Author's Response: The way I see it, the wand is just a means of channeling the power the witch or wizard has naturally within themselves - and Muggle-borns do magical things naturally when they're children, so it's obviously possible. But then again, I do agree with you in that there must be limits, or the wand would become irrelevant, especially since in Harry Potter's world the wand is the whole basis of magic.

Anyway - I'm glad you like the "Dark Side" stuff!

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Review #16, by Hanelno Letters

17th February 2008:
So, this was the second time I read this chapter, but I ejoyed it anyway.

So too answer your questions..
1. This one seem to be really good as well.
2. I started reading this one before I read The spreading of evil, so I can tell you that it is OK on its own.
3.I don't know, I'm not planning to read The Hidden Resistance until I'm done with this trilogy, but I think it would work just fine to read them both at the same time.
4. Now you've already got one.

Nice work..

Author's Response: Probably wise as the Hidden Resistance isn't finished!!! :-)

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Review #17, by mouz NEWTs, Quidditch, and the End of an Era

9th June 2007:
just perfect.

what is amazing is that you got so few reviews!!!

keep writing, you're great

Author's Response: Thanks heaps, that's really nice of you!

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Review #18, by black enchilada NEWTs, Quidditch, and the End of an Era

20th May 2007:
ohhh oh that ending is sooo sad.poor peter...poor poor peter...now i feel sorry for him.and the fall of regulus black looks good! cante wait to read the first chapter...oh now im all sad.and i was to begin with cos i crashed my car.oh poor little hateful peter! i luved this story soo much though

Author's Response: Thank you - for this one and all your reviews. Sorry to hear you crashed your car. I'll look forward to you reading and reviewing the next story! I'll let you know when the first chapter's up. It won't be for a while though :-( but not ages. :-) Anyway thanks again.

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Review #19, by Red Pheonix NEWTs, Quidditch, and the End of an Era

20th May 2007:
wow! ur story is lyk so amazing! i love it i love it i love it i love it! omg!!! wow wow wow wow wow nd i cnt wait for you to post your story about regulus! 21/10! WOW!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! One couldn't ask for a better review really. I'm not exactly sure when the Regulus story will come, but it will. Thanks for your reviews throughout this fic, I really appreciate it.

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Review #20, by black enchilada Christmas

12th May 2007:
wow another chapter already.reall good still...glad reggie is enjoying himself but i still dont trust him much.well update soon please!

Author's Response: Yes, poor Regulus ... he shouldn't even trust himself...

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Review #21, by sirius s simply gr8 Christmas

11th May 2007:
nice one, i liked it, but pls hurry up,...

Author's Response: Thanks :-) Next chapter's the last one and there's a bit more action in it.

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Review #22, by Red Pheonix The Problem With Cynthia

4th May 2007:
yay! u updated again! man, i love this story so much, u wouldn't believe. im glad reggie is happy, he deserves 2 b! keep the updates comin'!(plez)! lol xx

Author's Response: Thanks Red Pheonix. Next chapter will be a long one so will take a couple of days. Getting that up ASAP. :-)

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Review #23, by black enchilada The Problem With Cynthia

4th May 2007:
hey lots of chapters up and i didint no! great chapters though...glad that james and sirius are talking even though they are a little ucomfertable about it! and regie is sooo nice at the moment...whats up with that??? when does he die??? poor little reggie! anyway update soon and let me no@!1!!! and i will review and read and enjoy!

Author's Response: Oops, I did forget to email you didn't I? Promise I will next time. :-) Next update should be next couple of days.

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Review #24, by Red Pheonix In Trouble

1st May 2007:
crikey, i think that was a lil mean, even for voldemort. still, rodolphus deserved it. i cant wait for the next chapter! plez update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Chapter 27 will be up soon. I wanted to make Voldy extra mean because I've had him being quite rational and even friendly during this story - this was appropriate for the circumstances, but he needed to show his true colours sooner or later!

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Review #25, by Red Pheonix The Wand Chooses The Wizard

30th April 2007:
yay!! you're updating really fast!! i like! plez update soon. again. this story is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!.!.!.!

Author's Response: Thank you - chapter 26 is done and going up today. I'm trying to get it all finished as it's almost there!

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