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Review #1, by ron The Story of a Spirit

2nd April 2005:
its okay.

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Review #2, by apotterfan The Story of a Spirit

16th August 2004:
This was very interesting and cute. I like the friendship between Myrtle and Lily here. This is the first fanfic I've read with Mrytle in it. And you did a good job on it. You have a natural talent for writing.

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Review #3, by RynanTan The Story of a Spirit

11th July 2003:
I liked it, can\'t see why there isn\'t more reviews. I thought it was kinda funny, and Myrtle showed some spunk. It would be really neat if you made a story for each ghost. Your own spirit collection edition. Sorry I\'m so lame. Well, this is the first story I read from you. I\'ll go check out the others now. Toodle loo.

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Review #4, by ginny The Story of a Spirit

12th June 2003:
It was a great story!I loved it!

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Review #5, by SaliMilae The Story of a Spirit

20th May 2003:
O how sad! She was best friends with Myrtle and then she died and then Harry ignored her! I\'m so sorry for her! Usually don\'t feel that way, but your story was so sad! (At least I think it was) Poor Myrtle!

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Review #6, by Kayla The Story of a Spirit

25th April 2003:
Hey!!! It was really good!!!!!! I loved it!!!! It was shall we say interesting and entertaining!!! lol Talk to u later!!!!!!

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Review #7, by liz The Story of a Spirit

24th April 2003:
Oh my gosh! it was. like, so good, like. Sorry for the Valley girl voice. I am hyper! duhhhhhhhhhhh! Anyway good story! It really and truley is- not just saying that. Call me if I haven\'t talked to you yet about the variety guild thing. Your dad may not be home when you are.

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Review #8, by Willow The Story of a Spirit

23rd April 2003:
Great! I feel a bit sorry for her sometimes. She is played very well in the film I think!

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