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Review #1, by sirusblack My Reflection

18th November 2007:
lol fred died not george

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Review #2, by Wandering_Alone My Reflection

9th July 2007:
This is a wonderful and touching story. The whole time I read I had tears in my eyes.

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Review #3, by Tearlit My Reflection

31st March 2007:
Oh...this is so sad, but really well done. It made me cry. Good job! lol

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Review #4, by hogwarts_girl_5 My Reflection

6th February 2007:
i started crying we i read throat was all choked up and tears were pouring down my eyes!! my mom had to cum in and ask me wat happened...this is soo sad but written very well, which makes this a gr8 story...u may be the next jkr!!

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Review #5, by FredWeasleysGF My Reflection

4th January 2007:
Oh my god, I so want to cry at this story!! It was fantastic, no other words for it. So sad, ohh!!! WEll done

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Review #6, by 0015_jaja_1500 My Reflection

30th November 2006:
omg this is the BEST one-shot ever!! soo good.. it almost made me cry... lol I LOVED IT!! awesome job! :D

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Review #7, by greendayrocks My Reflection

17th August 2006:
this is sooooo sad i was seriously in tears at the las paragraph. amazing writing

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Review #8, by Alykat_912 My Reflection

17th August 2006:
:'( :'( :'( *sob!* i have to say, *sniff* that's one of the saddest stories i've read on this site

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Review #9, by Liadan Lightflower My Reflection

5th July 2006:
Very well wriiten. This made me cry. Sad story. Hey, what can I say; can't always have a happy ending.

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Review #10, by Ravensdaughter My Reflection

1st July 2006:
Extremley sad.

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Review #11, by SiriusLivesOn My Reflection

25th June 2006:
Wow. All I have to say is wow.

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Review #12, by Unicorn Girl My Reflection

29th April 2006:
Aww!!! Not I'm really crying...reading two sad stories in one day it's not the best idea. I love Fred and George. I think that I'll be sorrier if they die than I'll be if Harry dies...

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Review #13, by Jasmine_Ravin123 My Reflection

28th April 2006:
I'm literlly sobbing my head off right now... I can't seem to stop!!!!!!! This story was SOOOOOOOOOOO good and descriptive I felt as if I was right along side w/ Fred. Great writing and description.

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Review #14, by Bittersweet Ending My Reflection

20th April 2006:
I'm crying...the Weasley twins are pretty much my favorite characters, so I can feel Fred's pain. I tried to pick a favorite section, but was unable to because of the consistency in the story. The writing is absolutely fantastic. I can see why it got 3rd place.
~The Ice Mice

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Review #15, by dragongirl2006 My Reflection

23rd March 2006:
that was so sad..:(...and in the same time so beautiful....

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Review #16, by gryffs_gucci_purses My Reflection

22nd February 2006:
omg, that was so sad... seriously, im like crying right now. this is awesome. going under my faves, definately. awesome, great job!

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Review #17, by thechosenone My Reflection

1st February 2006:
that was really good, there are tears threatening my face in my eyes! i never thought i'd be able to stand a fic where one of the twins left the other, but i suppose i've managed! that was really well written!

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Review #18, by Kneazle Kid My Reflection

20th January 2006:
Wow! that is really good! I really like depressing fan-fics like that. Keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

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Review #19, by timeturner My Reflection

3rd January 2006:
This was a bit uneven. Sad, of course, and tragic, but the release of emotions (ie fireworks) didn't seem to have the impact I expected. Perhaps because it seems like a 'moving on' moment but then you immediately went back to his tragic mindset. I'm not entirely sure. Writing was good, characterization of Fred done quite well and I loved the glimpse of their past together that you used at the beginning. Perhaps another of these would have helped at the end to tie the whole thing together more tightly. Well done and happy writing!

Author's Response: Thanks timeturner. I appreciate you coming by. Perhaps he can never move on. It might be a moving on movement for the family but a loss of a twin is just too tragic to move on. But he can sure help others. The story was a bit iffy with me, to be honest. I dont really know how it won third. I wasn't satisfied with the results. I appreciate your honesty and I love that you read another one of my stories! I do hope I'm not torturing you too much =) Thanks!

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Review #20, by Darkheart My Reflection

28th December 2005:
First off, I loved that you wrote it in first person, it seems much more personal, you know what I mean? There were so many tear jerking moments, I nearly cried. I’ve always thought: What would happen if one of the Weasley twins died what would the other do? It seems you’ve answered my question. I didn’t see any grammar mistakes, but I thought I saw one or two misspellings. I think it was in the first flash backs somewhere, other then that, you did a great job, I loved your choice of words.


Author's Response: Thanks Benny. I'll look over for spelling mistakes=) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Aspares(not signed in) My Reflection

21st December 2005:
I need tissues!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! That was so incredibly sad and well written! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Author's Response: *hands you a tissue* Better? =) Thanks!

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Review #22, by Scarhead My Reflection

6th December 2005:
Oh Jaydah that was so beautiful and heart wrenching. It would be so devastating to Fred to lose George. And you wrote about his pain in such realistic manner. "The one thing that I fear the most is my reflection." that line, to me, is the most heartbreaking of the entire sad sweet story. Brilliant work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it! Indeed it is hard to think about one without the other... I couldnt' imagine losing a sibling, but I tried to think of that devastating thought to write this. Thanks very much for the review Scarhead =)

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Review #23, by LoVeMeTrUe My Reflection

6th December 2005:
Hey Jaydah, I thought I would read your stories cause I've heard they are good and they really are. I truely enjoyed this story. This is the only story I've ever read that has made me laugh and cry. Which is saying something because I've only ever gotten teary -eyed before. It is written beautifully. You put your words in a very eloquent way that left me oddly satisfied. You gave enough details without shrouding the reader and taking away from the beauty of the concept. The only thing I noticed is you had a tendency to capitalize mother and father which unless I am terribly mistaken shouldn't be capitalized. I think you did an amazing job on this peace and I can't wait to start reading more of your work. Okay now that I've bored you with my little review I'll go read another one, lol. ~Lee

Author's Response: Hey Lee! Thanks for checking out my fics! I appreciate it! I'm glad I can bring out a wide selection of emotions. Your review very helpful! You know, I never knew to capitalize mother and father.. To this day I do not know. I think they are important enough for capitalization don't you think? =P You didn't bore me one bit with your review! It was great to see a review in full sentences *phew* Thanks again Lee!

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Review #24, by fred My Reflection

4th December 2005:
aaaw - how sad - but gud

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #25, by deb My Reflection

4th December 2005:
sad. but amazing

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