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Review #1, by EyeleeJay Love for Lunch

8th August 2013:
cute story. fairly well written.

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Review #2, by weluvjamesandcharlie Love for Lunch

11th November 2007:
That was really short and everything happened really fast. But it was good. The description was well done, i just think everything happened really fast, there was very little set up but i guess the set up kind of comes from the books. So good job.

Author's Response: to be honest i'm not a Ron Hermione fan... mostly because I'm not a Ron fan. hahaha but I randomly wrote this for a friend (and I recently re read it and realised how short it was... haha) so i wasn't writing an epic.

thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it

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Review #3, by tiffanylovesdan Love for Lunch

14th August 2006:
i'm not usally a fan of hermione and ron fics but this one's pretty good

Author's Response: I'm definately not a Ron/Hermione fan... in fact i think ron is my least fav. character! lol... i'm glad u liked this one though... it's short sweet and to the point! lol thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Algebra_Geek5 Love for Lunch

3rd January 2006:
It all happend a it was still great!!! Bravo! ~~Emma~~

Author's Response: yeah i know it was short, but i did it cause i was bored, and someone i know loves R/Hr stories... so that is the end product! thanks for the review! <3

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Review #5, by Demius Lupin Love for Lunch

2nd December 2005:
oooooooooooo so sweet!! I loved it!! Ever thinking of wrting a sequel to it! ~*~DL XxX

Author's Response: thanks for the review~ i'm glad you loved it, and about a sequel... i'll think about it, but R/Hr isn't really my forté! but i'll consider ^_^ thanks again!

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Review #6, by Xin Sabajo Love for Lunch

17th November 2005:
Very short. Very, very short. It was good, but extremely short. I did like it though.

Author's Response: yeah its my shortest story... i was just bored and i told my friend that i'd write a ron/hermione! thanks for the review ^_^

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Review #7, by CourtneyFaith Love for Lunch

28th July 2005:
~I love Hermione/Ron storys. This one is cute and simple. I LOVE it. Great Story.~

Author's Response: THANKS!! ^_^

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Review #8, by hplssrmntc313 Love for Lunch

11th July 2005:
aw! that was cute... peronally I prefer people getting killed or killing themselves.. but it's nice to read somthing sweet eveyonce in a while.

Author's Response: thanks! i know what you mean... there's just something about the whole depressed (Harry) and the moody-ness, that just makes you addicted... ^_^ My other stories are about sad killing/depressed type things, so i figured that a happy story would lighten the mood a bit! Thanks for the review! ^_<*

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Review #9, by Ida Love for Lunch

14th June 2005:
so i rewiew... it was short, odd and it went fast... but it wasn't bad... it was good... *goes and read you other stories wich are much better (you say)*

Author's Response: ya that one is pretty short, i only wrote it for a friend! i at least think that my other stories are better! lol, thanks for reviewing, it is much apriciated!!!!!!

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Review #10, by candy_shop Love for Lunch

13th June 2005:
ok.... ok... ok.... OK! but a bit short

Author's Response: glad it was OK! lol thanks for the review~

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Review #11, by futureJKR Love for Lunch

1st June 2005:
this is good.....random......but considering it only had like 637 words it was really good. my one-shot (What are Friends for?) has less words but it's not nearly as fluffy as yours. I LOVE FLUFF! oh yeah, why is this story capitilized? i see someone already asked you that but i'm going to as well in case you decide to answer the question because 2 people asked it. please excuse me, i'm on a sugar buzz right now and i should not be reviewing so late at night and i'm gonna shut up now. i liked this story!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!!! i'm on a buzz as i answer these (just got back from a concert in down town toronto) anyways, i screwed up and bold/underlined the whole thing instead of just the title! oops! oh well! i am glad that you liked it! i was just bored and decided to write! thanks again!

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Review #12, by GryfindorTally Love for Lunch

31st May 2005:
luv the story but y is it underlined

Author's Response: same as above (underlined/bold because of human error) glad that you enjoyed it! thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Best_Weasley Love for Lunch

31st May 2005:
Finally Courtney!!! A story for me!! lol jks. It was sooooooo good, I love Ron!! They better get together in the books or I'll die! This better actually happen! Hehehe it's sooooo cute! Thanks Courtney, I know you love me so you wrote this hehe. It's good, I love it! See ya later!!

Author's Response: lol thx maggie! i am glad you enjoyed the only story that i will ever write for you!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha, i think to improve it at the end Ron should spontaniously combust!!!lol jokes see you later

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