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Review #1, by tiffanylovesdan Falling into Darkness

14th August 2006:
it's pretty good it just seems like there sould be more to it, but hey kinda reminds me of that story "The Lady or The Tiger?"

Author's Response: Never heard of it... *shrugs* i'll check it out. This is (i think) the first one-shot i ever wrote... not my best work lol... thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by bee_lily Falling into Darkness

14th May 2006:
*a solitary tear rolls down my cheek* awww!!! "Harry looked around and saw so many that he had some to consider as family dead. They lay on the ground limp and cold." limp and cold! how horrid! ohohoh, that the son of my beloved james should have to go through this!!! and all because of that bastard tom riddle. goddamn all ppeople named tom!
oh wait. i TAKE THAT BACK!!! i love you, tom felton!!!

Author's Response: roflmao!!! nice... hey ... tom (riddle) isn't all bad ^_~... love the review! thx for reading!

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Review #3, by What Love Is Falling into Darkness

9th October 2005:
i liked the begining - how it starts on the actual battleground. i think a prequel would be good!

Author's Response: thanks for the suggestion! and for the review! ^_^

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Review #4, by andre_1403 Falling into Darkness

18th September 2005:
I loved it so much. And listening to the song while reading it only made it better... loved it!!

Author's Response: thanks so much for this review!! it means so much that there are still people out there that are reading my stories and taking the time to review!!! it means the world to me!! thnaks you! ^_^

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Review #5, by sabina Falling into Darkness

1st August 2005:
strange story. i didn't really get it? it's a bit boring for my likeing

Author's Response: umm... thanks for taking the time... i guess it's not for everyone.

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Review #6, by hplssrmntc313 Falling into Darkness

11th July 2005:
I was so close to crying.. I really liked that it was amazing! yay for darkness!

Author's Response: Indeed... HUZZAH for dark stories!!! thanks for all of your reviews... i'm shocked that you were close to crying... wow! that is really a huge compliment! thanks again! ^_^

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Review #7, by Rikita Craftley Falling into Darkness

22nd June 2005:
Damn.... That stinks. They all died. But at least Harry will be happy in death... It was really good and really sad. This fic is the kinda thing that doesn't make that damnable quote "A Moving Experience" totally cliche. It just makes it true...

Author's Response: wow! thank you! to be honest with you i read the first 3 words and was highly afronted, but then kept reading and well that was probably one of the nicest reviews that i have ever received. thanks again... *_*

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Review #8, by Shyness Falling into Darkness

21st June 2005:
It was really good, I've heard this song before and it also is sad. I love the little plot though.. It's sad, but great. You should write some more one-shot/song fics!! =)

Author's Response: Thanks!!! it's been SO LONG since someone has reviewed! so this means a lot!!! THANK YOU!!!! i also wrote " You won't get to see the tears i cry" and that's a one-shot/song fic.... although it is a harry/draco so if you don't like slash you may not like it... but there isn't any crazy slash... just the emotional stuff! *_* so cheack it out!!! thanks again!!!!!

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Review #9, by me Falling into Darkness

8th June 2005:

Author's Response: killed him would be the right thing to say there! and yes i did, because that is how i wanted it to go (though don't get me wrong i love harry, and wouldn't want him dead or anything) but for this story it had to be done.

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Review #10, by Denise Falling into Darkness

1st June 2005:
i also love that song

Author's Response:

Author's Response: oops! there is a blank reponse just ignore it~! yeah i know i love that song too!!!!!

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Review #11, by Denise Falling into Darkness

1st June 2005:
its so sad but i really like it

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like it!!!!!! thanks for reviewing

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Review #12, by hgluver Falling into Darkness

1st June 2005:
This was excellent! There are no words that can describe nearly how well this story was written! This was very good!

Author's Response: WOW that was sooooooo nice!!!! i just love this song because it means so many different things on different levels! i'm glad that people seem to enjoy what comes out of my somewhat "different" mind!!!! lol thanks for the review! bye

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Review #13, by Best_Weasley Falling into Darkness

30th May 2005:
Omg Courtney that was soooo good and sooo sad!! Stop making me cry!! Well cause of this story and what you call me!! I like GUYS (RON)... anyways, this is incredible, just this better not happen in the real book cause it's sooooo sad. I love it! More stories like this!! Byes

Author's Response: thanks maggie...ya this song when i listen to it makes me all sad, i jsut thought of harry... and had to wirte it! thanks again!

Author's Response: oh and you know you don't like boys... well you do but you enjoy females also ^_<* (don't worry i'm not actually insulting her... we're friends at school, and it's just this thing that we have! ^_^ lmao~ ^_<*)

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Review #14, by love4me Falling into Darkness

30th May 2005:
i loved it so much i had to write another review it was that good that you can't believe how good it was i think the choise of song made a huge impact

Author's Response: WOW thanks you...that song is just so sad, it really has such a huge impact if you listen to the words. Thank you for reviewing! it means a lot!

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Review #15, by love4me Falling into Darkness

30th May 2005:
loved it good job

Author's Response: Thanks, for both reviews!!!! i'm glad that you loved it! i wasn't really thinking anyone would relly go for it, but i had to write it because i tohught of it every itme that i heard the song. Thanks again!

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