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Review #1, by hermione919 You and Me in Paradise

23rd February 2014:
it was bloody great and nice.its the best dramione story ive ever read good job

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Review #2, by HarryPotterManiac You and Me in Paradise

27th March 2012:
Really great job and the whole story was very sweet!

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Review #3, by HarryPotterManiac A Time To Kill

25th March 2012:
I am so relived to find out that the spell didn't hit,Hermione but a palm tree. I knew that Draco would never do it. Extraordinary! Stupendous! Amazing! And if you don't know were I am going with this, really great job!
Even if the rating number only goes up to 10, I give you 1,000,000!

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Review #4, by Jess You and Me in Paradise

29th July 2011:

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Review #5, by PrincessLionHeart You and Me in Paradise

19th April 2011:
I think the ring should have had the pearl from the island in it, other than that the story wasss amazing... I really need to get around to writing one.

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Review #6, by gocnocturna You and Me in Paradise

21st March 2011:
aww. that was so cute. I loved it. Fantastic job!

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Review #7, by malfoydraco You and Me in Paradise

16th February 2011:
I love the story! it was really good! I'm glad I read it! It was very detailed. Nice job. Bye!

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Review #8, by malfoydraco The Plan

12th February 2011:
I'm a little over halfway and I've loved every minute of it! It's really good! Bye, till the end of the book.

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Review #9, by Azaelas You and Me in Paradise

8th December 2010:
OMG!!! I love this story. It almost made me cry! I swear the only other stories i cried about on this website were When Luna met Rolf and Protection. They had different pairings then yours. This makes your the best Draco/Hermione pairing in my eyes. I love it.

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Review #10, by Azaelas Bumping into the Enemy

8th December 2010:
Whose Kelsey you should really explain that.

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Review #11, by Hannah You and Me in Paradise

5th June 2010:
*gives standing ovation*
*sits back down*
*stands up again and gives another standing ovation*

OMG, I am bursting with happiness! I love x143,435,454 your story! I love stranded island type stories and Dramione and romance and turning good and waterfalls!!

I also like cupcakes, but I didn't see that nessacery to put in there.


I wish I could put 11/10.

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Review #12, by DarkForebiddenMalfoy You and Me in Paradise

12th August 2009:
omg! best story eva!!! i actually cried when i read this chapter! omg, cant wait for the sequel!!

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Review #13, by Isa_bell You and Me in Paradise

13th July 2009:
WOW! That was good! I liked the ending. Oh god! I can't believe Harry and Ron stripped dance. I just can't picture it. LOL!

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Review #14, by bernadette You and Me in Paradise

5th April 2009:
i absolutly loved this whole story... the begining, the middle and especially the end that is sooo romantic. =]
ive always seen hermione with draco.
oh you should write youre own book.
like publish this
ohoh i love it i wish you had higher ratings
i rate this an 100/10
i love it

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Review #15, by benii There's Still Someone & Graduation Day

5th April 2009:
i love this story... you should be a writter,. ;p

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Review #16, by bjay Nothing Matters Anymore

5th April 2009:
oh thats so frikin sad...

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Review #17, by bjsy The Talk

5th April 2009:
oh ii love it sooo much..

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Review #18, by intriguing_pumpkin Unknown Secrets of Their Lives

3rd October 2008:
this story is very good :)
its really cute.
thoughh i have one question, why dont they apparate from the island?

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Review #19, by Ellaoptimistic You and Me in Paradise

10th May 2008:
Oh my gosh. I had decided to reread all my favorite Dramione Fanfictions, this is my second read. I can't can't believe I started crying at the end! It was that freakin good. I love it.

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Review #20, by groteskq_fatality You and Me in Paradise

24th March 2008:
aw so cute.
ah stupid justin.haha,
but twas amazing!

shall go read teh sequel! :]

great job!

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Review #21, by dolce&gabbana Early Assignment

24th January 2008:
i reli lyk wer dis storie iz goin

wil dey end up lykin each other or not?

kep ritin itz reli good!!
luv always shaz

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Review #22, by dannitee You and Me in Paradise

5th December 2007:
sorry i didn't review any other chappters, i was so into it, i didn't wanna stop lol. this story was amazing. my absolute favorite! : ]

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Review #23, by tamaramaks The Plan

11th November 2007:
short but sweet.

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Review #24, by Tamaramaks The Corpse and Unsure Feelings

11th November 2007:
Woah! Nice description well actually bad but you could clearly vision it so it was a good/bag description hopefully you know what I mean. 10\10

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Review #25, by tamaramaks Early Assignment

10th November 2007:
you obviously like mini skirts and spaghetti straps. Cool Story =)

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