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Review #1, by HPizmalife Chapter 2 Weasley Family Destroyed

7th August 2011:
...I dunno, I'm not so sure I like this "evil Harry"... Very... original... though. :)

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Review #2, by Artemis Chapter 2 Weasley Family Destroyed

10th February 2006:
I like it! nay, LOVE it! Harry makes a good evil person! The only part I didn'y like was when he raped his aunt! UGH...incest is disgusting! You should have not put that part in but if you insist in doing so why did it have to be his AUNT! DISGUSTIONG! I liked the part when he pumped Ron full of bullets and then shot him in the head! He makes an awesome evil person! You should make him even eviler!

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Review #3, by Ash Pendragon Chapter 2 Weasley Family Destroyed

17th November 2005:
great chap cant wait for the next one

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Review #4, by Kass Chapter 2 Weasley Family Destroyed

7th July 2005:
I like it. update soon!

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Review #5, by who am i? Attack On Privit Drive

29th May 2005:
At last! A story of Harry going evil please finish!

Author's Response: i am planning on it just haven't had time to do much writing. thank you for the reviews!

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Review #6, by Miguel Attack On Privit Drive

29th May 2005:
Different, but very well done. Update soon and make the chapters longer. Please and thank you.

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Review #7, by TinyKeegs Attack On Privit Drive

28th May 2005:
Erm... that was... well, it's an interesting concept, but it needs serious editing. There were too many grammatical mistakes, and it didn't make sense half the time. So, if you can find someone to proofread or beta it, it could be a good story...

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