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Review #1, by jess If Time Was On Our Side

3rd December 2007:
aww, this was so sad, ninners.
but i absolutely LOVED IT!
love you millions!

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Review #2, by Inspiredphoenix If Time Was On Our Side

5th January 2006:
This is very good, very sad. I really liked the description of Mrs. Weasley. I can just picture her just sitting there, unable to really quite carry on. Well done *claps loudly*

Author's Response: Why thank you dear =D I'm very glad you liked it.

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Review #3, by mrsronweasley If Time Was On Our Side

10th December 2005:
Another emotionla fic. Another almost tear bringing tale.I really have nothin to say about it except that there were a few typos. Great job(sounds like a normal review doesn't it? But I really have nothing to say.)

Author's Response: Thank you, I shall have a look for those typo's and change them.

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Review #4, by xobebeox If Time Was On Our Side

8th December 2005:
That was such a touching story. You did an amazing job showing Ron's emotions, especially. I only have a tad of advice. Try adding more description, and slowing the pace a little. I felt like it raced through, and maybe a little more description of what the characters were feeling, like anger, or real pain, might be good. It was a very good story, and I hope that you continue to write as you obviously have a lot of potential.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the encouragement and the comments, I shall take them in to consideration, I may even do a slight re-write of this at some point... If I have time =D Thanks again.

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Review #5, by Scarhead (too lazy to sign in) If Time Was On Our Side

3rd December 2005:
Nina, That was just beautiful! So sad, I have tears in my eyes as I write this!! Absolutely lovely!

Author's Response: Why, thank you Angie my dear. I appricate it. :hands tissue so you can dry your eyes:

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Review #6, by Jaydah If Time Was On Our Side

30th November 2005:
Oh.. That was sad! Another sad Ron/Ginny fic! The song worked perfectly with the fic and you incorporated it in all the right places. Great job on this fic. It was really touching. =)

Author's Response: LOL, ideas for sadfics about Ron and Ginny just seem to come easily to me ... I'm not sure why. But the song I used is a favourite of mine, it is so beautiful and one day I sat at my computer and churned out this whole one-shot in about 2 hours. I'm glad you liked it and thank you for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Angel of Grief If Time Was On Our Side

5th October 2005:
Great story! Your style of writing is really very fluent! I loved it. Especially the ending: as strange as it may seem, this is the first time i have read something that contains Ron and Hermione's daughter... Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you =D I'm really glad you loved it =D I'm surprised that this is the 1st time you've read something involving a daughter for Ron and Hermione, there are loads of brillliant ones on here =D thanks again for the review and I'm so happy you loved it

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Review #8, by Sam M (not logged in...) If Time Was On Our Side

16th September 2005:
I usually don't read songfics, but this one is really good. Nice job! And read my stories, lol. I mean, if you are bored sometime ;) Great job, though! ~ Sam M

Author's Response: Wow thanks..... your so sweet =D Glad you liked it. Course I'll read your stories ... shall do it as soon as i get time. Love and hugs Nina xx

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Review #9, by vikehi If Time Was On Our Side

11th September 2005:
God, the second one I read is as depressing as the first. Oy, are you trying to make me cry?

Author's Response: Well maybe.... didn't you cry? lol j/k .... I wasn't going to put this one on here coz I didn't mean to write it ... I just kinda did - I was dealing with some stuff and it just wrote itself .... sorry for the depressingness but there is a happy ending to it ... sorta ..... you never said wherter or not you liked it though....

I'm writting a new one-shot, did you see the banner on my authors page? Its a happy one I promise =D and it should be done soon ..... there ya go something to make you smile lol

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Review #10, by andre_1403 If Time Was On Our Side

1st September 2005:
OMG Nina that was amazing!! I loved it! *adds to favorites* It's so well written, I just couldn't get my eyes off it. You almost made me cry. I love this story. Hey, I haven't seen you around my story... LoL I'm sorry it's just that I miss all your great reviews! And also, I've posted two new stories you might like to check out. Anyways, AWESOME story, really, awesome.

Author's Response: WOW thank you so much dearie ::hands over many many many cookies:: I'm so glad you liked it ... and enough to put it in your favourites - I feel honoured =D I only almost made you cry, well then I guess I'm going to have to try harder next time Mwahahahaha *cough* sorry I don't know where on earth that came from. LOL. Sorry I haven't reviewed your new chapter yet ..... I've been meaning to - in fact I shall go do it now ::skips of to read chapter 8::

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Review #11, by Rozanne If Time Was On Our Side

18th August 2005:
Oh sad. What a total tear-jerker. My tears made my Smarties all soggy. V good, though... -Roz

Author's Response: Why thank you =D I'm really glad you liked it!! Aww I hope your Smarties didnt get ruined =D ::hands tissue so you can dry your eyes:: Thanks for reviewing =D

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Review #12, by KimMalfoy If Time Was On Our Side

11th August 2005:
I meant to review yesterday, but I was too busy making banners :P lol. But now I'm back and I read the story again! It's lovely! Sad but lovely! I have tears in my eyes right now. Beautiful. I love the way you write.

Author's Response: Aww thank you huny ... your so sweet =D ::hands you a tissue to wipe away tears:: you are too kind *blushes* see look what your doing to me ... my face almost matches my red hair lolness

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Review #13, by Chloe If Time Was On Our Side

10th August 2005:
That was so sad, I had tears in my eyes!! Great one-shot

Author's Response: ::hands tissue so you can wipe your eyes:: thank you missy. that is very kind =D

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Review #14, by Megan If Time Was On Our Side

10th August 2005:
wow, I loved it

Author's Response: Thank you =D

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Review #15, by KK Duke If Time Was On Our Side

9th August 2005:
I don't know the song but I enjoyed reading what you wrote.

Author's Response: Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it =D I've loved the song for ages ... its beautiful - if you ever come across it you should definately listen to it!

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Review #16, by The Da Vinci Dutchess If Time Was On Our Side

7th August 2005:
This is a wonderful storieBut you made one misstake. Ron is only one year older then Ginny. If he is 19 than she is 18 and already out of school. Unles she stayed to be the reff. but Madam Hooch would still be there. Or it was nearly the end of her 7th year and it has been her birthday already. that would explain the fact that ginnys' school friends were there at the funeral. or they had the funeral after school ended.

Author's Response: Thanks. It was the end of her 7th year ... so Ron had turned 19 in the March but it was before August so Ginny hadn't turned 18 yet. Also I'm working on the theory that Dumbledore was compassionate enough to let her friends out of school for a day so they could pay their respects. Thanks for taking the time to review =D I really appreciate reviews.

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Review #17, by TakeMeAway If Time Was On Our Side

6th August 2005:
Great story, you have lots of talent and potential as an author! Carry on writing! Plz r/r my fic, thanx!

Author's Response: Thank you soooo much I'm glad you liked it =D and I'll be sure to check out your story =D

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Review #18, by DiaMoNdSnDpEaRLz If Time Was On Our Side

6th July 2005:
This was really good. Even tjough I've never heard this song before, I like it. This story would be a big help to people that have lost someone in their life. It's like telling them to move on, and even though you miss someone, everything will be alright. Great job. ~Alex

Author's Response: Hey there thanks so much =D That is kinda what this story was for. Just before I wrote this there was a really bad crash near my house and a 12-year-old girl died ... I know her brother - we are friends. I was sat down one day and picked up my laptop and wrote this. The song really is an amazing song I've loved it for years if you ever get the chance to listen to it you definately should. Thanks again *Nina*

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Review #19, by charLio If Time Was On Our Side

29th June 2005:
god, nina..... u like killin these ppl off..... i thought u like them? lol

Author's Response: I do like them but it is just sooooo much fun to kill them off lol. Nah i was writting this after that bus accident that happened by my house... I didnt actually mean to write the stroy I jus kinda did and I was listening to the song at the time (thats why its in there) and I thought it seemed good when I read it back over so I would post it =D tank ye again

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Review #20, by The Satin Angel If Time Was On Our Side

13th June 2005:
Wow. This was really good. The song you chose for it was perfect. I hate it when I read a songfic and it feels like the song was just chosen randomly and doesn't fit at all. That wasn't the case here at all. You did a beautiful job with combining the lyrics of the song with the plot of the story. Keep up the great work! P.S. Thanks for reviewing "Forever" and "The Things I Do"!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I really appriciate your kind review. ::blushes:: it review really made me smile =D. And on the subject of reviewing your stories it was no problem I really enjoyed your work and I will probably read the rest when I get a bit of time =D. Thanks again for the review *Nina*

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Review #21, by Peaches and Pie If Time Was On Our Side

10th June 2005:
Usually writing does help people through grief. That's how I learned to work through a lot of mine.

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the r&r. I was surprised how much this did help me. *Nina*

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Review #22, by hermioneatheart If Time Was On Our Side

7th June 2005:
I'm not crying, I swear! My eyes are just watering. Seriously, tho, that was so sad.

Author's Response: ::hands tissue so you can wipe your eyes:: thanks for the review. Glad you liked it =D *Nina*

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Review #23, by Prongs86 If Time Was On Our Side

7th June 2005:
It was so sad! I almost cried. and if you hadnt noticed i finally got my name working on here. Yay! So now you can go back to reviewing on here just as soon as i get the rest of sparkles up and the next chapter of angels typed and posted.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked it. Oh and YAY on the getting your name working ::does happy dance:: and I will review them again just coz its you lol =D lol *Nina*

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Review #24, by Dragon Girl If Time Was On Our Side

6th June 2005:
Wow u r a really really gifted writer this is so well written its unbelievavle. The only suggestion I would make is that it might have been more effective if it was voldermort that killed her rather than a game.

Author's Response: Why thank you ::blushes:: when I wrote this I was not really intending to actually write a story I was still feeling the shock of a bus crash that killed a young girl from my villiage (I know her older brother) and I randomly picked up my laptop and started typing, I was also listening to the song at the time (thats why its in there) the reason she died like she did was because I was trying to get the point that things can still happen even when you assume you are safe. Thanks for the Review =D *Nina*

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Review #25, by Jennybean If Time Was On Our Side

3rd June 2005:
oh my gosh, that was soooo sad. you wrote that so well and the song was perfect for the plot line. haha i hate being a girl and being emotional! great job with the writing :)

Author's Response: Why thank you Jen I'm very glad that you like it =D I have always loved this song and it always makes me all teary when I listen to it - I don't mind being an emotional girly can be fun sometimes. *Nina*

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