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Review #1, by Vittorio Tragedy

24th January 2011:
Fantastic!!! I like it so much!
How can I connect with author?

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Review #2, by tinkerbellfairy13 Tragedy

10th August 2007:
This story is really sad! I probably cried Niagra Falls before this story was over.

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Review #3, by Utopia anonymous Tragedy

15th May 2007:
Such tragedy, such quality writing.

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Review #4, by FrogsofChocolate Tragedy

14th April 2007:
Ooooh! A Viktor/Hermione fic! These are rather hard to find! ^.^

Just to warn you, I write my reviews as I read the story so this review may seem a bit random. ^.^'

Well darn. Viktor's dead. :'-(

With one trembling hand, he rolled up his baggy sleeve, revealing a scene out of one of Hermione’s worst nightmares: A horrible mark…a skull…and a snake…

Oh, how horrible. The scene is all the more heartbreaking because of him asking for her forgiveness as he is showing her the mark.

“How do you know that?” he yelled back, his eyes burning intensely. “You vere not there! He did not hold you under his fiery gaze…his hatred did not fill your soul and your heart! You cannot say vhat you vould haff done unless you had done it!”

Viktor brings up an interesting point. It is easy for Hermione to say that she would have refused and died, but who knows what really would have happened had she been in that sort of situation? Poor Viktor. :-( (I have a feeling I'll be writing 'Poor _ ' a lot throughout this oneshot, lol.)

Until this very night, that was the last time she had seen him.

It's unfortunate that there was so much wasted time where she could have been with him if she had chosen to support him instead of judge him. :-(

Wow, I'm close to tears already. You should feel honored. :-P

She could not understand why she wanted Viktor to be safe. After all, he had betrayed her.

Because you care for him you dolt! Geez, I thought Hermione was smart. ;-)

Aw, Viktor's words are rather poetic.

She opened her mouth to tell him so, to tell him that her heart was not ruined. To tell him that she would go to the ends of the earth with him — her self-deterioration over the past six months had proven that well.

Aw... oh no, this is the part where he dies, isn't it?

Agh! Darn it. Snape! Hermione! Viktor! Gr. What a huge misunderstanding!

Wow, that really was tragic, wasn't it?

Nice oneshot!

(Thanks for reviewing my story by the way. Seeing how good your writing is makes me feel even more flattered by you liking my story. ^.^)

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Review #5, by Pretty Purple Pelican Tragedy

5th December 2006:
Wow. Just--wow. That was truly powerful, and it wasn't anything like I was expecting. Fabulous job. You've got everything in there. I loved it.

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Review #6, by luckistars Tragedy

6th September 2006:
Oh my!!! This was such a well written story, and I'm not usually into the whole Viktor/Hermione thing!!! I actually found your story on the forums, and I must say I loved this!!! It was so sad, and melancholy. What a turn of events.

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Review #7, by imcute410 Tragedy

23rd June 2006:
I love your story!! It's gr8!!!!!!!!!! When is the next story?

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Review #8, by firefawn (so not signed in) Tragedy

7th December 2005:
Wow...Just wow... This was an unbelievably heatwrenching one-shot. I can't praise how well you captured her emotions, and how well you pulled the reader in so quickly, enough. All I can say is that as soon as I am logged in this will be going in my favorite stories bin and you on my favorite authors list. I'm off now to check out the other things you have written (well I hope that you have written, because then I'll have what I am sure are bound to be glorious things to read). :)

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Review #9, by stargazer Tragedy

27th November 2005:
Nooo hes dead? Poor Hermione. I don't really know what to say to this, just, wow. It was really amazing. That was so sad though, but I really enjoyed it. Good job on the challenge. *Stargazer*

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Review #10, by dansgirl88 Tragedy

12th November 2005:
omg that was so intense... loved it

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Review #11, by 62442almystery Tragedy

9th October 2005:
my heart, a fluttering butterfly, beating its soft wings for you.” I absolutely loved that line. I enjoyed the story, but it was so sad. Good job with it, though, it's the first Hermione/Viktor one I've read.

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Review #12, by headintheclouds419 Tragedy

24th September 2005:
there should be more Hermione/Viktor stories but there arent. but i still love ur story

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Review #13, by daqu Tragedy

20th September 2005:
this is excellent. you should write a longer hermione/viktor fic because it's such a neat pairing and nobody writes it :(

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I've really been thinking about a longer Viktor/Hermione. It's a wonderful pairing that doesn't have a very big fan base. I can't find a single other Vikor/Hermione story, which is sad. I'm crazy about them as a couple! Anyway, thanks again for the kind review!

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Review #14, by headintheclouds419 Tragedy

28th August 2005:
awwww thats soo sad, i love the story tho.

Author's Response: Thank you! Sadness was the reaction I was aiming for actually, so I'm glad it evoked that emotion within you. Thank you very much for reading! :-D

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Review #15, by kels Tragedy

2nd August 2005:
i know if hermione and ron wornt supposed to end up then i would soooo want hermione and krum to end up.......and hey if u dont want to make another hermione krum fanfic, then u should make one for me....if u get what i yeahi dont care if its long about another one would be kool!!

Author's Response: I really do enjoy the ship Viktor/Hermione. Maybe it's because I"m half in love with Viktor, but...still. I've been thinking of doing another Viktor/Hermione, maybe an AU fic about what would have happened if she had visited him in Bulgaria over the summer after her fourth year. Of course, that would require research because I don't know a thing about Bulgaria...

Anyway. Yes, I'm thinking of doing another one, a multi-chapter story. Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing, and for your interest! ^__^

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Review #16, by kels Tragedy

26th July 2005:
please make another hermione and krum story PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author's Response: I'm really thinking about it. I don't know if I'd be able to make an entire novel-length fic, but I might be able to do another one-shot or a mini-fic with five or so chapters. I'm just so glad I've found someone else that's a Viktor/Hermione shipper! It's wonderful!

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Review #17, by angelriseng85 Tragedy

21st June 2005:
Leah, this one-shot gave me the chills


I'm absolutely blown away... Everyone was wonderfully IC, and the plot was dramatically heart-wrenching, yet still believable. Kudos on such a well-written one-shot! This is -definitely- going on my favorites.

~ Angel ~

Author's Response: Aww, thanks Angel! It's always nice to hear from you. I really support Viktor/Hermione, so I've been dying to write one. At first, I did not intend for it to be a tragedy -- I wanted to do something light and fluffy. Apparently, that changed. Thank you for much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by Draco Dormiens Tragedy

17th June 2005:
Wow, that was amazing! You kept your characters in canon perfectly! (Krum's speech was wonderful!). There really isn't much for me to say except bravo and well done. Also, congrats on your excellent tradegy fic!

Author's Response: Another person who approves of my Viktor portrayal. I'm very glad! It was very nice to hear from you. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by kels Tragedy

16th June 2005:
u should make another hermione/krum fic and make it longer. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I think I might do that, eventually. I've got a lot of stories going right now and I'm having trouble juggling them all right now. But I really enjoy writing Viktor/Hermione, so I'll definitely keep it in mind. I'm glad someone else is appreciate of this awesome ship! Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by Riddle Wood Lupin Tragedy

15th June 2005:
That was amazing. It was such an original idea! Though I have to admit, I wish Snape hadn't found them! ;) But in all honesty, having love conquer the fact that he had accidentally joined the dark side was awesome. I loved the line about death not being a choice. Brilliant.

-Riddle Wood Lupin

Author's Response: I'm glad you really liked this. I've never seen V/H fic before, and I really like their ship, so decided to go for it! I admit, it was sad having to kill off Snape, but it added for a bit of a plot twist -- that is, I was hoping people would that Hermione had killed Snape, and then find out otherwise. Whether or not that worked, no one has told me...

Thank you very much! I always appreciate reviews from you, Riddle Wood Lupin. ^__^ Thank you!!!!

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Review #21, by Sophia Montgomery Tragedy

15th June 2005:
Scary. Hermione's gone crazy. Good job on the challenge.

Author's Response: Hermione gone crazy...I suppose that's definitely one way to look at it. Then again, if I killed the love of my life (wherever he may be), I'd probably go crazy too. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the review!

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Review #22, by mashpotatobunny Tragedy

14th June 2005:
Wowers... That was depressing to read, but well-written, Leah-chan! For your first tragedy, it was pretty good! Keep up the good work! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you very much. My first tragedy...who knows if there will be more. As you've seen, I'm only okay at tragedy writing. I guess one can only improve with practice, though. Thanks, hun! I always love hearing from you!

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Review #23, by kels Tragedy

14th June 2005:
OMG!!!!!!!!!! this is really sad i started to sry. its soo cute and mean and sad.. i love it.(i dont know if that made scence) lol

Author's Response: No, it made total sense. Stories are allowed to be described by more than one adjective at a time. Thank you very much for the sweet review!

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Review #24, by HeleenWouden Tragedy

12th June 2005:
That was a very well written, unique story. Though it actually sent twinges of symphathy pain to the pit of my stomach, I suppose that's the prise I have to pay for a good tragedy. I adored your way with words, it's really quite unlike any style I've seen around here and that made this even more special - it's like something lingering on between Leroux's classics and the modern way of writing dialogues. I've really enjoyed it thoroughly, so thank you for writing it!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, thank you! It's very nice to hear that you enjoyed my story. I never considered my style to be anything out-of-the-ordinary, so your praise is very encouraging. You're very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely review!

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Review #25, by NightxWish Tragedy

12th June 2005:
Meep, that's sad. Whatever happens, I cannot cry. -sniff- But it's so tempting to do so, especially with a curious ending like that 'un. So very good.
Love ya lots,

Author's Response: Thank you, Marz! I'm glad you like this. I was not entirely pleased with the ending, but I wanted to leave it almost suspensefully, and I think I was succesful in doing that. Love ya! Thanks!

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