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Review #1, by Harry Potter Junkie Orphans

18th July 2016:
So this is my first time reviewing a story, ever. I did notice it has been a while since you updated your story, years it seems. But your story has been my favorite far none. It hurts me that I won't be able to finish the story! So if you have it in you, please finish it. You tell Sirius' story beautifully, and I was so engrossed in it. So, please update!

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Review #2, by marauders_xx Prologue

24th August 2012:
I love this introduction. You've already captured Sirius perfectly - showing his upbringing, the expectations he lives with but also the differences in the way he thinks. I thought the way you incorporated the contrast bewteen his uncle and his parents was wonderful. Really well done! :)

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Review #3, by Ida Orphans

9th June 2012:
Wow! This is amazing! Will you continue it any time soon?

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Review #4, by dluechilipepper Orphans

2nd October 2011:

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Review #5, by HartOfARebel Orphans

21st May 2011:
Huh, those 14 chapters went by very quickly! I know Sirius is only a boy and has had a very hard life but I still expected him to be more cocky..kinda like James..I find James not liking Lily right now funny..I hope you're planning on still pairing them together! (looks hopeful =P). Really good story though. Question, how old is Cat meant to be? Reg drinking at 10/11 is worrying =/ Look forward to seeing where this story goes =]

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Review #6, by HartOfARebel Carnivale

21st May 2011:
I presume it's an old family thing, that that's how Sirius and James already know each other..cos you did say Sirius is 10 right? Or did I miss read that? =/ hmmm
Anyway, are Sirius and Cat gonna get together? Or is this just how he learns to be compassionate, by being nice and taking care of her, protecting her from his family. I'm surprised they took her in considering she is a muggle, is it the whole gypsy thing that makes a difference? Like 'cause she seems to know about real wizards and witches..or at least isn't frightened by it..and why does she keep calling Sirius' uncle master?
Ok I'm gonna read on now, I'll probably get most of the answers to what I asked haha =]

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Review #7, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley Orphans

10th December 2010:
This is so incredibly well-written. It's a fantastic story, and I love the way you write, and I love your young Sirius. Cat's also fantastic! I can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #8, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Carnivale

16th October 2010:
Another great chapter!

Favorite line is the very last one.

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Review #9, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 Prologue

16th October 2010:
Amazing start to what I'm sure is bound to be a great story!:)

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Review #10, by LinhV Prologue

31st March 2010:
I love the way the story is introduced,
and the character of Sirius,
good, serious and a fair person.

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Review #11, by Quazie89 Orphans

16th March 2010:
What? That's it? You do plan on writing the rest of the story, right? I would like to read the rest of it. I hope Sirius' uncle is all right. Please, continue!

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Review #12, by Kelly1318 Orphans

20th September 2009:
omg i absolutely love this story, I'm a HUGE Sirius fan. Are you planning on finishing it or are you going to abandon it? I'm dying to know.

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Review #13, by spangles The Sorting

26th May 2009:
That was breath taking.and quite scary. I've never read a Sirius fic before but I'm very excited to read yours, Sirius is a little more into the pureblood stuff (in a way) than I would of thought him to be but you're doing an excellent job!! 11/10!!

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Review #14, by Nancy Orphans

18th April 2008:
Wow. Your story about Sirius makes so much sense and explain a lot of his personality. Being beaten by the Slytherins after his sorting was a fabulous reality that I don't think any of us thought of. It also seems very likely that the Slytherins would consider him a traitor and the Gryffindors would consider him a spy.
I am still a little confused about the role Cat is playing, but intrigued none the less.
I look forward to future updates of this story. Thanks for writing it.

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Review #15, by AndrinaBlack Alone with the Gryffindor

16th April 2008:
This is a really deep chapter in a way as they talk about so deep topics. I like it that you sometimes have a bit of those lighter topics between these deep and intense ones. I like how both Cat and Sirius are kind of protecting each other and seeming wiser than the other at times. Actually I might like more the fact that both sometimes seem like the younger one in comparison to each other (and sometimes to other people). It makes them seem younger, as they sometimes seem a bit old for their ages.

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Review #16, by AndrinaBlack Nargles anyone?

8th April 2008:
It's so long ago I started reading this story and why it has taken me so long to come back is beyond me. I guess I have to start from the beginning when I get to the end to really remember how it started. Now all the Sirius/Lily love/hate during april fools made me remember to come back to your page. And then I come right before going to sleep so I have to continue later again... But to the story, which I was happy to be reading again. :)

I'm so jealous of your descriptions! Like the first paragraph. It's so effortless and easy somehow but still it has a lot of description in it and you really get the feel of the place. Sometimes descriptions are overdone and seem forced, but not yours.

You seem to like to write Narcissa as well and you do that well too. You show her different sides, making her both nice and purebloodishly stuck up. Her words in this chapter actually make the pureblood way of looking at things somewhat understandable.

Ooh! I loved that fluffy, funny, cute little nargle insident!


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Review #17, by ArabellaPotter Carnivale

22nd January 2008:
Very good. I like the relationship between Sirius and His uncle.

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Review #18, by ArabellaPotter Prologue

22nd January 2008:
Very Good, I can't wait to read more.

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Review #19, by Blissbug Origins of Padfoot

14th January 2008:
Oh my gosh, good chapter. I don't have much extra time these days but each time I've come back to your work, I'm more amazed than the last. I love this tale, thanks for writing it!

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Review #20, by Blissbug Nargles anyone?

11th January 2008:
This was a great chapter, I laughed and loved the glimpses into the strange family of Black. Really good!

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Review #21, by Blissbug Hogwarts: Semester One

11th January 2008:
I've always wondered about the boys when they were young, not just teens, and the way you put them together, the chemestry you've created between them and Lily, its truly creative and entertaining.

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Review #22, by Blissbug The Sorting

11th January 2008:
Oh my gosh, you shouldn't have been worried about this chapter, its excellent. You have a real talent for building the tension without it being obvious, and the way you characterize through dialogue, its refreshing!

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Review #23, by Blissbug Lost Freedom

11th January 2008:
You're story moves so nicely, and I love how you manage to keep the balance between the kid Serius and the adult Serius. Looking forward to reading more :)

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Review #24, by Fallingstar Orphans

27th October 2007:

Hardly anyone shows this part of Sirius, but you seem to have done a fantastic job on it. I love the way you show how he feels, and how Sirius seems to be feeling more than we give him credit for.

Looking forward to read the rest of this story.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #25, by Bears Kitty Orphans

19th October 2007:
good story i hope to read more soon keep up the good work i am off to read more of your work

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