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Review #1, by Yemi Hikari Prologue - History, It's All About History

25th July 2011:
I am adding this story to my favorites, despite the fact it is listed as ABANDONED and it has obvious flaws to it. The honest truth is, it is well written and most HP/LotR crossovers I have read have Harry Potter being the grandson of Elrond and being allowed to be an elf, despite the fact he has less then half his blood be elven.

I am going to assume that you aren't up on your Tolkien lore, because there is the fact that it was made very clear, Sauraun can not reincarnate and such. He may be able to possess I guess, but when the one ring was destroyed, he was gone for good.

The other problem with the fanfic is that it is honestly OC heavy. I read your responce to some of the other reviews, and the fanfic happening thirty years in the future and HP, the main character of the series not being able to defeat him honestly doesn't make much sense. That said, they also lean towards being Mary Sues.

I still like it because it is well written when it comes to prose and thought was put into it, despite being flawed.

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Review #2, by Yemi Hikari Prologue

25th July 2011:
I am not sure whether to say this is good, or this is bad. The prophesy poem leaves me wanting more, but it also leaves me wondering if I am going to be seeing quite a bit of Mary Sue issues. Well written poem though.

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Review #3, by king1367 Prologue - History, It's All About History

6th February 2004:
WOW!!!! This is great. I t is beautifully written. I cannot wait for the author to post more.

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Review #4, by WhiteFerretsRok Prologue

17th September 2003:
woooow. nice poem thingy. looks good. but im a weeee bit confoosered. are ALL the Four girls? cuz in: The last one will be a pure-blood Slytherin claims her Her father embraces the darkness, while she fights it Will she cave to her father? Or stand for herself? ~it seems like malfoy, but u keep sayion HER and SHE

Author's Response: yes all the Four are girls, the slytherin's father is a DE, and she hates him for it. it can't be draco cuz this is set almost 30 yrs after they all graduate.

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Review #5, by Rayya Prologue

30th April 2003:
OMG! That was brilliant. I can\'t wait to read more! Well I know who one is and I think I have an idea who another is. I\'ll have to PM you in case I\'m wrong. Thanks for reviewing For Whom The Bell Tolls. Rayya.

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Review #6, by Willow Prologue

23rd April 2003:
Interesting to see where you are going with this

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