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Review #1, by Amy Meeting The Family

20th December 2005:
Please update soon.I LOVE THE STORY.

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Review #2, by OceanEyes Meeting The Family

17th December 2005:
OOOOOOO!!! SIRIUS IS ALIVE!!! YAY!! Sorry! hehe I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #3, by britann011 Visitation Confrontation

28th November 2005:
I LURVE IT!!!!!! I LURVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol thanks... i updated check it out ;)

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Review #4, by Jessi Mohn Spilled Secrets

17th November 2005:
This is an awesome story!!! Please please please put up the next chapter!!!!!

Author's Response: i put up the next chapter check it out ;)

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Review #5, by harrysluvr314 Spilled Secrets

26th July 2005:
this an awesome story but u need to hurry up and get the rest of the chapters in this a major cliffhnger and u r being cruel

Author's Response: its updated check it out ;)

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Review #6, by samantha lecates Spilled Secrets

25th July 2005:
please make a new one its really a kewl story

Author's Response: i made a new one check it out

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Review #7, by OceanEyes Spilled Secrets

15th July 2005:
OMG! OMG! O. M . F. G.sirius is alive?well I didn't see that one coming! YAY! sorry I'm over exited about everything today! HBP is coming out! YAY!!! *does happy dance* ~*~OceanEyes~*~

Author's Response: its updated. check it out ;)

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Review #8, by MischieFxxManaged2345 Spilled Secrets

15th July 2005:
update update update!!!

Author's Response: i did update... check it out ;)

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Review #9, by scotland312 Candlelit Conversations

26th June 2005:
major cliffhanger...that was

Author's Response: lol... it gets better... trust me... i would know... but it wont be getting any better for another 2 weeks... sorry

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Review #10, by MischieFxxManaged2345 Candlelit Conversations

20th June 2005:
black and potter reunited! great story i am so adding u to my favorites! update update update!

Author's Response: thanks for the review... most people dont... it makes me wonder whats wrong with people these days... lol jk... but yea... im afraid i wont be able to update for a couple weeks... i left my notebook at my house when i went to my moms to visit... so yea... sorry... email me sometime and well talk..., or even if you have messenger for either you can add me to your list and maybe ill "accidently" slip what im planning for the story ;) lol... hopefully ill ttyl! XoXo LynnDee

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Review #11, by harryfan Candlelit Conversations

13th June 2005:
oh this story sucks..... NOT its great I can't wait till you post more its excellent. Post soon please.

Author's Response: thanks for the nice review... im working on putting more up dont worry lol... well... be on the look out for more chapters... and if you have time... feel free to read my second story "Sorted Affairs" and tell me what you think TaTa LynnDee

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Review #12, by OceanEyes Candlelit Conversations

10th June 2005:
OMG................Wow! He's her dad....Wow! This is a GREAT story! Keep it up!

Author's Response: thanks for the review... not many people would thought it was Sirius... they all thought it was Voldemort actually lol... but yea... im going to be starting a new story soon so be on the look out LynnDee

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Review #13, by hogwartsangel Visitation Confrontation

2nd June 2005:
I LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! write the next chapter FAST

Author's Response: Im almost done with it lol... patience is a virtue you know lol TaTa LynnDee

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Review #14, by nomikkin In The Beginning

1st June 2005:
i was only able to read a lil bit, like half b/c i have a huge project due tomorrow, but from what i read, there's a few grammatical errors and confusion with tenses. i dunno, it seemed a little choppy and i couldn't quite grasp what was going on. but so far, i want to know who her father is and what happens(yet i can only guess . . . Voldemort, right?) okay, i g2g. but i'll try to read the rest later. much love! ;) ~nomikkin

Author's Response: if you think its Voldemort... youll be very surprised to find out who it really is... and thats all im gonna say on that subject... and thank you for the constructive criticism... ill try and work on it TaTa LynnDee

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Review #15, by OceanEyes Visitation Confrontation

31st May 2005:
Hey! I really like your story! Please keep it up! Can't wait for your next chapter ~*~Aoife~*~ ( Pronounce eefa I'm Irish, you might know that already but as I have found out not many peaopl on this site know it!)

Author's Response: thnx! your the second person to review!! lol... but yea... if you have a story ill check it out and review for you!! tata LynnDee

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Review #16, by Julie Visitation Confrontation

31st May 2005:
See here is review! and not even close to the worse stories i ever read so dont worry be happy! keep up the good work! Smile :)

Author's Response: thnx! you dont know what it means to have a nice review lol... well... a review at all... your the only one reviewing... but oh well... ones better than nothing right?

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Review #17, by Julie In The Beginning

27th May 2005:
A well written story. Original storyline and there is actually a plot which is an amazing accomplishment. Now i will just have to wait and read the next chapter. Good luck with your writing!

Author's Response: thnx for the nice review! i actually have up to halfway thru chapter 5 written in my notebook. And im starting a new story also

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