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Review #1, by Order Lucky You

6th August 2006:
Great story again. I have to say this is unique in style. Thanks for the great story.

Author's Response: If there's anything about the story I hoped would stick out it would be the style. It took some work. Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Evileye Lucky You

14th February 2006:
I like this a lot. It realistically (as far as I know) describes the sequence following a death.

Author's Response: The post-death experience was one I was hoping to capture in this. Glad you liked it.

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Review #3, by hpfanatic7 Lucky You

29th January 2006:
This was fantastic. My only thought is that I'm pretty sure Luna is in the same year as the trio. If that's how nit-picky I'm getting, this has to be well done and great...and it was! Great job. I love the p.o.v. and I think you kept to all of the characters amazingly well. Awesome!

Author's Response: Luna is in Ginny's year. The POV was the trickiest part - I'm happy that it was well-received, and the fact that the characters were good is even better. I think I just might do this again a little later on now that I've got a bit more under my belt.

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Review #4, by Valerie Lucky You

24th December 2005:
Loved the story! It was REALLY GOOD NO LIE!

Author's Response: No lie? Sweet.

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Review #5, by Trainee Auror Lucky You

21st November 2005:
The way you did it, Bowles, it was as if you had experience in the relationship business, and in the Harry/Hermione shipping business (but of course). That was all you needed for a second-person fic like that, but you went to do some more, like Ginny and Dean Thomas, Ron drinking firewhiskey-laced punch, and the Torchbearer using that famous 'Spiderman' line, or something to that effect. It was so sweet!

Author's Response: Yeah, I guess I've been around H/Hr for a little while. *innocent glance* Thanks!

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Review #6, by fate48 Lucky You

17th November 2005:
it's wayyy long. not bad. But a little out of track. I can't imagine the cutiepie, Ron, drunk. Wheeee. Good job though.

Author's Response: It was kind of out of track, but the point was to bring it all crashing together. You can't see Ron drunk? I sure can.

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Review #7, by laughable_black_storm Lucky You

29th August 2005:
Well, I clicked on the wrong story and ended up reading this one first, so I reviewed it. It was so emotional, I was in tears at the end. Magnificent, I can't wait to read your other story.

Author's Response: Thanks... really, it's all right if you review two of my stories. *whistles innocently*

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Review #8, by Entropy Lucky You

27th August 2005:
I really liked how this was written. At first some things seemed kind of pointless, but it really came together nicely in the end. I especially like Hermione's comment about the sunset. I would title this story "Luck", because in the beginning it's more about bad luck, and then it changes. Of course, that is your choice as the author.

Author's Response: "Luck" would've worked, too, but I was going for a bit of sarcasm - you know, "Lucky you." But I actually wanted that sarcasm to prove true. Thanks for the review... and I'm glad I brought it together like I'd hoped!

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Review #9, by McFlyRule Lucky You

25th August 2005:
Thank You.

Author's Response: No problem. I'm going to start on a new project in about a month or so, and it'll have a good deal of OC's. But watch out - the staff might see this as chat in a review. Though you're actually asking about stories, so I'm not going to turn you in or anything, and I hope they'll let it by. If you want to send me an e-mail (which I think should be on my author page... if not it's then that would be great. I'm glad you enjoyed my story so much!

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Review #10, by McFlyRule Lucky You

19th August 2005:
Question: Are you Jembodawg? Coz if u are, why didn't you continue with the Knights of the order, that was such a good fic. It was my favourite and I wwanted to find out what happened to Chris.

Author's Response: We're the one and the same, yes. Don't worry... I might just throw in a Chris reference in a later fic for you.

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Review #11, by Squidward Lucky You

29th June 2005:
Harry and Hermione is my favorite ship. I loved how you pulled this off man. Oh and that story about you and the giant squid was too funny. You should write more stories like that. SASLJCS

Author's Response: H/Hr's my favorite HP ship. Can ya tell? *wink*

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Review #12, by KT Lucky You

21st June 2005:
you used 'You' way too many times...other than that pertie good

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, but honestly it's kind of hard to write a second person fic and not use 'you' a lot. Thanks for the input.

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Review #13, by icy_cool_hermione Lucky You

20th June 2005:
Whoa, that was long. But for some reason, it flowed quite smoothly and I didn't even realise that I had reached the end...hmph, I'm not making any sense, but oh well. Before I scream at you for *cough*H/Hr*cough*, I'll comment on the actual story. Kudos on pulling off a second-person story; it's the first I've ever read, and I've never written any before, but you did a great job. Secondly, loved the Spiderman quote in there, lol. Third, good job on an original plot. Lastly, I'm so glad you didn't just exclude Ron completely...him getting drunk was a great way to move the story along without him. Oh wait, finally, I liked Dean/Ginny in there. But now...*Aargh, pumpkin pie! I dislike pumpkin pie!!!!!* whew....*takes in deep breath* Okay, fine. I admit it, I totally am against pumpkin pie, but I liked this one-shot. Even if it was H/Hr and doesn't seem to matter. So glad that you didn't have too much more of H/Hr though, because I would've been stuffed full of pumpkin pie...this amount is perfectly fine though=) Sorry for this really sketchy, crappy review that really doesn't comment on much, but well done on this one-shot, I enjoyed it. *cough*despite a certain type of food in there*cough*

Author's Response: It took me quite a while to finish it, although I was surprised when I had finished it all of a sudden. I think I was convinced it was going to keep going. And thanks for the review.... although you seem to dislike my favorite type of pie...

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Review #14, by Fearles Pheonix Lucky You

19th June 2005:
My dear friend JD. This was some good stuff. other than the line "You trust her completely" I thought this was a great story. Even with the pairing that will never happen in the books. I enjoyed the party and I'm glad you didn't have Harry and Hermione Snogging eachother at the end of the fic. Good stuff

Author's Response: Thank you, Cameron! "Even with the pairing that will never happen in the books." Huh? I don't recall putting Draco/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, or Harry/Ginny in here... But maybe I'm just blind.

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Review #15, by Brittle Skittle Lucky You

18th June 2005:
*smirks* I thought you might have an account on this site, too. Prepare yourself: it's con-crit time (and it's going to be all lumped together in one huge paragraph, sorry)... Characters: Nothing wrong with them as far as I can tell. You managed to make Harry angsty without making him obnoxious, so great job. Section Score: 5/5. Plot: Very original. The whole concept of the Torch was brilliant, at least in my opinion. The 'fic is pretty long, especially for a one-shot, but I wouldn't have even noticed if I wasn't so damn tired already. Good stuff. Section Score: 5/5. Grammar and Spelling: Actually, no mistakes as far as I could see. Again, I'm about to fall asleep at my keyboard (and I'd probably drool on it, which would jam the keys, and then...whoa, off track here) so I might have missed something. Still, this is the part where most lose points, but you're one of the talented few with no errors. Section Score: 5/5. Development of Relationships: Pretty well-paced. Ron's antics can be excused because he was drunk (that's a frightening image) and Harry and Hermione were still in character when interacting, so you did good. Or well. hell with grammar for the moment. Point is, it was all very sweet and realistic. Section Score: 5/5. ....So, does it count as constructive criticism if I didn't actually criticize anything? *shrugs* Who cares? It's a great 'fic. Loved it. Overall Score: 20/20. And you're the first person I've reviewed who's gotten a perfect score. Good on ya, mate! *blinks and tries to figure out what the hell that's supposed to mean* Great job, yadda yadda. I'm going to sleep.

Author's Response: Blast it, I've been caught! Well, I think that was a very in-depth review... It's better than saying "Gud stry", much better. And one helluva paragraph. Thanks a lot.... Cyn- Brittle Skittle. *catches self*

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Review #16, by Riddle Wood Lupin Lucky You

15th June 2005:
I love second person stories. Especially ones like this. It was great how it seemed somewhat far-fetched, but it all worked anyway (strangely I'm reminded of Alice in Wonderland. Perhaps that's my tiredness speaking). I was definatly laughing at many parts in this story, Ron being drunk, Dumbledore being 'just to cool,' and Ginny/Dean. I really loved the bit about how Harry liked having the map, so as to know that the Marauders were with him. Lovely. And the ending part about the sunset. Never thought of it that way before. This is simply a wonderful piece. :)

-Riddle Wood Lupin

Author's Response: Yay, an in-depth review! Thanks for all the in-depthness! You actually pointed out seperate things... Thanks a lot!

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Review #17, by Taylor Lucky You

13th June 2005:
I don't get it

Author's Response: Uh huh... you don't get it. Well, I'm glad that you weren't vague or else I really would have had a problem.

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Review #18, by HeleenWouden Lucky You

10th June 2005:
That was a great, great one-shot. I absolutely loved the cool humour you managed to bread in between the events, and how imaginative you'd pulled it off, too. And I must say, props to you for keeping up the second person all throughout the story! I've never tried (or even read) a second person story of this length, and I can quite safely say I wouldn't have been able to pull it off. Loved it, and good luck further with the challenge voting!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I've never done a second person story before, so I was kind of experimenting here. But I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #19, by Mystwriter Lucky You

5th June 2005:
Really top drawer. Very delicately played, well written. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The second person really works here. Can't say enough nice things about it!

Author's Response: I was caught off-guard when I thought of a fic in second person, but it's the only way I think I could have gone. And it worked out all right (or at least I hope it did). Thanks!

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Review #20, by MoonNRoses Lucky You

5th June 2005:
That was a pleasure to read. I thought it was nice how you put in the Spiderman quote, "With great power comes great responsibility." And the Privet Drive blues... very original. And I like how you comfort Harry at the end. Very nice.

Author's Response: I had to make him screw up the quote somehow... he is a wizard, after all. But yeah, it fit very much. Thanks for being specific - it helped!

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Review #21, by Urvi Lucky You

3rd June 2005:
I was about to scream at you for putting Hermione and Harry together but I think I'll hold it back, lol. Well, this was a really thought out and fun story to read. Some memorable things were Hurricane Hermione, when Harry wished it would rain, and when Dumbledore started to talk about Ron. I've never read a second person story on this site so I was reading every word carefully, and you pulled it off wonderfully. The idea with Torch was inventive (and a chance for Ron to get drunk, lol). Everyone was in canon....ok, I think that's all. I really don't have anything to critic, so for now, ttyl! Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks! Please don't scream, or else I shall have to send Hurricane Hermione after you. *grins* Ron getting drunk... now there's every author's dream. Or nightmare.

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Review #22, by uhhhh Lucky You

25th May 2005:
pretty good. keep it up

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #23, by strength Lucky You

23rd May 2005:
This was awesome jembo(sorry, I know you as jembo) You have a right fair chance at winning, probably a better chance than me, because mine is going to be fluff galore!!! LOL, anyway, I love how you included Ron, and the whole thing was just...perfect!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's alright if you call me jembo, since I guess you get used to it on the forums. Thanks again!

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Review #24, by tommie Lucky You

23rd May 2005:
wow its the longest one short i have ever read! no one need to say make it longer!

Author's Response: It's the second longest chapter of anything I've ever written either. *blinks*

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Review #25, by Karin Lucky You

23rd May 2005:
Great Story! Loved it!

Author's Response: Thank'ee.

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