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Review #1, by WishfulMuggle Quidditch Pitch

2nd August 2012:
Hahahaha:D This is so great!

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Review #2, by lizziebobizzi168 Quidditch Pitch

3rd June 2011:
This was really sweet, thanks for writing! :)

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Review #3, by hermione says Quidditch Pitch

30th May 2010:
wow. i love it. please write more, i promise ill review every single chapter!
it is deep. and beautiful. you have an amazing gift with writing. and a way with words. i've read a lot of your stories, and i love them.

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Review #4, by LOLhaily Quidditch Pitch

1st April 2010:
Just telling you! Iknow this is just a story. and it makes me sad to say this but... Dumbledore died before he coulde met those kids. right??? BTW great story. and well written. sounds just like how JK. R. would write about Dumbledore

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Review #5, by AussieAnatomy627 Quidditch Pitch

20th February 2009:
Haha! That was adorable! Past Present and Future...amazing...

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Review #6, by Bad_KittyWMS Quidditch Pitch

28th December 2008:
Amazingly awesome if that maskes sense! 12/10

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Review #7, by Anonymous Quidditch Pitch

17th October 2008:
Witty, quirky, awesomely awesome.

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Review #8, by Sundevil6 Quidditch Pitch

23rd February 2008:
hahahha lol that was soo good, exspecially the end

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Review #9, by LoveUlongTimee Quidditch Pitch

2nd February 2008:
This was great.
I think that you should do a sequel to this and show how Shannon and Adam grow up and get together. (I can see another Lily/James scenario...) 9/10

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Review #10, by DogStarr15 Quidditch Pitch

18th January 2008:
This is a really cute story. Good job! I like it a lot. 9/10


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Review #11, by jameslily1313 Quidditch Pitch

23rd December 2007:
LLLUUUVVVEEEDDD IT!!! awesum plot!!! im obsessed w lily/james stuff, so works 4 me!!! and they started it all, soo... it just works u no? neway... 10/10!!!

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Review #12, by bea_evans1624 Quidditch Pitch

28th November 2007:
Awww!! That was really sweet! I liked it. Very cute.

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Review #13, by lilyroxjames Quidditch Pitch

24th November 2007:
HA HA! This story made me laugh and realize that Potters always go for redheads. OK, I already knew that before but I've never seen anybody write a fic on it just to prove that. Pretty unique!

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Review #14, by earthfarie Quidditch Pitch

2nd October 2007:
Love it! :]

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Review #15, by Book077 Quidditch Pitch

8th September 2007:
Very good one-shot. My name is also Shannon.

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Review #16, by llamasanta Quidditch Pitch

26th August 2007:
i love it. :] it's weird that james and harry look so much alike, and yet lily and ginny do too.

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Review #17, by Teardrop Quidditch Pitch

12th August 2007:
haha I Loved it!

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Review #18, by norapotter Quidditch Pitch

5th August 2007:
ooh, I liked Dumbledore's comment at the end. I think I read this a few years ago but didn't have an account because I recognized it. I was very pleasantlyn surprised to come across it again. : )

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Review #19, by OneDamselsKiss Quidditch Pitch

20th July 2007:
That was incredibly cute! You are a truly talented writer!

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Review #20, by potterWHAT Quidditch Pitch

18th July 2007:
CUTE! I loved it (:

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Review #21, by lavendagranger Quidditch Pitch

30th June 2007:
awesome! love the future - let's hope harry really does have a son!

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Review #22, by elizabeth Quidditch Pitch

25th May 2007:
aw that was so sweet! very creative, i loved it. i always thought it was funny how Ms. J. K. had a thing for red heads and boys with black "unruly" hair and it's cool how you pretty much summed it up and made it into a story. good work!

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Review #23, by Belle_Rose Quidditch Pitch

23rd May 2007:

That was so funny! It seems a Potter and a redhead meeting my the lake is good, very good, and it brings good things.

I loved it. And I loved Dumbledore in this one. He really is the wise old man that he is. Lol, I don't think that even made sense.


~ Leah

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Review #24, by Bianca_Potter Quidditch Pitch

5th May 2007:
Aww such a good story!

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Review #25, by iviera_vangelisti Quidditch Pitch

16th April 2007:
awww that was really cute. i loved it!

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