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Review #1, by A.J Chapter One: The Blackest House

9th December 2005:
OMG that was wicked good! I luved this story so much! I thought that at some times you forgot about the real stories though. I luved you chapters w/ Quidditch in them but in the first HP book its says Harry was the first player to get on the team as a first year in a centry. But who cares it was still wonderfully written and its your story. I hope you write a sequal cause i think that that would sooooooooooo awesome! Once again really enjoyed your story.

Author's Response: ah, about the quiddich thing--notice james's birthday is the same day so he is actually 12 when he makes the team.

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Review #2, by green witch Chapter Twenty-Two: The Journey Back To King's Cross

18th August 2005:
That's it? It is finished? oh my! It really was a very nice fic. I really liked your style in writing. you should write more fics. After you have relaxed your brain from this one of course! lol! Listen if you want, you can e-mail me and talk or exange ideas. I am a very big fanfiction fan and, like I said, I really liked this fic of yours. If you want, I can be your beta. I've done it with another writer and It was great. I loved the job. Please don't tell me your going to write a ron/hermione romance fic! I am a draco/hermione shipper! Oh by the way, here is my e-mail:

Author's Response: hey thanks! i really appreciate your review and i'd be glad to have u as a beta!!! just to warn you im a little lazy with updating, lol. but ah well, i'll give this a shot ^_^ and no, im not a fan of ron/hermione. the only canon shipper i like is tonks/remus!!!

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Review #3, by Laura Chapter Twenty-Two: The Journey Back To King's Cross

26th July 2005:
such a good story! the whole part about lily didn't really fit in with the 5th book though, the chapter snapes worst memory, otherwise lily wouldn't of been so cold towards james and sirius. You did a great job with fitting all the events in, it goes great with what harry finds out about his father and his friends! keep on writing, you have talent there!

Author's Response: Thanks! yea i'll admit some people in the story were a little OOC because I am a drama freak and it required that, or i just had some ideas that I later found out weren't relevant to the story... but I am so glad that you read it you have no idea. I worked so long and hard on this and it pays off to receive reviews from people like you :-)

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Review #4, by Katie Chapter Four: A Change In Black

28th June 2005:
this story is awesome. one of my favorites. however arthur weasley is in gryffindor isnt he?

Author's Response: I am not sure. I was going to have him be in gryffindor but i wasn't sure I wanted him to be talking to the marauders when there is no mention of them growing up together in the book series. I bent a couple of things I wrote to make them fit. Thats awesome that this story is one of your favorites! Keep reading and reviewing! Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by Ginerva505 Chapter Five: An Enemy and a Jealousy

20th June 2005:
Yay! You updated!

Author's Response: yep!!!! :-) Glad your readin this... this fic is like, my masterpiece, lol

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Review #6, by Shayla Chapter Five: An Enemy and a Jealousy

17th June 2005:
Very well written. Please continue writing more!

Author's Response: Thank you SOOO much. I gots more chappys in Limbo!!! YAAY! (21 out of 22 ch. completed so far)

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Review #7, by Ginerva505 Chapter Seven: The Break-In

17th June 2005:
21 chapters finished??!! You've got to be kidding! How long does it take to get them approved?!

Author's Response: oh, i just submitted a bunch yesterday--i have 21 chapters done and one more to go (which i'm not finished with yet) The funny thing is that i just started to writer more of it again--YESTERDAY lol

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Review #8, by Blackwolf Chapter Three: On The Hogwarts Express

7th June 2005:
Awsome story <3 I I'm loving it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad because this is--how J.K. would refer to her series--"my baby." lol. I've been working on it for almost a year.

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Review #9, by Wyrmskyld Chapter Two: The Parting

31st May 2005:
I like. ^_^ I hope you update again soon.

Author's Response: YAY! Yup, i'm gonna update... i have chapter 3 in Limbo right now. I have 21 chapters finished, but i'm submitting them one by one slowly here.

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