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Review #1, by Mrs Roonil Waslib His Angel

22nd July 2009:
Aww! I love angsty Dramiones! You did a wonderful job.

Author's Response: i might one day write another haha. thanks!

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Review #2, by InHarrysPants His Angel

3rd March 2008:
That was so beautiful darling! and so sad. More like a poem but perfect. very very well done. check my first story called Pain can become Love and tell me what you think. the first chapter is just being validated.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #3, by Diandra His Angel

7th July 2007:
This was incredible, it's giving me goosebumps and tears! It's so sad at the end, but still really beautiful and touching. It really gives everything through a different perspective. It shows that he actually did care, he was only tormenting her because of the love that he felt. It was really horrible that he died at the end, though I understand that it was completely necessary. Some stories only work well if they're ended like that (much like OotP in my opinion) Great job, off to read more! I don't know if I'll be able to read them all tonight, it's past 2 AM here. I'll try my best!


Author's Response: Aww thanks. This was like the first story I wrote. But I'm working on rewriting it and there is going to be a sequel. Thanks for reviewing. :]]

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Review #4, by Unicorn Girl His Angel

30th April 2006:
It's lovely. It brought tears to my eyes.

Author's Response: Aw thank you. :-)

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Review #5, by xobebeox His Angel

7th December 2005:
Wow... you've written such a beautiful story here. You did such a good job portraying his years at Hogwarts and what Draco was feeling during that time, and contrasting it to how he acted. I like how you showed that underneath his cold exterior, he did have feelings too, beyond lust. And I liked how she realized it, but both were drawn from afar. The ending scene was especially sad, because they both realize it, and can't do anything about it. There were a few slight punctuation and grammatical errors, but nothing a proofreading run-through can't fix. Absolutely wonderful story. Good job and keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words. And thanks for reviewing. :p

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Review #6, by DMgoodHPbad His Angel

7th December 2005:
i really liked it.

Author's Response: Thanks! :p

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Review #7, by Jaydah His Angel

30th November 2005:
Okay, I must be getting emotional at my old age because I had tears going down my face! Well written! I was glued to the screen and that says a lot because I never read/write Dr/Hr fics at all. Great job stargazer. You'll be going in my fave authors for sure. I'll be checking out more fics of yours once I read about 100 more one shots =) take care !

Author's Response: Aww yey I feel special now! lol. Thanks so much for taking your time to read my stories! :p

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Review #8, by ivoryangel His Angel

2nd November 2005:
how sad! but very touching, i liked it. good job!

Author's Response: Thankies! Be sure to check the sequel coming soon! *Star*

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Review #9, by misshermione His Angel

27th August 2005:
this is hermionegirl from the thread- Wow, you're writing is very poetic, and quite moving. YOU got to the point and stayed on it. Great work!

Author's Response: Thankies very much! *Stargazer*

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Review #10, by Applegirl His Angel

25th August 2005:
Wow, amazing story! Made me cry.

Author's Response: Thank yas! *Star*

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Review #11, by Briana Rose His Angel

22nd August 2005:
Pretty good, considering there was no beta involved. I see other reviewers have pointed out your spelling and grammar problems, so I won't say anything about them. I guess what got me about wasn't that it wasn't well-written, because except for a few examples of purple prose it was ok. It's just that I didn't quite buy that all these years Draco's been pining for Hermione. He's been raised to hate "Mudbloods," why should he decide Hermione's any different? Answer that and your fic would've improved. But otherwise, it shows promise. I think you've got potential to be pretty good at writing. (Sorry if all of the writing got squished together. I hate when the review things do that!) I remember something someone told me once; try something more original and it could be really good. Cheers!

Author's Response: Yeah i know what you mean lol. Thanks for reviewing. *Star*

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Review #12, by crystal allan His Angel

22nd August 2005:
I absolutely adore your description of Draco’s feelings and how he relates Hermione as an ‘angel of light’ and himself as an ‘angel of darkness.’ The emotions you portray are incredibly prolific. There are only few Draco/Hermione stories that I enjoy, but I liked this one very much – I’m even adding it to my favorites.

Author's Response: ha I tried. lol. So glad that you liked it. Yey thanks for adding me to your favorites I feel special now! lol. Thankies very much. *Star*

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Review #13, by El His Angel

21st August 2005:
This short story was so sweet yet sad. I had chills reading it!

Author's Response: Thanks bunches! I'm thinking about re writing it so it will be longer. *Star*

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Review #14, by essenceoffantasy His Angel

3rd August 2005:
How very touching! It was beautifully written. I was a bit confused though, when you turned from Draco, to Hermione, then back to Draco. Maybe add some markers or something to signify that you're changing POV. Wonderfully written. Very touching.

Author's Response: Oh oops sorry about that I was sure that I had done that. Glad you liked it and thanks very much for reviewing. *Star*

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Review #15, by Slytherin Goddess His Angel

23rd July 2005:
I saw this challege be put up, and I didn't think any one could do it so well. The video was sad, right? Anyway, your story was so emotional! I'm on the verge of tears!!

Author's Response: I like your name! lol. Yeah the video was sad. Don't cry! I'm glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing.*Stargazer*

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Review #16, by ball_of_fluff His Angel

19th July 2005:
Sorry I took so long to review. Long story, but its here and that’s what matters, right? A challenge fic? Never head of those, but I’m glad you have! I loved your story. It almost made me cry (Really, at one point it did.) The ending was excellent, too. Very succinct—loved it. I do have to mention that your sentences were a bit choppy and you lacked punctuation, but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. Great job. *steffany

Author's Response: haha I know what you mean. Thanks for reviewing glad you liked it. *Stargazer*

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Review #17, by CelticIce (Quizilla) His Angel

9th July 2005:
I loved the story! It was very beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! *stargazer*

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Review #18, by biggerstafflover His Angel

28th June 2005:
wow... that was great everything fit! amazing you are very clever i adored it! wonderful!

Author's Response: Thanks! So glad you liked it. *stargazer*

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Review #19, by tonya_malfoy His Angel

22nd June 2005:
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....that made me cry...i loved it... xoxo tonya w00t

Author's Response: Ahh don't cry! lol. So glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing. *stargazer*

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Review #20, by CanadianStar His Angel

21st June 2005:
Aw that was cute, even if I'm not a D/Hr shipper...still cute! It is very 'holding' - spell bounding, captivating if you will. It flows nicely - I have nothing to say about that, just some punctuation, spelling mistakes. "How could he possible admit it to anyone else?" I think you meant "possibly". " Her sweet sweet voice." Sweet should have a comma between them. "Even if had hurt like bloody hell." I'm no Brit, but I don't think they'd use bloody hell like that...I think (this may be opinion, they may speak like this **and this is where you tell me you're British =P** but I don't think they do). Just, maybe, get rid of the "bloody". '“You can never leave.” it constantly told him.' You should put, because you're continuing the sentence after the quote, a comma after leave. "only to loose each other. " I think you meant "lose". You're saying loose as in my shoe is loose. Geez, I hate English =P Other than that, I thought it was good, not too corny or fluffy but sweet even so.

Author's Response: Yee stupid mistakes lol. So glad you liked it. Glad it wasn't too corny or fluffy lol. Thanks for reviewing. *stargazer*

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Review #21, by Mel His Angel

16th June 2005:
UUUUUMMMM.... OK well that was ok i guess but i have one questionn for you why did he die what was wrong with him i mean you cant just die for no reason was it because he was heart broken or what? but still good i guess

Author's Response: yeah I know what you mean. Some people have been asking me to do a sequel to this so they can know what exactly happened to him. Its on my list so I might do it. I dunno yet though. I have 2 other stories to finish first and i'm workng on another one. So we'll see. *stargazer*

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Review #22, by amber_angel His Angel

16th June 2005:
Hey, it's me from the forums. Omg, this is so sad! I mean, you wrote this in a way that you almost have me crying right now! It's so sad but it's a great story! Good job :)

Author's Response: lol everyone has been tellin me this made them cry! lol. Glad you liked it and thanks for the review. *stargazer*

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Review #23, by ~Meg~ His Angel

14th June 2005:
oooooo that was sooooooo goood!!! Oh why did he have to die though!!!! great job though i loved it!

Author's Response: lol. I know he always dies on me! So glad you liked it! *stargazer*

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Review #24, by wishingformagic His Angel

13th June 2005:
Oh gosh, i just realized that wasn't an in-depth review. OK. I shall start the real review... First of all, the emotion and the way you described it was... awesome? I can't think of a good enough word to describe it. Second, It was very realistic and lifelike! Wow... Well, I'll stop talking now, because words are messing your story up! I can't write down my emotions, so just be assured that your story rocked!

Author's Response: Wowness 2 reviews from you for one lilttle one-shot! Aww you make me feel special. Thanks so much. I really tried with putting emotions in there. This was my very first one-shot so that means alot! thanks again. *stargazer*

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Review #25, by wishingformagic His Angel

13th June 2005:
Wow... That was EXTREMELY powerful... words cannot describe it! I loved it! Please, keep up the good work! Aww... So sad! Once again, great story!

Author's Response: wow my story has never been called powerful before!! ^o^ Thanks bunches! *stargazer*

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