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Review #1, by Malfoy_Lover21 learning about ourselves

19th July 2005:
I'll beta all your storys for you just give me a shout

Author's Response: please i would lov that

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Review #2, by Your friend Elph learning about ourselves

14th July 2005:
Hey its me! How come you havent gotten your stories betaed? Didn't you say KimMalfoy is your beta? Well, anyways, I'm here to help if you need me.

Author's Response: who r u ???

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Review #3, by nalacub123 a change and a party

12th July 2005:
cool story keep the story line this good all the way through lovin it so far love mmmeeeee

Author's Response: this was my friend thanx

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Review #4, by sexy summa a change and a party

15th June 2005:
i looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee it girl nedds more chapters good job

Author's Response: hay thanx i no i'm writeing one as we speek

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Review #5, by Vegas Chick a change and a party

11th June 2005:

Author's Response: thanx sorri it took so long i was in a car axiedent last friday and i was away from home for two weeks on work experince but thanx so much for the review

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Review #6, by nalacub123 learning about ourselves

29th May 2005:
hi people its me nala i cant log on at the time cause i'm not at home and this comp wont let me log on so if anyof u no anyone who would be a beta for me than please tell me thanx ~*~*~ much loved nala~*~*~

Author's Response: this was me and i dont need a beta now

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Review #7, by Vegas Chick learning about ourselves

22nd May 2005:
I like this story it really good I hope you update it again soon so I can know what going to happen next!!!

Author's Response: i am writing it now see i was away at work experince and the comp over therer did now work so i'm typing it now

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Review #8, by Latricia learning about ourselves

22nd May 2005:
If you ever need a beta for anyone of your stories, I would be glad to help. I have stories as well so I would love to help. (lmusgrove89yahoo.com) Other than that good story.

Author's Response: no its ok i hav one now but thanx anyway:)

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Review #9, by slytherin_rose learning about ourselves

21st May 2005:
cool story but hard to read

Author's Response: i no i'm getting it fixed as we speak

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Review #10, by wickedwitch92 learning about ourselves

21st May 2005:
AAHHHH! I keep making mistakes. OK drag that banner into ANOTHER WINDOW. Then look at the url. Add this to the url: I think. yeah. Any questions? email me. byezzz

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Review #11, by wickedwitch92 learning about ourselves

21st May 2005:
oh shoot. ok when you want to skip lines, do this: < p > with NO SPACES. Ok, I hope that helps. I'll be bak to read it when you fix it. byebyezzzz

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Review #12, by wickedwitch92 learning about ourselves

21st May 2005:
Hi, it's me!! I can't read it though. Instead of hitting "enter" or "return" when you want to go to another line, do this. example:

"Hi, Draco," said Hermione.

"Hi, Hermione," answered Draco. I hope that helps and I'm getting on your banner right away!!! Bybyezzzz

Author's Response: hay thanx for the help

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