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Review #1, by Tiffany I Will Love You

17th March 2008:
this was so cute i absolutley loved it

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Review #2, by Amanda I Will Love You

21st February 2006:
I like it.

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Review #3, by Sophia Montgomery I Will Love You

7th January 2006:
' “Only if truly want me to.” ' If you truly want me to- you needed an 'you'. Good one shot- this was cute.

Author's Response: I don't use a beta...eek! So maybe next time I should....*sigh*. Thanks!

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Review #4, by punkrokchocluva I Will Love You

29th August 2005:
i like it but i want 2 no more bout d hole good~draco thing bout how he got good

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Review #5, by Alex I Will Love You

15th August 2005:
Dumn basturds...

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Review #6, by ABBY I Will Love You

9th August 2005:
OOHHH! THAT'S SO CUTE!!!! I LOVE IT! that git ron! oh well at least there's draco!!!

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Review #7, by me I Will Love You

3rd August 2005:
i loved it soooooooo much

Author's Response: thankxxxxxxxxxxx!

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Review #8, by Ariana Potter I Will Love You

7th July 2005:
This rocks! I seriously think you should finish it. I'm so in favor of a H/D romance and they way this one is rocks my face. Thanks!

Author's Response: um...seeing that it was a wont be continuing.....

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Review #9, by kilala_babe I Will Love You

13th June 2005:
you should wright more what happen to thr two

Author's Response: sorry, one shot.

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Review #10, by Leia I Will Love You

11th June 2005:
I think this whole story fitted perfectly with the song! Nice! I love it!

Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #11, by sMARToWL4 I Will Love You

7th June 2005:

Author's Response: huh?

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Review #12, by tonya_malfoy I Will Love You

2nd June 2005:
i like it...draco is soooo sweet...i wish he would make me feel loved...instead of this stupid

Author's Response: :) thankx for reviewing

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Review #13, by gryffindor_seeker11908 I Will Love You

31st May 2005:
Hmmm... this is good... case i like this song too...

Author's Response: :)

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Review #14, by getvelwaii I Will Love You

28th May 2005:
I was thinking this might not be the best story due to the fact that a lot of songfic writers aren't neccessarily bad, but don't know how to write a songfic so that song works with the story and doesn't just tell it. I was pleasantly surprised with how well everything fit. The song was as it should be--a little background music to the story. I'm usually not much of a Draco/Hermione fan(as long as it is not Harry/Hermione I'm fine) but this is so well written that I really think you should make a whole story out of it. If you do, I'll be sure to read it!

Author's Response: OH thank you! I will consider it since so many people have asked me to.

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Review #15, by bulba17 I Will Love You

25th May 2005:
That was a really good story. Please continue the story.

Author's Response: Sorry but this isnt going ot continue because it is a songfic. But perhaps one day i will add something of a side story. I am currently working on stories here and on if you would like the me....

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Review #16, by pretty in pink I Will Love You

23rd May 2005:
A-aw... so sweet... not a typical romance either, so yay! He was so lovely to her... and I love that song! Another great fic hun, even if it did take me a while to actually notcie it! Sorry bout that!

Author's Response: lol...that is perfectly alright! (even if you just review cuz i ask you too.) thanx!

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Review #17, by Tinkerbell76 I Will Love You

22nd May 2005:
It was good. I think you should go through and edit or spell check if you have it. otherwise it was good

Author's Response: i type it in word processor that already has a spell check...if it says everything is alright then i am fine with that.

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Review #18, by CandyCane I Will Love You

21st May 2005:
aaaawwww, how sweet is that! he totally luvs her! such a nice story, great song too, the lead singer of maroon 5 is HOT! heehee =)

Author's Response: i know he is hot! yummy.

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