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Review #1, by Nelle What did I do?

20th September 2005:
Same as the first wasn't it well i liked it anyways ehehe!!!!

Author's Response: I might not being adding to this at all. I think I am done with the whole writing thing. School started again and I don't have time to write chappies anymore :(

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Review #2, by xXxTormentedxSoulxXx The beggining

9th June 2005:
yea i give you probs for even attemtpting(sp) lots of luck to you and your writeing! hey lary can you check out my story and give me some tips on how i can make it better it's been validated *jumps up and down* finally!!! hehe well I'ma keep checking on your stories until you update *sigh* lurv you bye!

Author's Response: HEHE. Reviewed it.

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Review #3, by xXxTormentedxSoulxXx What did I do?

8th June 2005:
Hey tis me again came to bug you! well your good i mean there are always these twists that i didn't even see coming! i mean whoa you have a great imagination once more i must say if i haven't sorry but i don't remember LOL well you might want to work on your ideas a bit more until they reach there full potential let them unfold slowly no need to rush take things one at a time and the result will be a work of art that you will love in your case work of words hehe I'll be checking up on this as always keep up the good job and lots of love

Author's Response: Yeah you said that in the other review on Laryandra's story. Thanx for reviewing though.

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Review #4, by kat The beggining

26th May 2005:
wow. i can't believe you even attempted an entire story in 2nd person! i give you brownie points for bravery.

Author's Response: Yeah! * jumps up and down* lol. Thanks

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Review #5, by Nelle What did I do?

22nd May 2005:
good start up date soon!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

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