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Review #1, by LesMiss12228 Waking Up to a New Life

5th February 2016:
My life has been absolutely terrible the last few months. I lost my job, my wife left me and I found out I had terminally cancer and was going to dye in 2 weeks. After all the turmoil i have been experiencing I thought "what the heck" and read some fan harry potter fan fiction. There was were a few good ones, but this one, THIS ONE was by far the best. After reading this fan fiction my cancer was cured, I got married again and I got a high paying job. It was thanks to this fan fiction that I am able to be alive right now. The only issue with this fan fiction is that there is not enough racial diversity witch makes me wonder if the author was a little racist. All in all this fan fiction is the only true happiness in the world. If I ever meet the author I would like to shake his or her hand.

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Review #2, by Cassie_Heart I Hope You Have A Merry Christmas

4th August 2009:
YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! THEY KNOW!!! THEY KNOW!!! YAY!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! sry had to get that out this was a great chapter and having James sing like that was funny because i never really thought of James being a loveable git...but i guess if you think about it he is.

i read the books a hundred times i just nevered really paid any attention to james and lily...but now that i have i agree with the way you protray them!!!

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Review #3, by Cassie_Heart Friends Turn and Fame Grows

4th August 2009:
i really like this chapter.umm are you gonna make harry mad at ron and mione through the rest of this fic...also when is harry gonna figure out who james and lily are?

just some questions i have had.i luv this fic.great job and keep up the good work

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Review #4, by Cassie_Heart Hermione's Uncertainty

4th August 2009:
I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU DONT LIKE THIS CHAPTER! i luv it...great chapter even if you dont like it!

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Review #5, by C Waking Up to a New Life

24th May 2009:
Great story! You could have taken out commas in some parts of the story, but otherwise great job overall!

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Review #6, by Ivoryrose x A Handful of Detentions

24th January 2009:
James Potter & Sirius Black
2 nights detention
Fooled Charms substitute into thinking that they had the names…
James Potter- Alfred Suthportick
Sirius Black- Bob Freesworth


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Review #7, by Ivoryrose x He's My Son

24th January 2009:
Really good!
I love the sirius /james fued sort of thing!

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Review #8, by Ivoryrose x Dreams...

24th January 2009:
Completely fabulous!

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Review #9, by Ivoryrose x Professor James Johnson

23rd January 2009:
ahh I've read this so many times but I still love it!

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Review #10, by love the heart Resorting to Sir Names and Christmas brings Magic

20th November 2008:
please write a sequel!

i LOVE this story!!!

its so cute!

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Review #11, by Nimmy A Handful of Detentions

26th March 2008:
Great story! Its really good...

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Review #12, by Serena Resorting to Sir Names and Christmas brings Magic

18th March 2008:
hell yeah, I want a sequel!!! you're an awsome writer and I love your stories!!! Please write a sequel

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Review #13, by arogirl  Couples, and Reaquantinces

17th February 2008:
i like how you invlove ginny with the trio so much.This story is really good my fried introduced this story to me and i love it

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Review #14, by _ProngDog_ Professor James Johnson

1st December 2007:
Thhat was awesome. I kinda feel sorry for Lily and James because they cant be as close to Harry as they want.
And James as DADA was great!

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Review #15, by Luna Liano Waking Up to a New Life

3rd April 2007:
Wow! this story was wicked. You must write the Sequel, ASAP!!!

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Review #16, by Fuego Waking Up to a New Life

25th March 2007:
Where can I find the stories you have written, on your page it says this is the only one you wrote?

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Review #17, by AprilPotter Waking Up to a New Life

2nd March 2007:
Must. Read. Seqeul.

What's it called? I really gotta find it! Is it up yet?

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Review #18, by Prongs_Potter Waking Up to a New Life

12th January 2007:
Great story, original as well. Just one thing; Scotland vs. Britain?
Scotland is a part of Britain along with England and Wales. But I'm just nit picking, I'm looking forward to the sequal.

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Review #19, by love_me_or_hate_me_11 Waking Up to a New Life

13th November 2006:

awesome story.

Post the sequal soon.

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Review #20, by phantomlover07 Waking Up to a New Life

24th August 2006:
I really loved reading this story!! It was really great!!! This story filled my day.

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Review #21, by FlipFlopsRFun Waking Up to a New Life

17th August 2006:
I LOVED IT! This is an awesome story. I thought the reunited part with Harry and James was a little embarrassing for Harry, but I guess, after not having parents for over a decade, it's true. I love it. And can't wait to read the sequel. Remember, flip flops are fun! HEHEHEHE!

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Review #22, by potterfreak_07 Waking Up to a New Life

9th August 2006:
that was an awesome story.
u r very talented at writing fanfics.
10 10 10

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Review #23, by Pheonix_Lullaby Waking Up to a New Life

1st August 2006:
AW!!!!!! THAT'S IT?!?!?! Oh... it was so good... I loved it! Oh, I'll probably be reading your other stories. I hope they are as good as this one!!!

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Review #24, by kandy Waking Up to a New Life

21st July 2006:
I can't wait for the sequal!Its gogint be great revenge on the dursleys harry and his parents together and hopefully we find out about ginny!

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Review #25, by The5Potters Waking Up to a New Life

10th July 2006:
AHHHH!!! A cliffe with Ginny in a coma!!!! How dare you!! Hey- get that sequel up soon!!!

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