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Review #1, by Tyra My Happy Ending

9th November 2014:
So sad! Draco diserves love!

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Review #2, by Alysea My Happy Ending

27th October 2012:
Your writing was a little clunky at the beginning, but around the middle it got better. It would have been better, in my opinion, if you wrote this as a one-shot rather than a Song-fic. I didn't feel like the song lyrics added anything to the story. Then again, I'm not familiar with the song.

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Review #3, by Lovely_Slytheriness My Happy Ending

21st January 2008:
I found this rather cheesy, to be honest. The characters were too ooc, the plot was rushed, and you could have been a lot more descriptive and significant. I like the pairing though, but, preferably well-written.


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Review #4, by hogwartsgrrl73 My Happy Ending

22nd December 2007:
Oh! How sad. It's a great story (especially since you wrote it at 1 a.m.), but it really is sad that Harry dies. In my mind, a powerful story is one that leaves me feeling something and this story totaly did this. Anyway. Keep writing. This is a wonderful story and I really enjoyed reading it. Trixie

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Review #5, by vguanne_ice_princess My Happy Ending

24th December 2006:
ok very sweet and romantic i love it 9/10

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Review #6, by Elishia My Happy Ending

11th February 2006:
How can you! I haven't slept in 3 days! I'm an official insomniac!

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Review #7, by mione&ronRmeanttobe92 My Happy Ending

25th December 2005:
omg when i first found out what the song was i got so excited this is like my favorite song it was groso the cause to guys yea weird i was confused but it was stil good

Author's Response: um, I have commented about this before, if people don't read the warnings that state this is a slash pairing, same sex dating/kissing/whatever, and it bothers them, then they shouldn't be reading it in the first place, but thanks for the review just the same.

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Review #8, by imlovingtom My Happy Ending

20th December 2005:
That is soooooo sad!! Poor Draco!!!*sob* You can't tell you wrote it at one in the morning!

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Review #9, by imlovingtom My Happy Ending

5th November 2005:
This is really good!! What do you mean it's rubbish? Your head isn't screwed up, it's the best I've read!

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Review #10, by Chris My Happy Ending

1st November 2005:
That's so sad. I loved it and the ending is awsome

Author's Response: XXXOOOOXXXXOOOO thanks.

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Review #11, by Slytherin Babe My Happy Ending

1st October 2005:
i dont usually read slash stories but i decided on this one and i'm glad i did cus i thought it was fab luv candi xxx

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #12, by Silver Angel 7 My Happy Ending

4th August 2005:
Ok, I just reviewed like one or two minutes ago but I wanted to again cause I was just reading your reviews...What's with all these anti-slash people reading your story!?!? It's like people, what do you expect when your reading a SAME SEX STORY!? Anyways, I loved this story and keep up the good work! ;)

Author's Response: i know... people can be *nods head* lmao

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Review #13, by Silver Angel 7 My Happy Ending

4th August 2005:
That was so sad! The beginning confussed me but the ending was loud and clear and very depressing! But so good! But so sad! The song fit in perfectly. Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I was in an angst and depressed it showed through my writing.

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Review #14, by DontForgetMe My Happy Ending

21st July 2005:
WOW that was the best story ever...but why harry..o well i still loved it great job...!

Author's Response: as in why harry died? or why harry and draco? answer to first, because it just made it more tragic and grief endowed. answer to second, because i had never done that pairing and wanted to try a hand at it.

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Review #15, by sienna_starr3 My Happy Ending

6th July 2005:
WTF....... Draco and Harry??? OK gay ppl.....not the kind of thing i like to read about but i loike the song you chose...i really like Avril Lavigne...and i have both her Cd's!

Author's Response: um....... lets see...i believe that your another one of those people WHO DONT READ THE WARNINGS on a story. It cearly states this is a SLASH story!

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Review #16, by june,29-dobby's birthday My Happy Ending

30th June 2005:
i'm not really into the whole draco/harry thing but hear me out. i think it was good. i'm not gonna say it should have been harry/hermione or anything. but this is a really good story if you are mature enough to get past the whole harry/draco thing! i must now say a well done!good job rising to the challenge

Author's Response: thank you for your review.

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Review #17, by Brooke-lyn My Happy Ending

14th June 2005:
its a cool story, dont like the paring, but good just the same.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #18, by Elizabeth My Happy Ending

3rd June 2005:
You could have done better if it was paced.

Author's Response: how can you pace it when it suppose to go with the SONG!

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Review #19, by ditzbabe592 My Happy Ending

22nd May 2005:
hey hey this was a purty good story but i think that harry shud have not like um....DIED!!!!! gr lol well keep it up there person!!!! luv, cass the ditz

Author's Response: like i said before...not all stories are made to be happy ones

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Review #20, by Erica My Happy Ending

22nd May 2005:
That was an okay story. But i cant believe Harry died. well i g2 bounce

Author's Response: well not all stories end with happy endings

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Review #21, by roxy My Happy Ending

22nd May 2005:
eeewwwwwww......wierd. i couldnt even finish it

Author's Response: well sorry it wasn't your kind of thing...but some people enjoy slash, next time you need to read the WARNINGS on did say same sex pairing!

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Review #22, by Hplssrmntc313 My Happy Ending

20th May 2005:
hey, I loved it.. i tought it was sad and all but i still loved it.

Author's Response: lol...i know it was sad...i was trying out my hand at angst.

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Review #23, by pretty in pink My Happy Ending

15th May 2005:
OMG! This SO should've been HarryHermione. I mean, honestly, it's not as though u put it being DracoHarry in the summary or anything... lol! Only kidding hun! (I read ur other reviews) Really, I loved it! It was so sweet how Draco's love for Harry was what helped him to defeat Voldy. Shame he had to die tho. Oh well, such is life... or not, I suppose, in this case... And I get why he couldn't tell Draco. But Hermy and Ron let him? Wouldn't have seen that one coming! Nice twist hun! And it's so wierd, I haven't heard this song for sooooooo long, then it was on about an hour ago! How freaky is that? Well, nice work hun, hope u write something more soon!

Author's Response: lol...your such a smart ars*e anyways... yeah i totally wanted herm/ron to be the bad guys...basically they let him go do that because they figured...if he's not with us then he's not aloud to be with anyone... so they let him die.... (well they got pretty messed up also...and the whole ERASE MEMORIES PROCEDURE was to erase their GUILT....) i didnt know if you got that part....well thanks!!!

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Review #24, by CandyCane My Happy Ending

14th May 2005:
OMG that's SOOOOOOOOOO sweet! i liked the mental image of draco on his knees at the beginning, mmmmm...............................................................................................soz, im back now =) anyway...sleep deprivation is so much fun! luv the song and i luved the fic! Jen

Author's Response: thanks hun........i'd say more but i am on the

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Review #25, by denise My Happy Ending

14th May 2005:
you should have made it harry/hermione because harry being gay is really wierd, but i love the song you chose.

Author's Response: lol...why does it seem that everyone wants it to be HP/HG? Why do you people read the darn story KNOWING it will be HP/DM??????

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