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Review #1, by ROBERT__1958 One

8th November 2007:
I like this story.

Where is Dobby in all this?

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Review #2, by RobinIsley Two

12th July 2007:
This story is so beautiful, yet so sad. It almost made me cry!
Although I love the part about Harry leaving the wizardint world the idea of Neville being the one to defeat the dark lord doesn't fit.
But this is indeed a fantastic story!

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Review #3, by Brown eyed beauty Two

19th March 2007:
Very, very, very cool story :-D

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Review #4, by fatso Two

1st June 2006:
Really brilliant! yuo almost made me cry in the end :')

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Review #5, by Sola Kegan Two

22nd May 2006:
Beautiful, so sad and yet so happy i loved it.

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Review #6, by remy Two

10th February 2006:
that has to be the most hauntingly sweet and most chilling story i have ever read! wowowowowowow and wow! soooo awesome!!!

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Review #7, by Red Flame Two

5th February 2006:
This was another good story. Interresting... I dont know how you come up with them??? It was very well written, and thought out! However, I cant really picture Genny killing them, or any of his friends/family members beleaving that he would do that. I very much enjoyed reading it and I'm looking forward to reading your next one. Keep up the good work.

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Review #8, by Lola Two

28th January 2006:
Wow. i am at a loss for words. i never thought about what harry would do if he was betrayed by those he loved. this is an amazing story, and if it was how jk had chosen to end the series, it would be an amazing ending, even though some people would be upset. damn, i'm not even sure if i want to read the final book after having read that!

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Review #9, by Anne Two

8th January 2006:
You made me go teary eyed too. =)

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Review #10, by Anne Two

8th January 2006:
You are an awesome writer, you look out of the box and do things that could very much so happen, and since I don't really like Ginerva ;) I thought that was a good move on your part. Sirius could very well have betrayed Harry, he only knew him for so long and he was always comparing Harry to James... and "James never killed anyone"... lé sigh. I x3 your stories though! CONTINUE!

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Review #11, by Tonks Two

15th December 2005:
Very good......exsept Sirius Black would never turn on Harry. I found that a little desterbing. Otherwise, It was Great!

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Review #12, by brunettesrule One

18th September 2005:
Such an amazing story that I could write pages on it. You certainly could be a writer if you wanted to be. Excellent portrayal of the bitter Harry, the one fed up with the expectations of him. Nara certainly is an excellent present to Harry; he’s just like Snape really. Remarkable use of words – I hate it when authors use such a limited vocabulary – yet it’s not unrealistic. I’m off to read your other stories!

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Review #13, by Peaches and Pie Two

26th June 2005:
That was great but you did lose me on the death/burial ritual. I read through it so I didn't miss anything though. I'm glad Snape came back too.

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Review #14, by Peaches and Pie One

26th June 2005:
LOL I love it especially the friendship between Snape and H arry.

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Review #15, by CMTgal Two

21st May 2005:
OMG SO EFFIN GOOD! I literally cried, numerous times, big thing for me!

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Review #16, by 'mione Two

21st May 2005:
That was a really good story! Keep writing 'cause I want to read more of your stories!!

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Review #17, by CMTgal One

20th May 2005:
I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I hate the Ginny character, so I loved that she was, she is just so....weak. Harry was harsh, but they all deserved it! Good job Harry! Pay them <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoreds back for what they did to you! Go to hell Dumbledore! Back off Sirius! Damn you Remus! Must Revenge Hedwig! KILL BILL! Muahaha! I love this story, keep on writing. Though, may I ask where the other Professors are? and do you live in Durango, if thats a real place. Well, I am off to the next one!

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Review #18, by a fan One

16th May 2005:
love it! But, what happened to the end?

Author's Response: I have fixed the end. Let me know if it didn't work. I will try again.

Author's Response: For some reason it would not let me do the whole story at once so I made into two chapters. If you want to read it you can go to my website. I am not sure when the administrators will load chapter two.

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Review #19, by Potter's Army One

13th May 2005:
Great story ^_^ You like this kind of story, don't you? I like it too.

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