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Review #1, by gks181 Not Me...

6th May 2012:
i really like where this is going
you should continue with it

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Review #2, by MoonWolf Not Me...

6th September 2005:
(I read the other reviews) It's not crap! I think it's great! Little bit short, maybe, but hey, I can't write long chapters normally.

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Review #3, by darkbeauty232 Not Me...

16th July 2005:
Hey! I really like this so far, write some more!

Author's Response: hey im glad somebody likes it!!! your one of two people who actually reviewed it but i got like 89 reads or sad! i suppose i will update it... Arwen*

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Review #4, by LilyFlower23 Not Me...

27th May 2005:
Lovely...but It's a bit on the short side. If you could make it a tad longer......:)

Author's Response: Thanx for ur review, to be honest i think i have written crap and want my story to be deleted. but i'm glad u seemed to enjoy it! check out my other story, "When Its Over..." people seem to like that one best! thanks again! Arwen*

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Review #5, by mymy Not Me...

21st May 2005:
GREAT start please continue I shall review your chapers and help whenever possible. btw i am not a fan fiction writer but i do enjoy reading them one day ill find enough courage to do so well thank you

Author's Response: Thank u so much for ur review, its nice to know someone liked it! even i have to admit i can write better, to be honest i feel as if i have written crap! read my other story, "When Its Over..." people seem to find that story more fascinating. thank u again, Arwen*

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Review #6, by Lil Kit Z Not Me...

16th May 2005:
It's a good first chapter. Kinda short but it's good. I'll be looking out for this story when you next update. Keep writing. KIT

Author's Response: thank u for actually liking the story, i to be honest, think i have written crap, but please check out my other story , its waay better, its called "When Its Over..." thank u! Arwen*

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Review #7, by Jessie Not Me...

13th May 2005:
Your story (im sorry i hate flaming people) seems a little over dramatic, if you were just to tune it down and make it happen at a little bit of a slower pace it would be a great story. Also in the summary it says 2nd year, when you mean 7th, better change that! Sorry agian!! I'll check up and see what happens in your story!

Author's Response: u hate flaming people? don't say that around me...seriously. but i do agree with u about my story, its waaay too dramatic and i want it to be deleted cuz i think its crap! read my other story though people seem to like that one, its called When Its Over... bye Arwen*

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