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Review #1, by dracolover123 The Second Detention

11th September 2006:
plase write more and add longer chappies please

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Review #2, by HermioneG149 The Second Detention

9th April 2006:
Whoa! Draco, Hermione, and Blaise trouble coming! I can feel it! Please udpate soon! = )

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Review #3, by Monkey789 The Secret Tree And A Litlle Scene

9th November 2005:
wow i never ever imagined him to be her seret admirer plz update i wanna know what comes next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by dorfam The Secret Tree And A Litlle Scene

9th October 2005:
i love it

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Review #5, by HP_rules The Secret Tree And A Litlle Scene

7th October 2005:
you have got to update soon!!! its killing me to knwo that Hermione is with Blaise and not Draco..hehehe....and Harry took it soo well...ahh update soon seriously is a great fic!!!

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Review #6, by HP_rules The Make Over and The Meeting

7th October 2005:
WHAT?? that was such a twist..hehe poor still cant get ova it..

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Review #7, by HP_rules The Prefects Bathroom and The Letter

7th October 2005:
WHAT??? she offered for him to get in the bath with her??? *GRINS* hehe oh and who is the 'admirer' was it DRACO??hehe oh well si'll find out soon enough

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Review #8, by HP_rules Notes

7th October 2005:
a letter on her bed..what did it say?? OMGOMG very very interesting last paragraph from Draco's point of view..hehe

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Review #9, by HP_rules The Forbidden Forest

7th October 2005:
lovely but a bit short..oh i guess that doesnt really matter but it is really really good..the story..

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Review #10, by HP_rules Muggle songs and detentions

7th October 2005:
WOW that was great..draco singing amazing

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Review #11, by DancinQueen The Secret Tree And A Litlle Scene

17th July 2005:
It's okay you took so long to update, I loved reading the chapter though!! Keep writing! andhave a great day!!

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Review #12, by ateensfan The Make Over and The Meeting

27th June 2005:
Great job on the story its really great but this chapters ending confused me a little but keep going its really good

Author's Response: Just wait and read the rest. :d x

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Review #13, by misty_waters The Make Over and The Meeting

18th June 2005:
ooooh VeRy nice twist! update!!!

Author's Response: Thnx:D. XX

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Review #14, by Arashel The Prefects Bathroom and The Letter

15th June 2005:
LOL I've also got a liking for D/H stories. This one is pretty good, I'm enjoying so far. Post soon, please!!!

Author's Response: thnx. D/Hr is absolutly MY FAV PAIRING =). X

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Review #15, by Pixiegirl The Make Over and The Meeting

13th June 2005:
PLEASE update soon!!!!!!

Author's Response: Working on it =). X

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Review #16, by CelticKisses Muggle songs and detentions

10th June 2005:
awesome start.. sounds like a gorgeous song. . . im enjoying his immensely .. please continue!

Author's Response: Thanks. The is one of my avourites at the moment =). x

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Review #17, by cathy The Prefects Bathroom and The Letter

9th June 2005:
plz post more soon

Author's Response: Chap 5 is up. Sorry it took so long. Xx

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Review #18, by humblepoethp The Prefects Bathroom and The Letter

26th May 2005:
hey please please update soon, cant wiat for hermione to get her makeover! YAY! lol keep up the good work

Author's Response: She's got her make over.. it isn't very different but just read. I've also posted another story it's a Sirius/Hermione. =)

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Review #19, by lost Notes

23rd May 2005:
this story is getting interesting... i wonder what else you got up your sleeve... :) keep writing.. :)

Author's Response: Haha.. lol. chap 4 is up have a look i'd say. tnx :)

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Review #20, by AJ Notes

21st May 2005:
hey nice story up soon plz!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: The new chap will posted today I think. Thanx for reviewing.

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Review #21, by alisha w Notes

15th May 2005:
plz update soon. i love this story.

Author's Response: Chap 4 is in Limbe right now. Thnx.

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Review #22, by f18chick Muggle songs and detentions

15th May 2005:
great story! ^_^ -! please write more soon. (i've read the whole thing so far by the way) thanx! ; )

Author's Response: Thanx. I'll update soon again. :d

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Review #23, by amz Notes

14th May 2005:
write more...........need more story

Author's Response: I'll update soon. Within the week. Thnx

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Review #24, by humblepoethp Notes

13th May 2005:
hey this is good, just recently i have taken a fancy to d/h fics lol. cud u read and review mine please if u hav time or if u cn b botherd lol? thnx keep up the gd wrk, cnt wait to read sum action lol

Author's Response: Thans really. I'll get on it as soon as possible. I'm having an idea for the rest of the story.

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Review #25, by crazy lady The Forbidden Forest

12th May 2005:
i like this story :) please update soon (within reason) ok bye :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :). I've updated. The staff just has to approve the chapter so.

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