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Review #1, by hogwart_lady Pain and Lies Uncovered

24th September 2010:
wow i read all ur chappers u got posted and this is the most best one please please continue it even for me i love this

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Review #2, by Mione P45342 The fall of Minister Fudge

29th September 2009:
I'm just loving how your story is developing.

I wish to point out a few things. Though the explaining makes the reader know what is happening. You need to shorten it. Too much information results in the reader getting bored. It also begins to not be proper english.

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. good luck with the story!!!

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Review #3, by Mione P45342 In-laws and Vaults?

29th September 2009:
I just love the plot.

Though can i please point out there are some minor spelling and grammar errors

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

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Review #4, by lovette Pain and Lies Uncovered

24th April 2008:
please continue love it

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Review #5, by dancer Pain and Lies Uncovered

6th April 2008:
I'm so very sorry that this story has been left to moulder upon the shelves of the unfinished. I would have so much liked to see where you would have gone with it. It has a lot of twists and turns that are fascinating as well as enough "mush" to float a boat. Hopefully some day you'll return to this sight and maybe even write more of this fascinating, "fairy tale" story. Until then enjoy your life.

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Review #6, by lady catina Pain and Lies Uncovered

21st September 2006:
this is a great story please keep it up

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Review #7, by residentevil fan Pain and Lies Uncovered

11th September 2006:
I liked this story a lot. It was a bit slow in the begging but it tool off really fast and that is what I like. I hope you have plans on finishing this story so i can finish reading it. Thnk you for your time

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Review #8, by Atlantis-rob Pain and Lies Uncovered

14th February 2006:
Great job on the story so far, I hope you do some more of it, I think i was orignally reading it on fF.nat or portkey. Great job with the new stuff in the last few chapters especially mcG's revolation about her relationship to harry! Very cool work and I'll defiently stop by in the future to check for more!

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Review #9, by david ray thacker Pain and Lies Uncovered

13th February 2006:
Thank you for this story and the time and effort that you have put in to it.Please ignore any and all flames.Enjoy your self when you write and have fun in your life when you can.I hope that you are still writing and that there will be more to this story.

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Review #10, by TGIF Pain and Lies Uncovered

19th December 2005:
please do continue

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Review #11, by Deanna Pain and Lies Uncovered

13th December 2005:

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Review #12, by Nathan Soule Pain and Lies Uncovered

1st November 2005:
Wow!!!! First time reading and I couldn't stop untill I finished all of the chapters that you wrote. Please, update again soon or if you finished this story on another website please let me know so I can finish reading it. Thanks.

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Review #13, by aniguise90 Pain and Lies Uncovered

10th October 2005:
FANTASTIC please please keep this up

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Review #14, by BabyMagicWitch Pain and Lies Uncovered

17th September 2005:
all i can say is - U GO GURL.

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Review #15, by BabyMagicWitch Pain and Lies Uncovered

16th September 2005:
I agree with 00sausageman. PLEASE UPDATE. i really lyk ur story and im going mad!!!!!!!!!! O.o please? PLEASE?

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Review #16, by 00SausageMan Pain and Lies Uncovered

15th September 2005:
will you ever update? this is one of only 3 stories i check from my favorites anymore (look and my favorites list) if that doesn't tell you that i like your story then nothing will!

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Review #17, by sxcmagicwitch Pain and Lies Uncovered

12th September 2005:

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Review #18, by Shannon In-laws and Vaults?

8th August 2005:
Ooh nice long chapters. I love the fact that Harry and Hermione are married. I knew it would happen. I have been reading for a wile and I wanted to see if I liked the story befor I keep reading. Good job and I'm going to read the next chapter.

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Review #19, by Catie Pain and Lies Uncovered

3rd August 2005:
EXCELLENT STORY!! It's awesome!! I really like the idea that Hermione and Harry are like King and Queen of the wizarding world. That's pretty cool. Well, keep up the great work! UPDATE SOON!!!!Thanks- Catie

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Review #20, by mione713 Pain and Lies Uncovered

28th July 2005:
great chapter this is a brilliant story and i can't wait for they next chapter i hope its soon

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Review #21, by 00SausageMan Pain and Lies Uncovered

22nd July 2005:
please update soon this is my favorite story on this site

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Review #22, by Natalie Pain and Lies Uncovered

22nd July 2005:
Wonderful! That's all I can say. Simplely Wonderful! I knew Dumbledore would crack eventually! Please update soon!!!!!

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Review #23, by mione713 Pain and Lies Uncovered

7th July 2005:
this stry is amazing i can totally imagine dumbledore begin evil it suits him i hope that you write more really soon because i'm hooked and its not fair to leave me hanging

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Review #24, by TxA_GunFighter The Lions Heart

6th July 2005:
Please post several chapters very soon. This is a very good story and I really look forward to reading it. gunny

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Review #25, by J. Pain and Lies Uncovered

6th July 2005:
write more soon

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