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Review #1, by Astoria_Launay Now or Never

11th October 2007:
aww that was sweet! I loved it!
You should write a longer Parcy story.. with a character named Astoria.. who percy falls madly in love with er.. hahaha!
But no i really did love it. I love Percy.. =]

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Review #2, by XITrinityBladeIX Now or Never

14th April 2006:
*melts* awww thats so cute lol

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Review #3, by Bookangel Now or Never

2nd October 2005:
Ohhh that was sweet. I've never read a Percy story before and was a bit sceptical, but you convinced me! One thing - you gave them a muggle mark instead of a wizard one. Just a suggestion!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Yeah, I couldn't for the love of it remember or get hold of the wizard marks, so I just put that one there. i can still change it... I just need to find where they were in the book. Or browse the net.

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Review #4, by ace Now or Never

12th August 2005:
I really like your story .There isn't very many stories about the older Weasly boys.I hope you up date soon.keep up the good work.100/100

Author's Response: I will. There isgoing to be a sequel to Now or Never which will be a chapter story. So, check back from time to time to see if it's there.

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Review #5, by Herculeha Now or Never

12th July 2005:
Okay, I tried to review this awhile ago, and my internet was getting really stupid on me, so let's try this again and hopefully it will work.

You. Are. My. Hero.

*squeals* Finally, a "you" fic that features me with my darling Percy! Even though Percy has done some questionable things that I don't approve of in J.K.'s books, I still have to love him. I don't even really know why I love him. Just that I do.

I will admit that I found Percy to be OOC at times in this story, but nothing too drastic. Besides, when he kissed me, I completely forgave you for all that. ^__^

Wonderful job on this, I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for writing this cute one-shot!

~Leah aka Herculeha

Author's Response: OMG. Now I really feel loved. I don't really know why Iove like I do either, but I do. There might be a sequel to this one time which will evolve into a longer story.

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Review #6, by fAnfICtiOncHiCk Now or Never

11th July 2005:
This was great. I loved reading it. There are like no Percy fics out there or at least to me. I never find any.

Author's Response: Wheee. Another Percy fan. I'm so happy.

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Review #7, by Elf_ears13 Now or Never

30th May 2005:
It was really sweet. However, Percy was a bit OOC, and there were a couple spelling/grammatical errors. Also a few inconsistencies with the books: You spelled Weasley wrong; it isn't "Mr. Filch," it's just Filch; it's impossible to get a "B" at Hogwarts. If you hadn't noticed, they have a different grading scale than Americans do; Percy and Penelope were still dating in the end of his sixth year, as this was the year the Basilisk was released from the chamber (Penelope was petrified).

Nonetheless, it was really sweet. I guess I don't mind the minor errors, seeing as I love Percy. . .^_^

Author's Response: Yeah, I know all that. It was an idea that popped into my mind when I was sick and bored and in bed. ijust thought the ide of some Percy cuteness was good. And I'm glad to meet another Percy fan.

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Review #8, by CuppaJoe Now or Never

22nd May 2005:
It's cute.

Author's Response: Thanks . :)

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Review #9, by Milkychunk_2 Now or Never

6th May 2005:
A sequel would be great, I know I'd read it without hesitation. And you're right, there is so much you can do with Percy. Did that sound wrong? Sure, we know some things, but we don't know it all. I really liked the way you portrayed him.

Author's Response: I have the idea for a sequel, but it might take a while. I have a lot of other sotries waiting to be written. *sigh* so many ideas and so little time to write them down.

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Review #10, by Milkychunk_2 Now or Never

5th May 2005:
This is great, I like Percy fics, but thet're rare. I write a Percy fic, but it's more Percy the frunk kind of fic, and I'm kind of rethinking my whole 'Percy's a git' point of view because of this. It was great.

Author's Response: Oh, cool. Ilike Percy. He's responsable, and you know some stuff about him, but not all. o there's a lot you can imagine. I might write a sequel to this.

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Review #11, by pinaygrl3123 Now or Never

4th May 2005:
Not a huge Percy fan but this was really good...

Author's Response: Thanks. I actually like Percy. But this story was sort of an experiment. (also the first kissing scene I ever wrote.)

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