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Reading Reviews for A Sister's Rage
17 Reviews Found

Review #1, by asianvoice Death

12th March 2006:
That was a great story. It is exactly what I pictured Petunia felt like about Lily.

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Review #2, by BloodyTears Death

8th September 2005:
*sob* OMG...SO GLAD YOU UPDATED! I'm just so sad it's over...it's such a good story. I love it!

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Review #3, by Midnight_Witch Death

28th July 2005:
wow that's.....oh it's just wow.

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Review #4, by sumbal Lily Evans

13th July 2005:
ur gorgeous kim,ur just gorgeous...where d hell do u get such wonderful ideas to write a story?i mean dis story is actually fabulous...u picked up such a gud point to write dat at first i thot i wudnt need to find out y petunia hated lily in HP6....(ok i m writting dys review for da whole story...dunn mind)...but in da end u turn ed da whole story and wrote a breathtaking end.....wasnt grandma mean?...i jus hate her...petunia too...and durley too....infact i hate da dursleyz family and her fatherz side...newayz,i luv stories of these types...i, myself hav been writing a diary for 4 yrz now...and to read sum1z else diary kind of thing is a great pleasure. ..keep ur self up,kim!!!...and da end waz a nice one... i mean both ov dem had nephewz and all dat stuff....magn ificent it waz....oh kim...cant u write a story on fleu r delacor and ron...plz do...although datz not ur fav pairing...newayz,wanst petunia supposed to end up wid baby sirius? and yes...there waz a lil mistake in dys fascinating story dat muggles cant pass thru da barrier at kings cross station...and putenia waz a muggle...and den lily cudnt pass thru da the barrier too coz her parents must have been watching...and even they didnt hav a drop of magical blood in their veins....i think tha t this is a mistake although i dont noe iv i m write or wrong....do tell me!!!....thanx

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Review #5, by sumbal~~~~~!!!! Lily Evans

12th July 2005:
hey kim...do u noe dat da sono review waz written by me...dat waz b4 v bcame friends and i asked u to help my wid aol...well yes abt dys story ill write a review later,,,,,,,gotcha go!!!

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Review #6, by Dark Angel Babies

2nd July 2005:
Great story! Please update soon! You've got a great understanding of Petunia.

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Review #7, by BloodyTears Two Weddings

14th June 2005:
:P I hope you update soon, I wanna read all about the wedding. *wiggles eyebrows* I wonder if Lily is secretly in love with Sirius..hehehe, that'd be cute.

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Review #8, by BloodyTears Troubles

14th June 2005:
Gawd..now I'm wondering what would have happened if Petunia and Sirius had ended up together. hahahaha ^.^

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Review #9, by BloodyTears Summertime

14th June 2005:
...Evil grandmother. I wonder how Petunia would have turned out if she wasn't fed all those lies.

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Review #10, by BloodyTears Hogwarts

14th May 2005:
Awww...poor Petunia. I absolutely ADORE the little crush on Sirius, it's so cute! Can't wait 'til the 3rd chapter!

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Review #11, by Lily Evans Hogwarts

13th May 2005:
Wow, I really liked this chapter. =) Update soon. Well done.

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Review #12, by malynnda_malfoy Lily Evans

11th May 2005:
This seems like a good story. Write more please!! ::MM::

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Review #13, by Lily Evans Lily Evans

8th May 2005:

It was brilliant and I am looking forward to Ch. 2, do you think you will have a new chpater out soon? If so, I will definatly read it. I'll be placing this in my fav's!!!

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Review #14, by Shading in Grey Lily Evans

8th May 2005:
Nice fic! I love Petunia ones, and this is a nice perspective on why they hate each other.

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Review #15, by BloodyTears Lily Evans

5th May 2005:
Oo...I absolutely LOVE the beginning of your story and I LOVE how you took the view of Petunia! I think I'm really going to like this story, please keep writing! I can't wait until the next chapter. -Jayce

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Review #16, by sono Lily Evans

4th May 2005:
hi i really loved ur story.its a wonder.u know i always wanted to write stories.i am having my exams now but i want to join this site.i dont know whats AOL.CAN U HELP ME?plz.anyway do u wanna be my friend.well,i want to be urs.plz mail me at krack_me@hotmail.com.once again,the story was a really gud idea.it was fascinating.

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Review #17, by fear me101 Lily Evans

3rd May 2005:
wow great story line! keep it up. :)

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