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Review #1, by Black Dove Chapter One: Realizing Change

28th November 2004:
Good chapter, creative plot but there is one thing wrong you said the drinking age is older the 18 which is wrong in England it is 16 in restuarants and 18 everywhere else so they are old enough to drink. I just thought I would let you know, I found it out researching for a Debate speech on lowering the drinking age otherwise keep up the great work! ~Black Dove

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Review #2, by Paige Chapter Two: The Date

8th November 2003:
Awesome story!!!!!!!!!! Plz up-date!!!!!

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Review #3, by Erika Chapter One: Realizing Change

13th August 2003:
hey! thanks so much for reading and reviewing my story! you rock! i like this story its really good! keep writing!!! again i say, you rock!!! ~Erika

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Review #4, by Harry Chapter One: Realizing Change

7th July 2003:
Ooohh this story looks like its gonna be funny. You better post more and dont leave me on a cliffhanger cuz then id have to cry :(. Anyways.... Post more of this soon XD.

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Review #5, by Roxanne/Amy Chapter One: Realizing Change

26th May 2003:
I\'ll give you the strength. LoL. Write more on the frigging story!!!!!!!! I will get mad if you dont.

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Review #6, by PriscillaRyu Chapter One: Realizing Change

19th May 2003:
Hmm... its good... confused at where this is going though... keep writing! Please.

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Review #7, by Amy Chapter One: Realizing Change

6th May 2003:
Me wuvs ur story! Keep updating or i wont update more on my story nemore...

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Review #8, by Angelo Chapter One: Realizing Change

17th April 2003:
hi sammi! you make a good author

Author's Response: Thank You Ange...

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Review #9, by JasmineGrint Chapter One: Realizing Change

17th April 2003:
Hiya! Yes i kno, i used my marcness. Nice Story. Incase different ppl are reading this, ive read her story so dont think im reviewing her disclaimer cuz im not. Keep up the good work Sammi. 0_~

Author's Response: gah

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Review #10, by She Who Must Not Be Named Chapter One: Realizing Change

16th April 2003:
Hey, um... what was with that chap? I\'m totally lost. Anyway, I\'ll watch for this... A lot of good Harry Future fics are out, have you checked out \"New Faces, Old Friends\"? It sounds like a different idea from yours, but you should check it out. or \"Under Cover\" is also good. ~SWMNBN

Author's Response: i know how long it has taken me to respond to the reviews...but even though you are is OK...

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