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Review #1, by insomnia_reader The Pranksters are out Pranked.

6th February 2009:
Update? Make it a mini series??? Please?? For my sanity?

Author's Response: I shall lol but it may take me a while to get chapters out as I'm juggling university and writing my other story as well.

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Review #2, by rosehearteddreams042 The Pranksters are out Pranked.

1st March 2008:
i really like it! please update soon

Author's Response: What I plan to do is create a novella or novel out of it but it's going to take some time as for now my focus is going to be on my studies and getting The Good, the Bad and the Charmed (the rewrite of Whitelighters at Hogwarts) back up and running, but I do promise to rewrite this and turn it into a novella, instead of just a one-shot fic.

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Review #3, by CharmedDaughterForever The Pranksters are out Pranked.

22nd April 2007:
OMG that's so funny!! bloody mary, her name's mary right??

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Review #4, by secret_witch The Pranksters are out Pranked.

9th June 2006:
Loved it, hilariously funny.

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Review #5, by ltcommdatafan The Pranksters are out Pranked.

22nd October 2005:
this story was wonderful!!!! it would be great if you could write more of it!!!!! again, it was wonderful!

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Review #6, by _alechia_ The Pranksters are out Pranked.

1st August 2005:
very well written, how do you manage to set up mysteries like that?

Author's Response: Sorry I haven't responsed to this. And I have no idea how I managed to set up a mystery like that, it just came to me!

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Review #7, by Quintescence_ala_Diesis The Pranksters are out Pranked.

9th June 2005:
cut very cute!

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Review #8, by psyche7537 The Pranksters are out Pranked.

3rd June 2005:
you are a master a genius i tell you great

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Review #9, by wonka The Pranksters are out Pranked.

3rd June 2005:
I loved it, sooo funny. i thought it was funny that they were asking for her help to find, well her.

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Review #10, by nickkky The Pranksters are out Pranked.

25th May 2005:
hey this is very good but i don't get the bloody mary bit. is that another name for the queen of hearts or sumthin? well, it was good! thumbs up i love fred n george!!

Author's Response: Have you heard of the card game bloody mary. If not well it's a game where all the queens are taken out of the pack and the queen of hearts is put back in the pack. The cards are then dealt out. You get rid of the pairs in your pile. Then the person right or left of you takes a card from your non paired up cards which should be on the floor somewhere. The person right or left to the person who just took the card from you then takes a card from that person. Well long story short the person left with the queen of hearts which cannot be paired up is the loser. The games is called Bloody Mary as is the queen of hearts.

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