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Reading Reviews for Allied With the Enemy
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Review #1, by B An Obsession

6th January 2016:
Good love it great needs more

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Review #2, by Leesie An Obsession

7th October 2010:
Ron is such an arse! >:| I hate Ron! Poor Hermione. :( At least she has Draco. I hope he tells her he love her and that he truly means it.

~Yours Eternally~

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Review #3, by Beatrice Scrypte Allied With the Enemy

28th December 2008:
omigod! someone else on this earth that actualy uses da word flirtatious!! virtual high five! :P

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Review #4, by Beatrice Scrypte Thoughts and Butterbeer

28th December 2008:
really good!!! do u have any more d/h stories? i like readin those. of course il have 2 finish this 1 first . . .

btw, the first chapter of mi story just came out. take a look @ it and spread the word!! any reviews are greatly appreciated :)

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Review #5, by hp_addicts Fooling the Prankster

6th June 2007:
lmao i love that partt with neville and his quilll

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Review #6, by ron is SEXY An Obsession

25th December 2006:
I Love It! So Much. You Really Have To Update Soon!!!

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Review #7, by ron is SEXY One Passionate Kiss Too Far

25th December 2006:
im scared! its so good.

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Review #8, by Dark Princess 06 An Obsession

28th May 2006:
please update really soon

Author's Response: *bites lip...

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Review #9, by Glory An Obsession

16th March 2006:
OMG, I LOVE THIS!!!!! I can't wait for the next one! Please hurry!!!!

Author's Response: *smiles... *blush... I'll do my best. I've mentioned before that I most likely am considering writing more again after so long. You and all my other readers have been so patient. I apologize for such a wait. I hope to please you all with more chapters to come. But, I must warn you: if I do write more, I'm afraid that the writing style might differ as well as how the story carries on. I think it's just that whole thing when people go through changes in their lives... But, I hope that you'll think I've only bettered my writings. *nods* Thank you, graciously.

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Review #10, by quidditch_chic18 An Obsession

24th February 2006:
omg! i am in love with your story! wow, im adding it to my favorites! it started all as a prank... but ended up to be so much more... tsk tsk tsk lol update hurry! this story is written very niceley and yeah... i dont want to sound like a teacher so there! ha lol <3 Lizz/Alice/Wonderland

Author's Response: *grins Thank you!

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Review #11, by Mary An Obsession

17th February 2006:

Author's Response: *grins *blush... Why thank you very much. You're too kind.

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Review #12, by alyson An Obsession

7th January 2006:
more pleaze!

Author's Response: I will do my best. If I get any time, of course I will. I didn't know I had so many interested readers... To tell you the truth, I am quite stunned.

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Review #13, by Leah An Obsession

6th January 2006:
I love it.... can't wait till you update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: *grins

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Review #14, by Leah An Obsession

6th January 2006:
I love it.... can't wait till you update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: *grins

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Review #15, by WikkedHermione An Obsession

4th December 2005:
Update when you can! Your wonderful story has enticed to many readers and we are all clinging to it by our teeth!

Author's Response: Oh my! Really? I didn't think it was that good... Well, thank you much for those kind words! *smiles

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Review #16, by dracos goddess An Obsession

2nd December 2005:
aww dracos so sweet but for some odd reason i fell that he might do something bad later on....anywho i love ur story so far and UPDATE!! p.s- damn ron....the stupid moron....oh but i feel sorry for him...still...hes evil!!!!

Author's Response: Yes, yes... We'll see what happens as the story goes on.

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Review #17, by dracos butterfly An Obsession

30th November 2005:
im totally lovin ur story!!!! ron the........grrr.......keep updatin! xxx

Author's Response: *grins Thanks!

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Review #18, by dracos_damsel An Obsession

30th November 2005:
Its realy good i love it! but wat is wrong with ron? why would he do something like that?i never thought he would do something like that? anyway please continue and update soon8-)

Author's Response: *shrugs... You know, truly, I just make it up as I write. I haven't written in an awful long time though... And I think at the time that I wrote all of that, I was in a depressed or going to be depressed stage... But, I am better now so I think things might swing around a little bit.

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Review #19, by naf An Obsession

14th November 2005:
ooo i can't decide which of your stories i like best ! but this is most definitely one of my fave Draco/Hermione ones. i wouldn't be surprised if Jo used this in book seven, it's that great @!

Author's Response: *blush... Why, thank you very much. That was awful nice of you. *smiles

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Review #20, by naf Thoughts and Butterbeer

14th November 2005:
i hate shalloww boys...but on a happier note, very nice beginning ! *hurries to next chapter*

Author's Response: *laughs...

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Review #21, by Tinkerbell626 An Obsession

11th November 2005:
i like! I like the nice twist of it all through the chapters. It's a nice touch. Well, I'll be checking up on u! update soon!

Author's Response: Nice touch, eh? Why thank you. *smiles

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Review #22, by Snow_Beauty An Obsession

8th November 2005:
thats quiet scary a good story but a scary one ron is a maniac id be scared if i was hermione good story

Author's Response: *smiles... Thank you!

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Review #23, by xmelizax An Obsession

5th September 2005:
Hey hey, it's me again!! When are you going to update your story again!?!? I am still waiting......hehe. :D

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for such a long wait! But thanks for being patient. You know, I'm now a junior in high school and I've been really busy since this year is my most important of the four. Also, I've joined cross country so I've been tired... But, I would really like to get my stories back up and running... Hopefully, when I do, there will be more than just one chapter ;)

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Review #24, by slytherinwolfie An Obsession

26th August 2005:
awww Draco's so sweet!!! plz update soon!!!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it :) I would really love to get my story up and going again, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon... I've been so busy lately... And I feel awful for those people who actually want to read my stories... It's just... I'm in a writer's block and it sucks.

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Review #25, by Gryffindor Girls Fooling the Prankster

15th August 2005:
“Maybe she’s going to get her period… You know how girls get right before they start… They snap at everybody, eat lots of chocolate, and then tell you that they’re too fat and must have gained eight pounds…” that. was. precious. i loved it! great job.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! So glad you enjoyed that chapter! -Prongsie

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