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Review #1, by PrincessPotter What Was I Thinking?

27th December 2005:
This story was posted awhile ago but I just found it... I thought it was very cute, i really liked Harry's thoughts as Ginny was kissing him... very funny. Good one-shot! :)

Author's Response: I am very happy that you liked it, I was pleased with how it turned out. Not bad for a couple hours thought/work. LOL ~LATER DAYS~ Love ya.

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Review #2, by Glassesfreak206 What Was I Thinking?

13th July 2005:
Hey! Where did you go, my friend? Me no hear from you and your story list is still short! Did you disappear? :( Please tell me you didn't!

Author's Response: Nope I didn't dissapear. I have just been engrosed in summer school. I promise that i will get back to writing as soon as possiable. ~LATER~

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Review #3, by HPwizardGirl (not logged in) What Was I Thinking?

25th June 2005:
Very nice! I liked it a lot, especially at the part where Harry's rambling to himself mentally trying to clear his head... "My name is Harry James Potter, I am the boy that lived..." I thought that was pretty funny. I also liked the part at the end where Hermione is kissing Ron and talking to him at the same time. Well done. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, glad that you liked it. I thought that the part where he was talking to himself would be something good to throw in. Thank you for your review. Love ya ~LATER~

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Review #4, by Prefect Gryffindor What Was I Thinking?

21st June 2005:
i liked it and i am the only QUEEN whos opinion matters! lmao.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing, and like you said, your are the only QUEEN whose opinion matters. Love ya. ~LATER~

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Review #5, by SummerQueen What Was I Thinking?

19th May 2005:
um, in another story review, I said fanfiction is supposed to be a bit stupid but I didn't mean go ahead and idiotize(meaning making character act stupid) HArry and Ginny! Honestly!

Author's Response: Sorry that this story wasn't to your likeing, you might find my other story "What To Do When You Love Two!" more to your likeing. Unless you don't like Harry/Hermione fics. I am glad that you took the time to review, even though you didn't like the story. That means alot to me. ~LATER~

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Review #6, by andharrywokeup What Was I Thinking?

9th May 2005:
sweet, i guess! well done!

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad that you liked it. ~LATER~

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Review #7, by Mrs Insane One What Was I Thinking?

4th May 2005:
OMG! That was so funny and so touching! I was laughing so hard at Ron and Mione! Great job! looking forward to your next bit of writing! - Jenn *sorry it's not signed, didn't wanna wait long enough to sign in before I read it! lol*

Author's Response: Thanks, I thought it was kinda funny also. Don't worrie about not being signed in, I'm just glad that everyone has liked it so far. Love ya. ~LATER~

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Review #8, by JTBlackout What Was I Thinking?

2nd May 2005:
That was quite amusing and well done, and it was made even better by the fact that you used the term Snogging. I love that term.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it. I must give the credit for the term "Snogging" to my wonderful BETA Mrs. Potter. She is the one that turned me on to the term. ~LATER~

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Review #9, by perlifoxy What Was I Thinking?

1st May 2005:
Wow, that was a really good chapter. There was a few grammatical mistakes, but nothing that is major. I really enjoyed reading this story, I like your whole plot and everything. The way you brought H/G and R/H was really sweet. I don't understand why you would make this a one-shot, it should be a full story. Great story, i really enjoyed reading it. Much love =)perlifoxy

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I am glad that you liked it, I never really thought about making it a full story. I just figured that I would let everyone's immagnation tell the rest of the tale. Love ya.~LATER~

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Review #10, by Lupinzgurl What Was I Thinking?

1st May 2005:
Good story. It moved at just the right pace. the only thing I could suggest is using contractions in the dialogue to make it more realistic. This is not a big deal. Basically, you phrasing is very good.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, I am clad that you liked the story. As fot the contractions thing in the dialogue I will have to talk to my BETA about that, English isn't my best subject. Thanks again ~LATER~

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Review #11, by Glassesfreak206 What Was I Thinking?

30th April 2005:
YAY!!! Such as sweet story. And considering I LOATHE G/H with a passion, this fic wasn't that bad! *voice inside head* well, no was Jailey who wrote it....

Author's Response: Thanks once again for your words of encouragement. With all of the things that are coming my way in life, I need all of the encouragement that I can get. I am glad that you liked my story, and please thank the voice in your head for me as well. LOL Love ya. ~LATER~

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Review #12, by Glassesfreak206 What Was I Thinking?

30th April 2005:
is it just me or is it that I'm usually always the first to review new chapters or stories??? Haha, okay, I'll review again once I read it!

Author's Response: Thanks, LOL you mean you reviewed before you read it. Thank you. I am glad that you were the first to review my littlest fic, LOL. Love ya. ~LATER~

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