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Review #1, by Snow_Beauty Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

27th January 2006:
i liked the story you could continue with that is was good

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Review #2, by gilmoregirl34 Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

25th November 2005:
I love it! Can't wait for your next chapter! I like Elizabeth! In fact, my name is Elizabeth! Ok, I'm gonna stop embarrasing myself! Can't wait!

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Review #3, by OpheliaDameDansLeBleu Elizabeth\'s Secret Admirer

23rd August 2005:
good chapter, though i don't think Harry would do something like that, but that's just me, good story thought

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Review #4, by Sandi Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

14th July 2004:
hehe, I remember saying all that business... ^_^ I really do! in P-ImeanQuidditch... yeah... quidditch...

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Review #5, by SilverMirror Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

13th July 2003:
I liked it, lol. The list of Slytherin notes are excellent! :)

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Review #6, by evilcourtney Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

12th June 2003:
Oh no.. Poor Elizabeth. Good thing I hate Ron and don\'t like Harry much, otherwise I\'d be screaming at you. You see - I\'m a Draco girl..... You\'d think Harry and Ron would know enough about Muggles, and Hermione told them in Book 4 - bugging devices don\'t work at Hogwarts, no wonder their\'s didn\'t work properly. Write more- your good.

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Review #7, by Sandi Tilesmann Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

1st May 2003:
That is so sad! Where\'s Harry?! I\'m gonna Smack\'im! grr! He and Ron are so aweful! Jeez! Well, I\'m off to go hunt red-headed time-ruiners and scar-marked butt-heads... ; )

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Review #8, by MadisonFelton Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

30th April 2003:
omfg! i luv ur story!!!! plz rite more!!!!!!! wow! like one of the best ive read! and i read lotsa fanfics! plz review mine in turn...sadly i didnt sign in...thats me pen name tho...sry im pathetically begging 4 reviews!

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Review #9, by Crystal (aka Becca!) Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

29th April 2003:
Hey \"Jenna\"! I loved the story! ^_^ Write some more if you have time...I think I\'m going to start writing some things, too! But the thing is, since you\'ve written about Elizabeth and I start writing about her, the head honchos of this site are going to be emailing you to make sure we aren\'t copying each other, so help me clear my name, kk? Anyway, I love what you did with my character, thanks a bunch! -Crystal

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Review #10, by MariaRiddle Elizabeth\'s Slytherin Notes

14th April 2003:
This was so brilliantly written, would u mind reading my fic, Harry Potter and the Marauders Book?Pleez, Oh pleez continue this fic, i\'ll be looking out for further work... Yours Truly, MRiddL

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