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Review #1, by Jane The Rise Of The Dark Lord

29th March 2015:
I love this! It's bloody brilliant! What's the next story called? I've cheacked but there's 2 that says "continues of the grim" help me! And I LOVE THIS!!!

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Review #2, by Sabya Sachi The Rise Of The Dark Lord

17th April 2012:
you couldn't have chosen a worse time to abandon the series... :(

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Review #3, by Chris The Rise Of The Dark Lord

15th August 2011:
Excellent. Very much enjoy your stories.

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Review #4, by Sean The Rise Of The Dark Lord

29th March 2010:
I've waited entirely too long for this story to come out with a sequel the fact that it hasn't really annoys me. I'm just letting u know that you've lost a fan

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Review #5, by Paul The Rise Of The Dark Lord

17th September 2009:
You screwed the whole story turning harry dark.

Author's Response: er...if you look at the banner for the story it's kind of obvious. Plus, the whole story was going in that direction. If you didn't see that coming you need to go back to school and hopefully develop your brain. it seems all the english you supposedly learnt didn't give you an IQ.

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Review #6, by Paul Hogwarts' Finest

17th September 2009:
Another error

when the apparated the lot of them and the car to the house. (grammar)

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Review #7, by Paul The Seal Of The Infernus

17th September 2009:
And yet another error.

Harry belated birthday, Harry (Happy belated birthday, Harry)

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Review #8, by Paul Promises

16th September 2009:
Yet another error.

why are they getting on like such idiots (grammar)

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Review #9, by Paul Seventeen

16th September 2009:
Here we go again lol

serious expression under that hood for a fraction of a section (second not section)

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Review #10, by CnConrad The Rise Of The Dark Lord

20th August 2009:
This was a great epic story. I am currently waiting on the Crusader.

I have one question though. Wasn't Potter suppose to raise an army of the remaining Aurors?

I have a few complaints on how the story ended. No, they are not typical complaints.

1 Rebecca that name means nothing to me anymore he said sadly. It was all so quick, but now it is too late- those two were Sol and Steven, weren't they?
- I was sorry to see these guys die, they were so loyal to Potter they would have made great soldiers in the upcoming war.

2 She wanted him, always did. But like this, it would be cruel to have them raise a son in this time of darkness. Even so, his will was her own, she was forever bound to him by magic. She would willingly bear him a son.
- I realize the bonding thing that Rebbecca did and now she must stay loyal to him. I hoped that she would kind of embrace her new destiny rather than make it so obvious that she was just a slave to it.

Nice job on removing all the secondary characters though.

Author's Response: Q&A time! cool

1. Yes he will, and it will arise out of the muggles deciding to wage war on magic folk, and needing a leader for a strong arm resistance to survive.

2. Sol and Steven were doing their job and ended up casualites in the assassination of the MoM. They had a duty to protect and therefore fodder for the Dark Lord.

3. The Harry Poter she knew was a talented soldier and a humble person. The factors of his school life and love/friendship has been lost, so now he's more of a loose cannon bent on vengeance. But, lets say for contiunity's sake she learns to accept her position and is now content to be his mate and mother to his son. Thats what she wanted in the first place. Can't have her cake and eat it too :D

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Review #11, by achu The Rise Of The Dark Lord

13th August 2009:
f***ing good novel dude. is there a sequel.

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Review #12, by Haystacks The Rise Of The Dark Lord

12th July 2009:
Great fun, a blast to read. Looking forward to reading the next one.

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Review #13, by Romani The Rise Of The Dark Lord

27th June 2009:
well that was interesting...

That went a lot darker then i thought it would.

Good ish so far though, NEXT!

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Review #14, by Cnconrad Hermione's Moment of Truth

25th June 2009:
I really liked how the chapter turned out. I still don't quite see him as a dark lord or a dark son of Magic though???

He seems more like an angle of Judgement. I have not seen him do a single evil thing yet?

All that being said, I really really like the way it turned out, Hermione rids him of Solidus but the fact that the gov't already took away all of his past and all of his memories.

Now they deside to turn on him after he has done no wrong.

Very clever. I still don't get the fact that the peons seem to hold no loyalty to him?

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Review #15, by Cnconrad The Demon Within

23rd June 2009:
Good, but I am wondering, "Is Dumbledore using Potter as pawn again to set up Draco?"

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Review #16, by Derex The Demon Within

11th March 2009:
These are more lke comedy stories than anything else. Maybe you should write more. LOL.

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Review #17, by North The Rise Of The Dark Lord

28th February 2009:
Over the last couple of days i have read your stories and i must say, ..., VERY well done. Seriously, you not only used Rowlings characters, like many other people have done, but MADE them your own. Although not the most important parts to your stories I extremely enjoyed the combat scenes and the camaraderie exchanged for a while between Draco and Harry. Simply put you made Harry and Draco BAD ASS!!! Your ending was great, no "happy endings" but a sense of finality all the same. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Legacy set. Thank You for putting the time in to write them and sticking to it.


BTW If you haven't ever see or played Devil May Cry I think you might like it. I think i see a little "Dante" in Harry/Solidus.

Author's Response: I played dmc but didnt really like it. I guess there may be some similiarites but nothing i intended. Man this ficiton is so old people are calling it cookie cutter cuz the ideas are used over and over again but this is one of the first ones that ddi this sorta thing way back immideiately after the release of ootp. Feels a bit verused now doesn't it? so many had come and imporved on the whole dark/independent it doesnt have the same original feel to it anymore, even though this was original at the time.

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Review #18, by thegeneralofmusic The Rise Of The Dark Lord

9th February 2009:
I don't know what to think. Ghastly. Just ghastly. This is not the way I think it should have ended.

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Review #19, by thegeneralofmusic Hermione's Moment of Truth

8th February 2009:
Why did you end it this way. I don't like it. This is not the way it should end. However you are the writer. But I don't have to like it.

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Review #20, by thegeneralofmusic The Fall of Harry Potter- Pt II

8th February 2009:
I hope Hermione can do this. It is going to be tough, but we shall see.

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Review #21, by thegeneralofmusic The Fall of Harry Potter- Pt I

8th February 2009:
This is not good. I don't like what is happening. Are you really going to destroy Harry. Well, I guess he is no longer Harry. A sad ending.

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Review #22, by thegeneralofmusic The Battle of Norway

8th February 2009:
Yes, but I was saddened by the fact that Harry unwittingly killed Hagrid. Lestrange need to be dealt with.

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Review #23, by thegeneralofmusic Rebecca's Promise

8th February 2009:
I just don't know what to think now. I of course don't know how you are going to finish this. I hope it come out on the good side.

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Review #24, by thegeneralofmusic Lead Us Not Astray...

8th February 2009:
Okay, I will have to trust that you will work all this out. It is a very exciting story.

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Review #25, by thegeneralofmusic The Dawning of a New Era

8th February 2009:
I liked it, but what I don't want is Harry to become this dark lord. I want Hermione to exorcise him.

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