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Review #1, by Sky Goddess Breathe No More

6th July 2006:
i dont kno exactly y it's personal,
but i can ges
and i hav a few theories
and it helped me.
author to author
i kno thats one thing w elik to hear
so, i told u.

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Review #2, by vee waters Breathe No More

18th May 2006:
hey could you explain the story to me my mail adress is thnks luved ur story

Author's Response: Um.. there's not @ sign, so my com won't take it. @_@ What do you want me to explain, though? What's it mean to you?

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Review #3, by Chelsea Breathe No More

15th January 2006:
hey! I loved it! I am a little confused though. Was it all a dream?

Author's Response: Kinda... the whole thing is supposed to not make sense, I guess. It's more of a feeling she had, put into a scene instead of just being a feeling, if that made sense.

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Review #4, by hgluver Breathe No More

1st June 2005:
This was really good! I'm obsessed w/ Evanescence, love the song! It would have been better if you killed Hermione though, more tragic.

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Review #5, by hplssrmntc313 Breathe No More

3rd May 2005:
Wait.. wat just happened? It was good story but i got confused in the end.

Author's Response: It's supposed to be like that. Yo usee, it's a very abstract and symbolistic story to me. I guess it could be thought of in many different ways; you ust have to decide what it means to you. (Cuz I'm not telling! XD)

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