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Review #1, by potter68 Unspoken Words

13th July 2006:
in the chapter with the glaring contest you said it was saturday with no classes and then went and sewnt harry and hermione to potions, i am confused here

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Review #2, by Jesszzz Unspoken Words

5th May 2005:
Awwwwwwwww So cute!!!! This is so fluffy!!!!! *sigh* I love fluffy fics.......Your puntuation and grammer could use some work but otherwise this is amazing and I hope you write more.

Author's Response: thank you! i dont have a beta cuz im usually good with grammar and punctuation, but i typed this late at night i guess i missed it, i usually dont have time, but who knows? summer's coming and god knows i have the "mojo" for i :)

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Review #3, by jailey21 Unspoken Words

2nd May 2005:
Not a problem, But I must confess. I went into the Cho/Harry one-shots and read this one first, then I read the second one. When I came back to the title page for them this story was gone. I thought that I had finaley lost it. I am glad that I found it here, cause that just reassured me that I wasn't Crazy. At least not compleatly. LOL Loved the story to. ~LATER~

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Review #4, by jailey21 Unspoken Words

2nd May 2005:
I LOVED IT! I think it is a great story, I do however think that you have it in the wrong categorie. I think it would fit well in the Harry/Hermione one-shot section, but then again I didn't write it so I have no authority to say where it belongs. ~LATER~

Author's Response: Thank you! i didnt realize where i put it, it was late at night when i typed this, i guess i was drowsy when i posted it, thank you for your kind review and for correcting me :D

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