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Review #1, by Lady Serendipity For Only A Moment

31st July 2007:
Hehe had to read this story again. (Its candy_shop). Beautiful as it always was. It deserves a banner, would you want me to make you one? email me on

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Review #2, by unknown_force For Only A Moment

15th August 2006:
Aww that's so sad and sweet at the same time. Beautifully written.

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #3, by blu_canine For Only A Moment

8th August 2006:
Such a sweet and sad story. I'm very close to tears now. Wonderfully written. Not overdone or underdone. Added straight to my favourites and certainly a 10/10 from me. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond!

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Review #4, by Fish and Bird For Only A Moment

25th May 2006:
Sad? Yes, but you manage to balance that out with the fact that at the end he had just what he wanted. A bittersweet piece of fanfic, but so much the better because of it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review!

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Review #5, by t_angel_1993 For Only A Moment

11th April 2006:
*waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!* Why'd you have to kill Ron??? Both ur one-shots dat I read, has Ron dieing!!! WHY???!!!! (Personally I think u have a grudge on him!!) First you kill, Fred, George, Bill, Percy, Ron... and now you kill Ron, AGAIN!! :( But oh well... it was beautiful!! it made me cry!! Keep it up!! ;)

Author's Response: Again...thanks for reading and reviewing my stories! I know it might seem like I have a grudge against Ron, but I don't, honest! You should read my other one shot Something Worth Dying For...cuz Ron DOES NOT die in it. Anyway, thanks again for the review...its greatly appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed my story. :o)

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Review #6, by Shayla (sorry, I didn't sign my name) For Only A Moment

30th October 2005:
Hi! I think candy_shop recommended this story in one of her replies to a review, so I htought I'd read htis story. I'm so glad a did! It was beautiful!! I think that's really how Hermione and Ron would behave if something like that happened. It just seemed so realistic! Well done. Shayla.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I try really hard to keep everyone in character in all my stories, and it means a lot to me that you think I did! Thanks for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #7, by Lumos2000 For Only A Moment

25th July 2005:
I can hardly see what I'm typing because I'm crying so hard. This story is excellent, I love it to pieces. Keep it up!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you "love it to pieces," its compliments like those that make writing worth the fact that I just like to do it. Anyway, back to the point, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by candy_shop For Only A Moment

2nd July 2005:
OMG!!! I had to read it again and again also did my friend and sisters! THEY LUV IT!!! They say its sad but great! Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you again, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it so much that you keep reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by Kait Hobbit For Only A Moment

20th June 2005:
No words can describe that other then that had to be one of the most sad-romantic stories I have ever read on this site. And believe me, i've read my fair share. Perfect. well, it would be if Ron was there but still, it was in a way, perfect.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. I'm glad that you enjoyed my story, one of the main reasons I write them is so others can read them and enjoy them. Thanks for the compliments, they made my day!

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Review #10, by candy_shop For Only A Moment

26th May 2005:
So sad, i read it again, just if you wanted to know, and i responded to ur review, u mite like it *smile*

Author's Response: I'm glad u enjoyed it so much, and thanks for mentioning my story in ur response to my review! I love publicity! Thanks a bunch! And I'll try to check out ur other fanfics at some point, I can't wait to read them!

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Review #11, by candy_shop For Only A Moment

25th May 2005:
OH!!!! *tears swallow up keyboard* THat is soo damn sad!!! It made mi heart stop! Im still alive tho.... i luv this!!! I will read ur other stories, i think that i could give this like a billion out of 10!!! I luv this so damn much, i cant wait until u make more stories!!! Luv it, so damn great! R u a ron/hermione shipper? I am the biggest!!! if u want u could read mi stories that are obviosly ron/hermione stories. And it is true, u dont know what u have until its gone *tears fall freely once again*

Author's Response: Thank u so much for most very enthusiastic review I've ever recieved! I'm so glad u liked it, and yes I am a huge Ron/Hermione shipper. I will totally try to check out ur stories!

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Review #12, by Entropy For Only A Moment

19th May 2005:
Love the last line, it sums up the story quite nicely. Very sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. Sad that's what it took for them both to get over their shyness and finally realize things, but that's just how things are. I liked it.

Author's Response: I'm glad my story touched you, thats always rewarding. Thanks for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #13, by Sam I am For Only A Moment

10th May 2005:
THAT WAS SO SAD! omg, i was crying! but it was really well written

Author's Response: I know it was sad, but it was supposed to be a bit of a tearjerker. Anyway, thanks for the compliment!

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Review #14, by Eideann Adenydd For Only A Moment

8th May 2005:
That was sad and touching. I enjoyed it. :) The ending was great; the phrase summed it all up and made it final. Very, very good! (And it reminded me somewhat of my own story, My Poor, Foolish Heart, which is also a Ron/Hermione romance... HINT HINT! Lol) Anyways, great story... Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading. I'm glad you liked it, and I'll definitely check out your story!

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Review #15, by my_addiction For Only A Moment

29th April 2005:
AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! that's so sad! i almost cried!!! really good!

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch for reviewing. I'm glad you liked it!

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