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Review #1, by BlueGrassLily I Could Make You My World

5th September 2013:
It was nice, but some parts were confusing. I realized at the end the bold was James and regular was Lily.But really, it was very touching :)

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Review #2, by asdf I Could Make You My World

20th August 2007:
whats the song?

Author's Response: I Can Love You Like That by John Michael Montgomery.

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Review #3, by hpismylove07 I Could Make You My World

11th July 2007:
wow. i absolutely loved it!

amazing song & amazing love story!!

great writing. loved the way you portrayed each of the characters through the others eyes. great writing skills.

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm glad you liked it. I've always thought there wasn't enough FA fics out there.

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Review #4, by mia I Could Make You My World

2nd October 2005:
its fluffy...but today, I like fluff, so fluff it is. the story!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love fluff too...*sigh* it's so great...

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Review #5, by AzkabansMostWanted I Could Make You My World

8th August 2005:
awwwwwww, how sweet! a good song too...i lvoe how you had u included both of their thoughts into the story. good job

Author's Response: ((Feels terrible)) God, that took me forever to respond to...I was on vacation (again, this is the last one...promise=P). Thanks for taking the time to review, and wow, I feel giddy! =D Thanks!

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Review #6, by trixytonks I Could Make You My World

9th July 2005:
oh bless! that was lovely. I love lily/james fics, they are so tragic, so bittersweet. you had a few grammar/punctuation problems, but I'm overlooking them for the moment because I love the way you have written this - the thoughts switching from Lily to James, their confusion and love so clear. nice work!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks lol! I'll be sure to read it over and fix any mistakes right soon as I get a spare minute. Thank you so much!

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Review #7, by Elf_ears13 I Could Make You My World

4th July 2005:
That was really sweet. I love the way you ended it, it just wrapped up nicely without any loose ends. There was no pointless dialogue, which was a plus, and the way they came together was quite realistic. The song fit perfectly, too.There were a couple lines, however, that I think could be made better, less confusing.

How often have I wished for you to look at me with[out] something other than hate raging in them?

I cautiously wrap my arms around your waist[,] resting my hands just above your waist.

“Why?” You ask. “Why must you do this to me Lily, when [you] love someone else?”

Wow, that was a bunch of codes. Hope I didn't mess any of them up; and you can tell what I'm trying to communicate. =P Anyhow, the plot, characters, and dialogue were right on target, it was just a couple of those sentences that were a bit confusing. A highly enjoyable one-shot; I hope you continue to write!

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much for your suggestions! I didn't like that second sentence, but I couldn't think of another way to put it! Thank you very much! And thanks for reviewing...your comments are so important to me! Lol.

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Review #8, by the nutty imp I Could Make You My World

3rd July 2005:
OK nitpick first: All those girls I had for one-night stands and broke it off the next day, seems to contradict with the lyrics in the song: I'm no Casanova, but I swear this much is true Instead maybe have James state that all those rumours of his one-night stands to be just that; rumours which he encouraged to hide/protect himself.

Overall it's cute and heart warming exchange between Lily and James. Using bold-faced fonts for James thoughts makes it easy to discern whose thoughts are flowing. Like it! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! You're right, it doesn't fit...I'll change that, thanks for the suggestion, it's a very good one and it'll fit well. I never actually noticed that hole, considering all the times I listened to that's kinda sad really. But thank you, both for enjoying it and reviewing.

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Review #9, by Danielle I Could Make You My World

1st July 2005:
this was beautiful. It brought a slight tear to my eye. Who is that song by? I love the lyrics.

Author's Response: Awww...thanks! The song is "I Can Love You Like That" by John Michael Montgomery.

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Review #10, by King Arthur I Could Make You My World

30th June 2005:
so cute and very romantic!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's always nice to know people enjoyed my stories! I always grin!

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Review #11, by boyluva0101 I Could Make You My World

28th June 2005:
aawwww!!! just..just.... AAWW!!!! lolz.

Author's Response: Awww...thanks lol...thanks!

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Review #12, by x_this_sucks_x I Could Make You My World

28th June 2005:
That was cute...

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #13, by hazel_meets_green I Could Make You My World

24th June 2005:
hey! i tried contacting you about the beta thing but you never replied so maybe you didnt get it. anyway, i would really appreciate it if you could be my beta reader. i have another chapter of my story (colors) ready but i dont know if i should post it before anyone reads it, thank you & bye!

Author's Response: Hmmm...odd, I checked my inbox AND junk mail's not there! Grr...I had some troubles a few months ago with my contact not working, but I think it was my email, so I made a new one. I contacted you about the lack of contacts, but apparently you didn't get it either =P. If you want, email me at bailey09 [at] hotmail [dot] com

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Review #14, by Lily Evans I Could Make You My World

21st June 2005:
Sorry. I'm too lazy to log in at the moment but I just wanted to leave a review to tell you that I did read and review this and I really did. This was brilliantly written and I think you did a good job with the adjectives to describe things. Most people forget that adjectives are our friend! lol jk. Anyways good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing...I really appreciate it! ~Lol, I love adjectives...teachers get annoyed with me because my writing is so flowery and I'm so long winded, but they're my BEST friends!!

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Review #15, by Nina_wife_of _Fres I Could Make You My World

20th June 2005:
Awww that was great I absolutly adore Lilly/James stories, because we dont know alot about them you get the opportunity to just run with it lol. Loved it =D *Nina*

Author's Response: ~Sigh~ So do I...such imaginary freedom...thank you very're the first reviewer of this fic - EVER! Thank you.

Author's Response: Oops...I got this one and the other mixed up =P Pardon me. You're the first reviewer of the other fic. Still though, thanks!

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Review #16, by basilisk(too lazy to log in) I Could Make You My World

20th June 2005:
that was sooo cute! the song went perfectly with the fic. luved it! =)

Author's Response: Thanks ~laugh~. I nearly jumped up and down when I got your review...ten is the largest number of reviews I've gotten for a one-shot.

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Review #17, by AlexaRae I Could Make You My World

18th June 2005:
Awwww. Very, very cute! I loved it! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Hee hee, when people give me positive feedback it makes my day!

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Review #18, by Drunk Elves I Could Make You My World

9th June 2005:
Winky: That was so *hic* romantic. DObby: I agree. Winky: I think *hic* it was really cute! DObby: It was really good - the Drunk Elves think you ROCK!

Author's Response: Wow...that was definitely the most unique review I've ever gotten...unquestionably. Thanks! **Note to the drunk elves...lay off the booze =P

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Review #19, by Sophia Montgomery I Could Make You My World

7th June 2005:
Aww, that's so sweet. Hmm... I wonder how I got to your author's page. ; )

Author's Response: Hmm...that's a bet a little birdie flew in and told I right? ;). But seriously, thanks for the review! It's much appreciated and, lol, thanks!

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Review #20, by random reader I Could Make You My World

4th June 2005:
very touching, pretty nifty.

Author's Response: Thanks...hee hee...nifty, what a great word! Lol

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Review #21, by Ashley I Could Make You My World

19th May 2005:
I LOVE that song!! It has always been my fav since the first time I heard it!! I think it went great with the story!!

Author's Response: Yay lol, I love it too, and thank you!

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Review #22, by Alex B I Could Make You My World

25th April 2005:
I love that song... very good choice

Author's Response: Mhm...tanks! (Sorry, that's my wierdness coming thorough!)

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Review #23, by amber_angel I Could Make You My World

22nd April 2005:
aaaw! That's sooo sweet. Good job. I luv it :)

Author's Response: Thanks, lol, nice to know you liked it!

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Review #24, by Sourire I Could Make You My World

21st April 2005:
awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was so cute! yay! very good! loved it!

Author's Response: Aw lol, I feel touched! Merci beaucoup!

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Review #25, by hazel_meets_green I Could Make You My World

20th April 2005:
i really really like your story... infact i am going to add it to my favorites... i love it how you make them think basically the same thoughts.... i also love the lyrics.... what song is that?

Author's Response: Aw thanks! The song is "I Can Love You Like That" by John Michael Montgomery.

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