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Review #1, by pickles87 ONE SHOT

11th July 2006:
Very funny. I enjoyed your one shot. p

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Review #2, by evrflavbeans ONE SHOT

30th January 2006:
b-a-n-a-n-a it's bananas! lol, sry, i'm in the mood now. lol love the story, funny & clever

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Review #3, by theguy0000 ONE SHOT

12th May 2005:
very good. it is very creative. i love the ending. this story just great. i will definitaly be reading more of your stories.

Author's Response: lol... thankx... i also have an account at if you want the penname just ask.

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Review #4, by SquishSquashCoup ONE SHOT

25th April 2005:
Creative charms and products. Like the plot line too. Well written as well. *goes to check your other stories*

Author's Response: Thanks alot!

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Review #5, by piratewhench ONE SHOT

19th April 2005:
I thought this was a good one. You should make a couple more. You could even make a series, ya know, showing the relationship between the three grow and all of that

Author's Response: I was thinking i could do that. Well, we will see. lol.

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Review #6, by CandyCane ONE SHOT

18th April 2005:
Hey! we don't mind u borrowing our plot bunnies, cos we like u :) great fic, plz write another one soon. isn't being evil fun :) *innocent giggle* Jen x

Author's Response: lol! i feel so special *hugz self and picks up cute fuzzy pink bunny and holds it up* "I named this one Toni." *picks up fuzzy purple one* "This one is Jen." LOL!

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Review #7, by MadameSnape ONE SHOT

18th April 2005:
Well done, and what a fun idea for a plot!

Author's Response: lol. Yeah, i figured there use to be Zonko's so why not entertain the idea of a brand new shop! Hey maybe the next fred/george fic i do will have a fight between the two on who gets Kat for a girlfriend! lol.

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Review #8, by Queen Vivid ONE SHOT

18th April 2005:
I liked this. It's very feel-good and light, just what I need to de-stress myself. I loved the way Fred and George chose to humiliate Harry and Ron, very good. Well done ^^

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I wish it would have had more standing in the competition though *pouts* oh well there's always next time! This was my first fred/george fic!

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Review #9, by pretty in pink ONE SHOT

18th April 2005:
hey hun! that was great! and an evil character named Kat huh? sounds familiar... but anyway, I hope you write another fic soon because this was sooooo good!

Author's Response: lol! well shoot you and jen gave me the idea of using yourselves as OC's! shame on you two for giving me plot bunnies! LOL. Thanks for reading though!

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