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Review #1, by ferretfeatures Realization

31st March 2013:
i have read a few paragraphs and its a good story line and everything but, it frustrated me to read it like it was me saying you did this and you did that, good story line though up to 4 (thats where i read up to)

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Review #2, by Gigi Let It Be Known

1st January 2012:
Oh, I was wondering why you said snape. But, sorry to burst your bubble but snapes dad was a muggle, Remember? Half blood prince? Also slughorn taught potions... I love story and the POVs. And I just ADORE the fact that Remus is in love with Bell and he thinks she will never like him, and how Bell is in love with Remus and thinks he will never like her. Amazing.

Author's Response: Haha, yes, I wrote this story such a long, long time ago. Back then I didn't know my information very well :/ So I had many many mistakes in my background that I tried to fix in the sequel. I appreciate you reading it though and letting me know! :)

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Review #3, by SeriouslyMentalCraze Are you protected from trying times?

17th December 2011:
Beautiful story line.
However as you said yourself there are numerous mistakes.
And please do a story for their seventh year if you haven't already.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review :) I do have a sequel up although it is far from finished. I've been doing some changes on it, and hopefully it will be continued soon.

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Review #4, by Hannah Who's the Quidditch Captain?!

16th October 2011:
You do know that slughorn was teaching at the time not snape. He was in school with the mauderers and that lot. Pus treawalney wasn't there yet either

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Review #5, by x DementraFionBlack x Are you protected from trying times?

30th July 2009:
There should deffinaltly be a sequal and your the best so you can manage it i know it xx

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Review #6, by Incandescent This Old Wound

29th July 2009:
Erm. I started to like this story but then the grammatical error just started to annoy me. I can't get into a story when the "you" part kept making me feel like I was being told what to do. Sorry.

Author's Response: Oh...yeah, that did bug me at first too, but it ended up working out for me. Sad to have lost you as a reader. :( thanks for giving it a try all the same.

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Review #7, by greeneyedwonder Are you protected from trying times?

29th July 2009:
good ending! there should definitly be another one! reli enjoyed your story!

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Review #8, by brown87 Are you protected from trying times?

28th July 2009:
You have to continue this. I can't stand a sad ending! Please write a sequel! : /

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Review #9, by showme48 Who's the Quidditch Captain?!

26th July 2009:
is severus snape teaching potions? or is a family member? Sev Snape should be in class with them... just pointing that out

Author's Response:'s supposedly snape's dad...but obviously, snape's dad is a muggle. a mistake on my part. :)

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Review #10, by Shukketsu Reikon Who's the Quidditch Captain?!

8th July 2009:
Err... I hate to be a bother, But Snape was a student during the Maurauder era and Slughorn was the potions master.

Author's Response: Yes he was...*sigh* my bad.

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Review #11, by whyus Letting Go

7th July 2009:
Wow. I bet the wolf was Bell

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Review #12, by Regulus_Black Hogsmeade and Birthdays All Together

26th June 2009:
“Lily won’t come out!” I said feeling annoyed and aggravated.

I think you meant "you" but good story, you just need to check it.

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Review #13, by Regulus_Black Love is a heavy burden

25th June 2009:
uh Tom Riddle wasn't at schoo lat the same time as The Mauraders.

Author's Response: Ahhh, there's something else I didn't know at the beginning of this story. Hm. Interesting. Well, thank you for telling me!

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Review #14, by Regulus_Black How He Longed To Hold Her...

24th June 2009:
I like this story but James wasn't a seeker.

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Review #15, by rlhpluvinsoccerfan101 Six Months Pass By Quickly

12th December 2007:
OMG!! what happened w/ lily? please update asap

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Review #16, by Regulus_Black Six Months Pass By Quickly

19th September 2007:
ah dont stop there, please update soon

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Review #17, by Regulus_Black Let It Be Known

19th September 2007:
But Snapes Dad is a Muggle.

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Review #18, by Padfoot_is_mine World of Soul-Mates

24th August 2007:
Please update soon! It's killing me! I don't think I can live another day without a new chapter ;)

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Review #19, by Padfoot_is_mine Beginning of a Beautiful Day

24th August 2007:
love the story so far!!! :) just wanted to point out that Slughorn teaches potions.

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Review #20, by miss_marauder16 World of Soul-Mates

10th August 2007:
Ah!!! I love this story, update soon!!! :D

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Review #21, by Gryffindor_goddess World of Soul-Mates

12th May 2007:
that was funny although i'm still confused and i really want you to update!!

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Review #22, by sweetredrose How He Longed To Hold Her...

15th February 2007:
Aw. Remmy. :D

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Review #23, by Artemis (BlackMoon741) More to the Room of Requirement

5th October 2006:
Awesome story!
Update soon!

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Review #24, by Luckygurl102 More to the Room of Requirement

21st August 2006:
Awesome! Update asap! I really love the way you put feeling into the characters and descrubed stuff! ! 10/10 and in faves!

Author's Response: thanks a lot!!!! i'm glad you like the story so much!!!

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Review #25, by Translationplease More to the Room of Requirement

17th August 2006: who was the guy mixing the love potion??

Author's Response: ooh you'll find out!!! i have a good idea of who i want it to be already...but I'm working with the idea of who it should should know pretty soon.

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